Church of Leftism yet again

It never ends and all the usual deluded culprits are out in force:

Let Children Experiment with Gender Identity, Church of England Tells Schools

One commenter wrote:

I would argue this gender destabilising move is grooming at best, perverted at worst, nothing in the middle. Who benefits from those caused to establish their identity sexually.

We so badly need a decent, sane person of the old school as PM, then mountains can be moved. But is there the slightest chance of one? The least whiff? JRM?

Meanwhile, on other matters ecclesiastic, combined with the intolerance of the satanic invaders, here we go yet again.

They pride themselves on their “open society” but are, in reality, as tolerant as Hitler or any other fascist. This is about the French mayor [one of the last not a godless SJW woman] who continues to put up the nativity.

And the fact that the people have re-elected him so many times speaks for itself. The word was “populist”, meaning “supported by and representing the people”.

Ménard also wrote a column for his former magazine Boulevard Voltaire in which he said: “I am respectful of secularism, but an open, tolerant secularism that does not consist in chasing down what we are and denying our history.”

The controversy is not the first for Ménard who, while not being a member, is supported by the populist Front National. Earlier this year, he was fined 2,000 euros because he mentioned the demographic changes in local schools.

So, not a member, people and groups out there support him, inc. Le Pen, also I’d say, Manif and half the population.

And intolerant godless bigots try to kill off what people support. Sound familiar across the range of issues facing us today?

I think it’s time for the Deplorable side of politics to admit what is happening here, instead of turning a blind eye. Breitbart is in no way a religious site and yet both these issues arose at Breitbart – at least were popularized there and almost nowhere else in the MSM.

Breitbart, to me, is the secular Deplorable movement who really are tolerant of our past culture, of our nation, and always support populist candidates. And that is healthy.

2 comments for “Church of Leftism yet again

  1. Errol
    November 15, 2017 at 8:43 pm

    Just as with the Guardian and other Left wing hangouts, those on Breitbart rapidly start blaming ‘da joos’ or George Soros or both. It’s easy than thinking and acknowledging the real problem is vastly more complex that can be imagined.

    Then of course someone will blither on about guhnz.

    The problem comes from a lack of democracy. A lack of ability for the majority to say ‘shut up, go away, we don’t care.’ Thus we get the state pandering to any bunch of loud minorities who really, honestly, if a grown up said ‘you don’t deserve special treatment just because you want it, you’re not 2 any more, grow up’ most of the nonsense suffered would just go away – as we all wish the Left would.

  2. Pcar
    November 15, 2017 at 9:38 pm

    @Errol, November 15, 2017 at 8:43 pm

    Just as with the Guardian and other Left wing hangouts, those on Breitbart rapidly start blaming ‘da joos’ or George Soros or both.

    Are you asserting Breitbart is Left wing? MSM refer to it as “Far Right”.

    I’ve not seen comments there (jscript), but one can’t choose one’s supporters.

    Imho articles are more accurate & revealing than MSM. Furthermore, they report news verboten/censored by MSM. You being here suggests you want uncensored news.

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