Rohingyas: not enough angst, nowhere near enough blood.

The International Authorities stand accused; and Britain in particular, says international law expert Professor Penny Green, from Queen Mary University of London, interviewed by Sky News. She reckons the World is shirking its responsibilities by not labelling the forced removal of the Rohingyas as Genocide. But the good Professor is a little cagey when it comes to what happens after the ‘Genocide’ is agreed.

Do the Western Powers decide to invade Burma, punish these nasty Buddhists who are being so ruthless in simply fighting back against an armed Muslim insurgency in the only way they know how: which is by kicking these invaders out of Burma, and sending them back to where they came from? Do we invade yet another Regime’s country which we disagree with, on the grounds that they aren’t very nice people? Do these people who protest just a tad too loudly, do so because of the simple truth that, for once, it is Muslims which are getting kicked in the butt? Haven’t we seen enough of the effects in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya to have learned to keep our noses out of places which simply do not wish our presence or involvement

Genocide is a very specific term within the sparse vocabulary of International Law. It is defined as the structural and systematic destruction of innocent people by a state bureaucratic apparatus. I see no genocide in the deliberate movement of a large number of Muslims from Rakhine State to Bangladesh. Yes, they are being shoved out, but I see no holocaust, as there was with the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda and Burundi. The Hutus deliberately targeted Tutsis in a series of massacres, after the Hutu got cheesed off with Tutsi raids on Rwandan Hutu. Tribal violence is very near the surface in most of Black Africa with the uneducated masses easy to manipulate; and, when it explodes, such as in Kenya, its simply best to be somewhere else. I see forced movement in Burma, I see villages burnt, but is this not a modern version of ‘We don’t want you, and this is what happens when we get cheesed off with your violence, your murders and armed insurrections’. Its maybe not very pleasant to watch, but we shouldn’t get too loud about it; after all, from Spain’s colonial past, to America stretching out over the plains and the mountains; it has always been thus.

No, Professor Penny darlin’, just get back in your cushy little box, and find another project with which to beat the Western democracies over the head and chest with. The International Criminal Court just isn’t a suitable venue, and besides which Burma would probably tell you to go and get stuffed! Great Britain might plan to do many things, but take on a disciplined and motivated army the size of Burma’s without a damn good reason? We’re just not that daft; and besides which, our Armed Forces have been allowed to decay so much, we couldn’t even get a decent Armoured Division ready, and then transport them halfway around the world; because we are just not capable any more!


3 comments for “Rohingyas: not enough angst, nowhere near enough blood.

  1. Errol
    November 16, 2017 at 6:19 pm

    The issue is that the Rohingya Muslims have behaved like utter sewage for a decade. No one said anything about that, now poor wittle wuslims are being attacked everyone is up in arms.

    Buddhists suffered rapes, child abuse, mugging, robbery for ten years. Where was the outcry then? Muslims dug this hole, now they can lay in it.

  2. Mona
    November 16, 2017 at 6:49 pm

    Genocide, one of those elasticated words,, how do you want to stretch it ?. A sophisticated form of genocide practiced in Europe by Soros (EC)Commission which is so successful in Britain, we have a “hate that dare not speak its name” growing relentlessly, compliments Oscar and George. A resistance is growing in Europe that cannot be stopped.

  3. Kevin
    November 19, 2017 at 2:26 am

    Funny she never mentioned the fact that Rohingyas massacred everyone in a Hindu village (, or that they have raped and murdered buddhists to try and drive them out of ‘their’ state or that they started the conflict which they have been carrying on since 1947 (the goal being to have Arakhan state annexed to Bangladesh). They are utterly loathed all over south east Asia and nobody wants them, even muslim countries such as Malaysia or Indonesia, as they are known troublemakers.

    Incidentally the 3 wars the UK fought against the Burmese were the costliest wars we ever fought. So no we won’t be invading them anytime soon.

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