Cold-hearted, potty-mouthed ignorati

Unusual for me to directly take up one of my colleague’s posts at N.O. or OoL but this post has to be, and there are going to be no punches pulled with it.

Mike wrote about the veteran [returned serviceman for Brits] who could no longer cope and had to go into a home. Now we’ve all seen enough horror stories about care homes, the victims being the elderly and children [paedo rings].

This post could start anywhere but let’s start with perceptions. The young person today is perceived as either being this below or aspiring to be like this below.

And it’s not just the young, is it?

How old is that stupid, mutton-dressed-as-lamb Debby McGee?

Life for the young, according to the influences trying to control the young, such influences seeping in to varying degrees from ‘not at all’ to ‘totally useless’, can be described as avarice, sex, vacuousness, ignorance, drugs, false role models, plus this perverse anti-white-male bias in every form of entertainment today [see pic of Justice League below].

Mike’s quote

Retired nursing professional Elaine Harris reviewed the footage and still cannot get over the horror of what she witnessed. “In 43 years in nursing, I have never seen such disregard for human life in a healthcare setting, as what I witnessed,” she said.

Harris went on to criticise the nursing staff, “claiming that the nurses failed to respond, assess and act- not to mention the failure to continuously perform CPR, ”Popular Military went on.“That is absolutely inappropriate. You never stop compressions,” she concluded.

Overweening ego

An example to illustrate. Scene – supermarket this morning at 9.30 a.m. and I push a trolley into the space at the end of the aisle at exactly the same time one of the stackers pushed his.

His comment: “You stalking me or something?”

Said in a jocular enough way but betraying the attitude [you had to be there to see the expression, don’t rely on just the words] – we are nobody’s servants, we have just as much right as you to this space and to hell with being an employee and you the customer.

The word overweening means ‘with no basis’, over the top. This is something these young females have also got, quite happy to teach their grandmas how to suck eggs.

Mark Twain’s comment about the ignorance of his father when he [MT] was 14 but seven years later, he was surprised how much his Pa had learnt – we see this big time today everywhere, especially in the MSM and blogosphere with potty-mouthed young females holding forth, e.g. Penny Red, Amanda Marcotte, the Kuenssberg female, Isabelle Hardman, Isabel Oakshott, Faith Goldy, the list is long – the ultimate ignorati on both sides of the divide.

This country produces the type by the thousands, churns them out – Owen Jones – as does the US and Australia, in fact the whole west. Then we come to the middle-aged women in charge of things, Common Purpose types and I’ve done many posts on the type.

The crucial word here is ‘overweening’, no basis, certainly not in knowledge nor life experience, even ability to reason or manage anything – Joyce Thacker, Cressida Dick, Jenny Watson. What about the RNLI woman who has caused all the trouble in Jersey?

So, that is what that poor sod of a veteran hit when he got to the care home. I am with a bunch of old men in this cardio rehab once a week and tending us are young fillies. Many of those men still see themselves as studs, despite the beards and questionable hygiene, plus the old man slowness.

Do they really think the young ignorati described above are going to be in the least enamoured? Do they think the young fillies are gracious once out of earshot?

One thing those men would never do though is misbehave, swear within earshot of those fillies, all the old values you know about.  They’re nice enough chaps and good conversationalists.

Last week, the chief nurse, a man of around 35, had to go looking for the fillies who were not on the floor doing their rounds. He found them in the staff room, sitting around, chatting, and sent them out to do their jobs.

It comes down to percentages

There have always been bad people, bad women, like Typhoid Mary, like Manson’s disciples – no personalities of their own, ruled by a charismatic who can do as he wishes [Jim Jones] … and atrocities are committed.

The difference today is that the cancer has spread and a huge number are Clara Schwartzes, or have one or two elements of the new culture.

That’s because four decades or more of godless sociopathy with late Boomers, Gen X and Millennials have produced the type. The world culture has permeated everything and it is a culture – in gaming, entertainment, music – of avarice, self-centredness and violent reaction to any attempt to stop them. Just look at Antifa.

We come back again to percentages.

Thus that boy the other day killed another teenager because he was bored, two teenagers took a younger boy to the forest and slit him to death because of the younger one’s girlfriend [I don’t know either] or there were those two girls who killed another because Slenderman told them to. A variation was because God told her to.

We come back again to percentages.

Forty years ago, there were certainly those around [see Manson’s disciples] but they were an aberration. As for nurses, the dragon matron was in charge of them and there were standards insisted upon. Young women have always had the propensity for selfishness [boys too] but they were not allowed it, thus the service was better.

Now, the chances of the lowest quality eastern Europeans, lowest non-whites, lowest Muslims flooding this country, plus the lowest indigenous with heads stuffed with PC cultural sociopathy are far higher. Even the good ones are tainted to an extent.

I saw this on my last night at a major hospital’s cardio unit when the nurses, rather than patrolling the wards, were in the room at the end shrieking at the top of their voices. It was the men’s ward where I was and I observed the chief nurse – she was exactly the type – too young for the job, cold, vacuous eyes, with an ‘I’m the boss so you shut up’ attitude. And if the doctor’s clinical advice had been right, then hers was wrong.

There was an Indian chappy in that terminal ward and four Brits. Admittedly he was not in a good way but the slightest alteration in his numbers and they rushed out of the room to him, literally fawning all over him. Diversity. The other men, the Brits, were bemused, I wasn’t. My compatriots in there were on a terminal ward, don’t forget, and in just as great a danger.

I was sent a questionnaire weeks later about the standard of care, and let rip. Haven’t been contacted since.

This returned serviceman who finally couldn’t cope was from a different era, an era when there was a sort of decency and appreciation of what others had done. I wrote in Mike’s comments thread:

Wonder if those who fought for the country thought for one moment that one day they’d be disrespected by women they fought to protect, and all because the silly bints were ideologically brainwashed.

Don’t think it’s just the west. When I was in Russia, I asked my classes of perfectly ordinary girls [18-23] what they planned to do for Day of the Defenders of the Fatherland [February 23rd], otherwise known as Men’s Day.

Nothing. Hadn’t thought about it.

‘Ah,’ said I, ‘so you don’t do national days and that probably includes March 8th as well, eh?’

Silence. Uncomfortable looks. ‘Oh we do observe March 8th.’ Day of Women.

‘Well yes,’ said I, in feigned ignorance, ‘we all observe that, give women flowers, make speeches. So I expect you do the same in reverse, don’t you all, on February 23rd – give the men and boys presents, take them out, make a big deal of us.’

Silence. I let the silence continue and then changed the subject.

I’m the last person to be starry eyed about young women today, even though some are nice and even approaching ‘kind’. Some.

The case of the straying toddler

I was thinking what to write in this post today whilst shopping earlier and when this scenario fell into the lap so to speak, it was uncanny.

I’d just paid for my items and incidentally, let’s look at that experience. I always go to the checkout with the well-fed lady who smiles as she is usually pretty good at her job, kind, friendly.

There’s an etiquette that we take a green plastic divider and give it to the person behind, who says thanks.

At the same time, that person behind keeps pushing you impatiently whilst your items are being bagged up and it can get petulant. I’m one of the quickest because I’m prepared and know where my money is, it takes seconds for me to have it all in the trolley and out of there.

Never satisfies the person behind, who always wants his turn right now. I say to the checkout lady who’s trying to go as fast as she can, ‘Slow down, plenty of time, I have all day. Must be difficult for you having to go at breakneck pace.’

Scowling heard from behind. Part of that, of course, is that the store only has two checkouts open but that’s another tale.

Anyway, I always go down to an unattended checkout after that and pack my bags from the trolley there. Today, a girl toddler appeared from nowhere and there is a thing where you put green tokens in a box and it goes to some charity. She took a handful of these from the box near me and then went and put them in.

I was immediately ill at ease because you know very well how that would have looked and I was about to go over to the checkout lady and say that the child had no parents around.

As it turned out, she went and played on the rocking horse and Noddy car, then skipped back up towards the shop entrance. I was curious where the parents were.

It was a mother of about 20, exactly as described above and looking like that Toffolo. As I went past, I heard her talk to the kid and she [the mother] was totally unconcerned. Sheesh!

Now, the mother would say that the kid could not have been abducted, as the entrance was some distance away and she’d have seen it. No she wouldn’t, that mother was shopping at the time.

Not my business, except now on the blog.

And is the situation getting any better? Is it hell – we all know what’s going down out there, the various forces at work, the way white men, for example, are presumed silly billy paedo fascists who can’t do anything but bash their wives.

I wonder if any women fully understand what effect that has on our demographic? I get the feeling Julia knows full well, some of the other bloggers, one or two in the media, maybe Kate Hoey among the MPs, Katie Hopkins to a point, conservative women.

A minority.

It ain’t good.


Update – just went to Twitter after scheduling this post and found this:

Two things there – what Arron says, the ignoramus he says it to, but more importantly, the two people who ‘liked’ the response – both women, both whom I follow, both conservative libertarian, both with brains and class.

7 comments for “Cold-hearted, potty-mouthed ignorati

  1. Pcar
    November 20, 2017 at 8:16 pm


    Observant post.

    USA Vets treatment was despicable, nurses should be in jail for manslaughter.

    There’s an etiquette that we take a green plastic divider and give it to the person behind, who says thanks.

    At the same time, that person behind keeps pushing you impatiently whilst your items are being bagged up and it can get petulant. I’m one of the quickest because I’m prepared and know where my money is, it takes seconds for me to have it all in the trolley and out of there.

    Yep, after all on belt, I put divider on belt even if no customer behind as its presence stops belt.

    Packing, usually done faster than operator scanning; if not I chuck in trolley and bag away from checkout.

    To me, not delaying/inconveniencing others is basic good manners and from Scouts: “Think of others before yourself”.

    Paying – women really annoy me, it’s invariably:
    Op: “£67.34 please”
    W: startled look, I have to pay? Begins handbag search for purse.

    I have card sitting on counter at start of scanning.

  2. Henry Kaye
    November 20, 2017 at 9:31 pm

    I have to agree that there appears to be a huge shift in today’s moral standards. We are bombarded with reported examples of today’s excesses and whilst I am furious with those involved in such activities, I often find examples of a more “normal” morality in those I encounter in my own daily life. The two culprits for this state of affairs are, in my mind, the entertainment industry and the broadcast and printed media who both enthusiastically thrust these unacceptable ideas and practises to the eyes of a mainly disapproving public.

  3. November 21, 2017 at 3:59 am

    The key of course is the prevailing culture which the parents were all marinaded in from birth. Just how did that fall away so badly, even basic respect for others?

    • Henry Kaye
      November 21, 2017 at 5:38 pm

      James, The comment I made is particularly relevant for the parenting up to 50 years ago. All parents since that date have been brainwashed by the Entertainment industry, the media and I left out – the advertising industry. I’m sure there have been other contributors

  4. Hereward Unbowed.
    November 21, 2017 at 8:38 am

    Synonyms of morality

    character, decency, goodness, honesty, integrity, probity, rectitude, righteousness, rightness, uprightness, virtue, virtuousness

    Meriam-Webster dictionary.

    “virtuousness” whither did she go?

    When you substitute the above for ‘cultural mores’ – then I guess society is lost and when the teechurs don’t know where the fuck is ‘up’ – then, there is no hope of anything getting any better, and anytime soon.

    Most of the Millennial/ snowflake generation cannot reflect, have not been taught to inwardly cogitate, to analyse and above all to self criticize, thus, there is no consciousness and awareness of ‘self’.

    Most too have never seen the inside of a Church, let alone appreciate the rites and to imbibe the solace and spiritualism to which the human soul yearns.

    They [Millennial/ snowflake generation] have no grip on life nor any sort of true perspective other than, the present and what is the latest ‘viral’ twattospheresnapchatfacebook trend.

    Fubar are they and deliberately done it was ie it ain’t their fault, I cannot, should not really have a go at the kids – for they know not what they do.


    I have similar tales to tell of hospitals and where the barely trained medics [UK medical degrees by comparison with 30,40,50 years ago – there is no comparison] act as Gods, the nurses don’t do nursing and the operatives are the only people who can smile, hospitals are become, mirror, all the joys of death camps. NHS is an out of control anti ageist monster, and Hospitals do people in but don’t do people, if you get my drift.

    • Hereward Unbowed.
      November 21, 2017 at 8:46 am

      corriegendum: Merriam-Webster dictionary.

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