First stop is the enemy press – the BBC – to see what spin they’ve put on it. The BBC has played it down, not according it huge headlines like Trump Defeated but saying:

Democrats have scored two significant victories in the US – in the first statewide elections since President Donald Trump came to power in January. In Virginia, Ralph Northam defeated Republican Ed Gillespie in a governorship race marked by tussles on immigration and Confederate statues. New York City’s Democrat mayor was also comfortably re-elected.

OK, both were Democrat strongholds – interesting how waterside cities and states seem to be the strongholds of the left, plus it is mid-term.

Now to the Deplorable press, significant that Breitbart have not given the result – the post was from before close of play and predicted the result:

Gillespie and his band of virtue-signalling Bush loyalists in the GOP love when political and media elites pat them on their heads for being “good Republicans” (translation: useful idiots). But when Gillespie was down double digits in the polls, he suddenly decided that the way to win was to focus on illegal immigration. Gillespie closed the gap, dictated the terms of the debate in the home stretch, put Northam on the defensive, and forced Northam to turn off some anti-Trump resistance activists who were incensed that Northam said he would sign a bill to outlaw sanctuary cities.

Each person and group puts its own spin on things but it does seem that the only thing people detest more than Democrat lies and corruption is GOP lies and corruption.

Even as Bannon publicly voiced support for Gillespie and the Republican ticket, he privately complained about Gillespie’s unwillingness to go “full Trump,” and to actively embrace the president and “economic nationalism.” That, as Bannon and his allies would tell it, is when and how Gillespie lost it.

So, in the wash up, the Democrats will be crowing over their victories and the Deplorables will be ruing the GOP establishment, just as we have the Remoaners over here.  The big losers are the Bush/Ryan/Sessions type GOP.

This does, as the BBC said, have implications for next year, as corrupt politicians of either side are not the flavour of the month with people overall – neither the 52% nor the 48%.

The thing which dismays me is that – OK, Gillespie is a ‘swamp rat’, as Breitbart called him, and yet the reaction to a GOP swamp rat is to swing wildly the other way to the exploded socialists.  The voting public is bizarre.  Rather than go for a good party or candidate, people swing to the last party you’d ever wish to put in for economic recovery.

The voting public fiercely insist on this Red-Blue two party thing, no matter what happens. The notion that the alternative to May is Corbyn is, frankly, bizarre.  The alternative should be someone who will get the things done reflected in the Deplorable ascendancy of the current day.

And the corrupt and cynical Red-Blues know it all too well and exploit the tribalism.