November 8, 2017 — Trump’s first election anniversary

No one supporting President Donald Trump forgot the significance of November 8.

Last year, against all odds — ‘Trump can’t win’ — he not only won the popular vote (by a slim margin) but then went on to win a landslide of electoral votes (304-227) in mid-December.

Trump, First Lady Melania and his delegation are in China as I write, but he tweeted his congratulations and a group photo to the Deplorables from Air Force One. The people in the photo are from left to right are personal assistant John McEntee (seated), social media director Dan Scavino, Jared Kushner, adviser and speechwriter Stephen Miller and communications director Hope Hicks.

Look at his desk. On it is the edition of the Financial Times where the headline reads:

Princes and tycoons arrested in Saudi crackdown on corruption

Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is quoted as saying:

No one involved in corruption will escape, regardless if he was a minister or a prince.

Reuters reported:

The number of domestic bank accounts frozen as a result of the purge is over 1,700 and rising, up from 1,200 reported on Tuesday, banking sources said.

In another article, Reuters reported that Egypt’s president Fattah al-Sisi supported the purge:

Sisi said the situation in the kingdom was “reassuring and stable” following last weekend’s arrests of 11 princes, former and current ministers, and a group of elite businessmen on corruption allegations.

The Express reported that, after the purge (nicely illustrated here), King Salman will stand down and hand over power to the crown prince. It seems plausible. One would imagine that he would wait until trials and sentencing are complete.

A political Twitter guru, Thomas Wictor, broke this down in a series of tweets, excerpted below:

(2) King Salman was the Governor of Riyadh for 56 years. In that position, he developed connections to every high office in the country.

(3) Salman became defense minister and deputy crown prince in 2011. His chief personal advisor was his son Mohammed bin Salman (MbS).

(4) MbS began attending cabinet meetings at the age of 12. He’s a genius in all fields.

(5) I see MbS’s hand in the way the Saudis are fighting in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq.

(6) Salman became king in 2015, and he made MbS defense minister and deputy crown prince.

(8) Instead of choosing a family member as foreign minister, Salman chose the brilliant outsider Adel al-Jubeir, former ambassador to the US.

(9) Al-Jubeir is a master diplomat, the classic iron fist in a velvet glove. He’s a friend of the Jewish people, one reason many opposed him …

(12) A coup could happen at any moment. But I’m sure it won’t.

(13) As Deputy Crown Prince, MbS made surprise inspection tours of all the ministries, asking to see the books. Then he fired everyone and replaced them on the spot.

(14) MbS hired young technocrats not connected with the family. They work 18-hour days. These firings have made MbS wildly popular.

(17) Keep in mind that the CURRENT leadership didn’t sponsor terrorism. Their predecessors did. We’ve had two kings since 9/11.

(18) Then MbS visited Trump.

(19) My guess is that he told Trump that the Saudis were going to roll up all the networks funneling money into US politics.

(20) And Trump said, “I’ll support you 100 percent.” That’s why there was such a lavish welcome for Trump in Saudi Arabia.

(22) What’s happened is that the Saudis have BROKEN AWAY and become a full-fledged, independent state, NOT an American protectorate.

(23) The Saudis are inviting in the Chinese and the Russians. Previous American president pressured them to not do that. Trump said, “It’s YOUR country. Who are we to dictate?”

(24) While all of this was going on, Salman disbanded the religious police and began emancipating women.

(31) Part of this is pragmatism: The GCC is moving off oil, so it needs regional and internal stability to attract foreign investment.

(32) But part of it is a sincere desire for the region to get its act together and improve. It’s one of the most benighted regions in the world. I think MbS sincerely wants improvement for its own sake.

This purge has severe ramifications in the United States. I wrote about various events that took place last weekend. Notice that the much-vaunted riots and violent protests scheduled for Saturday, November 4, did not materialise. Only a handful of NGO demonstrators showed up in cities across the nation. The violent people stayed home. The money had dried up. The following day, Nancy Pelosi told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that impeaching Trump was a bad idea. Former DNC interim chair Donna Brazile promoted her new book Hacks on news programmes. She explained her concern for Hillary’s health during the 2016 campaign. A number of prominent Democrats signed an open letter to her online strongly objecting to what she said in her book.

It would seem that Nancy Pelosi and Donna Brazile sense something is about to happen, something negative for the Democrats.

Is the much-anticipated Storm underway? It would be most convenient timing, especially with Trump out of the country.

Consider how many documents Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has control of. Judge Andrew Napolitano told Laura Ingraham on Fox News that this is powerful. One viewer summarised the interview as follows:

KABOOM KABOOM !! Rex Tillerson tells DOJ lawyers who have been protecting Hillary Clinton and her email Crimes FOR YEARS tht the Hillary days are over and ONE HUNDRED of his loyal soldiers frm State will be Vetting through entire Cover Up !!

Many people have been looking at the ever-increasing list of sealed indictments. Significant? Or not?

Another political Twitter guru, Imperator_Rex analysed the situation. This is from November 8:

2. First, for the doubters out there, some FACTS about sealed indictments.

3. Mueller’s grand jury is in Washington (DC). That is the grand jury that recommended indictments against Manafort, Gates & Papadopoulos.

5. As at 3.30pm TODAY, there are 33 sealed indictments filed. All 33 have been filed since 30 October, an 8 day period.

6. 17 of these were filed TODAY (to 3.30pm). Experienced lawyers are on record saying that 4-7 a month is not unusual for this court, anything above that is high. What we are seeing is totally unprecedented.

7. ALSO : remember, an indictment can have MULTIPLE accused (eg Manafort & Gates). One indictment does NOT mean one accused.

9. … So – the lack of any other major crime, location of Mueller’s grand jury, previous indictments from it & the sheer number being filed over a short period of time makes it reasonable to conclude that most, if not all, are related to Mueller’s SC.

10. Let’s use that as a working assumption. The next question is whether the storm winds are blowing in the direction of Trump & Co, Clinton & Co, or at both.

11. Liberals are certain that this all portends a Trump takedown. Mind you, they also believe the Steele Dossier is 100% true, that Trump is a rapist & that he & Putin somehow manipulated voting machines last November.

12. The whole ‘evidence’ requirement seems to be missing. For example, libs still can’t explain just how Trump & Putin manipulated the popular vote for St Hillary & the electoral college for Trump – on the same day. Their TDS is Defcon 10 & blinds them to inconvenient facts.

16. So, 30 + sealed indictments. Libs have no credible evidence supporting the Trump-Russia lie & in their wildest imaginations, have 20 Trump people max in the crosshairs. Yet we DO have credible evidence of Clinton-Russia, which could easily round up well over 30 people.

17. There are many people going down here on multiple indictments. This is genuinely huge and entirely consistent with what we have seen in KSA, Wray’s appointment, the Fusion GPS revelations, Podesta’s resignation & disappearance, Uranium One etc etc. Conclusion?

18. The STORM is NOT blowing Trump’s way, whichever way you cut it. And that makes sense, because the entire Trump-Russia smear was a lie. There’s never been any credible evidence supporting it. As Trump has been saying, ad nauseam, ever since the smear emerged.

19. So, in what way is tracking? Look at a map of the world. It started in KSA a few days ago & has been blowing LEFT ever since. Anyone who has been corrupt MUST be charged, but IMO most will have a (D) behind their name & will answer to St Hillary of Clinton.

20. Again, just my 10 cents. While confident I’m at least 70% +++ right, I am more than happy to be proved 100% +++ wrong. The end.

By the way, Trump ended a tweet about his Asia trip with +++ a few days ago. Many think it is code for unleashing the Storm.

I excerpted another of his threads on my post of November 7. It explains how Trump’s candidacy and Mueller’s investigation started and progressed. If what he and another Twitter guru surmise is true, what happens soon is going to be mind-blowingly ‘yuge’. Imperator_Rex said it would be on the scale of the Nuremburg Trials and take just as long.

No doubt, the alphabet agencies will also have their day. Today, I watched a shocking yet short video featuring a former CIA agent, John Kiriakou, who said in a public forum that paedophile assets are supplied with children upon request. He said that, even if agents demurred, they were told to get on with it and do their jobs. He said that many of these children are sexually assaulted then murdered. I have seen Kiriakou before on Infowars. He is a decorated agent who served with the CIA for 14 years. He retired in 2004 and now works in the private sector.

You know, it does not seem as if Jeff Sessions will have the stamina to continue as Attorney General if and when all this takes off. I predict he will resign early in 2018. I’m not a prognosticator, so am happy to admit I’m wrong, if such is the case.

On a happier subject, Fox’s Jesse Watters summarised Trump’s achievements since January 20:

[He chose] Gorsuch, you have MS-13 being decimated, border crossings are down, the wall prototypes are up & being tested…manufacturing and mining jobs are up, GDP growth is on pace for 3% this year…

And now President Trump is wrapping up a magnificent visit to China, where President Xi gave him a welcome befitting a king and afforded him every highly respectful gesture of hospitality. The leaders of Japan and Korea did the same.

Surely, if all the above comes to pass, Donald Trump will go down in history as one of America’s greatest presidents.


9 comments for “November 8, 2017 — Trump’s first election anniversary

  1. James Strong
    November 9, 2017 at 8:47 pm

    I have read many times that Hillary won the popular vote. By about 2 million, I think.
    Can you please tell us your basis for saying that Trump won the popular vote, and by how much?

    • November 9, 2017 at 10:59 pm

      Thanks for commenting.

      You are the Great Watchdog.

      The popular vote seen below was that of CNN. Clinton had conceded hours beforehand. I was catching up on winks after John Podesta stood in her place, since she was, somehow, unable to approach her campaigners:

      CNN — 9 Nov 2016, 11:09, from Van Jones himself:

      Trump: 53,258,845 (48.2%)
      Clinton: 52,119,599 (47.2%)

      In any event, the Electoral College vote overrides the popular vote by state. Yes, I, too, was disappointed by Bush II’s approval in 2000, however, that is how the American system works.

      • James Strong
        November 10, 2017 at 7:13 am

        How did the idea that Clinton won the popular vote get into the public consciousness?
        Mistakes by those reporting, or deliberate lies? I would suspect significant deliberate distortion.

        I think you’ve got your work cut out to change public perception.

        • November 10, 2017 at 12:55 pm

          ‘I think you’ve got your work cut out to change public perception.’

          Which is why I write so much about Trump, not only here but on my own site.

          Back to election night, how could Trump have given a victory speech if he had not won?

          Hillary was so overcome, crying in private for nearly an hour, that John Podesta had to concede on her behalf.

          Trump waited and waited for the go-ahead to give his victory speech. Obama rang Hillary/Podesta three times to tell them to concede.

          When Trump finally appeared on stage, he apologised for the delay and said, ‘Complicated business’.

          Re Hillary’s sobbing. One of her closest longtime friends was with her. Even she couldn’t understand what Hillary was trying to say through her tears.

      • Voice of Reason
        November 10, 2017 at 7:58 pm

        Here are the certified figures:

        Clinton wins the popular vote.

  2. Pcar
    November 9, 2017 at 8:56 pm

    …Donald Trump will go down in history as one of America’s greatest presidents.


    Like Mr Reagan & Mrs Thatcher, he’s strong, unconventional and a straight talker who shuns PC doublespeak – unfortunately Mrs May is the opposite which might hinder what he could achieve with UK support.

    • November 9, 2017 at 11:07 pm

      I feel very sorry for Theresa May. Had she not been so quick to criticise the attack on Syria, which I found objectionable personally (but, somehow, won Trump so much approval around the world), Trump would have given her valuable advice regarding Brexit which would have benefited her today.

  3. November 10, 2017 at 5:44 am

    The centre of interest right now is within the GOP and its self-destructive push, as shown in Virginia. Establishment GOP are being rejected by people on both sides, something the cynical Gillespie understood with his belated talk of immigration.


    • November 10, 2017 at 1:03 pm

      GOPe are reacting to this exactly the way they did to last year’s Billy Bush video.

      Do they not stop to think before opening their mouths? Alternatively, maybe they are carrying water for McConnell.

      I am not a Roy Moore fan, by the way, however, consider the following:

      * :

      ‘A family friend who lives in Alabama just told my wife that a WAPO reporter named Beth offered her 1000$ to accuse Roy Moore????’

      * :

      ‘BREAKING NEWS: At least 1 Roy Moore ‘s accusers is a part of a political hit job. Deborah Wesson Gibson is a Liberal, sign language interpreter for Joe Biden and volunteer for Doug Jones. Her friend is Lawyer Donna Smalley who supports Doug Jones and has gone against Judge Moore.’

      * :

      ‘Judge Moore’s wife, Kayla, informed me today they used the word “defamation” in their statement for a reason — they intend to pursue legal action against the Washington Post.’

      * :

      ‘The Media got every GOP Senator on record on allegations Roy Moore denies. The Media has yet to get statements from even a quarter of Democrat Senators on Sen. Bob Menendez’s ongoing corruption and prostitution trial. This is their game.’

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