More allegations, no end of Mueller

Another day, another allegation of sexual abuse in the United States.

It is interesting that, historically, most of the men accused or found guilty of sexual abuse and/or violence align themselves with the Democrats.

This past week was no different. Every man on this list — accused or suspected — has tried to undermine Donald Trump’s presidency.

On that basis, Trump appears to be winning. That said, Roy Moore is now a household word across America. Trump was badgered about sexual accusations circulating about Moore before he left for Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday, November 21.

The Conservative Treehouse has a good post on the story. It begins as follows:

On top of the original story told by Gloria Allred falling apart; and on top of Allred refusing to produce the yearbook from the accuser that she highlighted as evidence; the Alabama campaign of Roy Moore has been contacted by several key witnesses who refute the story described by Gloria Allred’s client and media accuser Beverly Nelson.

Interestingly, the witnesses who have direct and specific knowledge of the events Mrs. Nelson described in 1977 already told the media her story didn’t make sense and provided specific examples that refute the claims of Mrs. Nelson.  However, after waiting to see their accounts told by the media, and seeing nothing, the witnesses realized the media was hiding them.

The Conservative Treehouse post cites a Facebook post from a woman who was a waitress at the Olde Hickory House, the Gadsen, Alabama, restaurant at the centre of the Moore story. The lady said she worked there for three years and never once saw Moore. She said the customers were mostly Goodyear employees. She added that people from the courthouse, such as Moore, never went there. She also described the layout of the restaurant and the car park in great detail. She says that she gave two interviews to media with this information, but they were never aired. She also responded to a request for information by another reporter, but he never got in touch with her.

The Facebook post — from Moore’s page — also has anecdotes from two other locals who refute the accusations against him.

But what about Robert Mueller’s investigation? Who and what is it really about?

On Tuesday, November 21, Alan Dershowitz told Fox News that Mueller might be:

overstepping his authority: “What the special counsel is doing is he’s playing the famous game of dominoes. He’s trying to find the first domino, knock him over, and maybe that’ll knock over the second domino, the third & fourth domino.”

The indictment of Paul Manafort had nothing to do with the Trump campaign in 2016. In fact, it relates to work he did for the Podesta Group.

Sidney Powell has had years of experience as a lawyer and as a former federal prosecutor. She wrote an article for The Daily Caller about miscarriage of justice — and the addition of Andrew Weissmann, who just indicted Manafort and Richard Gates — to Mueller’s team of prosecutors.

Powell discussed the Merrill Lynch scandal. Weissmann was the prosecutor. Four of the defendants, she says, served a year of prison time before the Fifth Court of Appeals held:

that the conduct of the Merrill defendants was not criminal as charged — and the indictment was “flawed.”

In other words, she alleges:

Mr. Weissmann had made up a crime …

As for Mr. Weissmann’s ethics, the ethical rules to which prosecutors are supposed to be held require the prosecutor to disclose all evidence that may be helpful to a defendant. Mr. Weissmann and his team did the opposite …

The Fifth Circuit held the prosecutors “plainly suppressed” evidence favorable to the defense — enough for an ethics violation but not for reversal of the only two convictions that survived the first appeal while the evidence was still hidden.


One of the country’s leading legal ethics experts, Bill Hodes, filed a substantial grievance with hundreds of pages of exhibits against Mr. Weissmann with the New York Bar. (I co-signed.)

At the time, Mr. Mueller had already brought Mr. Weissmann under his wing at the FBI, so the Department of Justice was defending Mr. Weissmann against the grievance for which he could have been disbarred.

What happened to that grievance?  The New York Bar kept it for several months.


Unexpectedly, we received a declination letter from the “Office of Professional Responsibility” for the Department of Justice. With no notice, the New York Bar had slipped the grievance to the Department of Justice to decide a serious complaint that the Department of Justice was defending.


The federal swamp is deep, dense, and deceiving. It is infested with a corrupt cabal that protects its own, and it can’t be drained fast enough.

On Friday, November 24, the Washington Post published an article, ‘Mueller might be the one “draining the swamp”‘. It leads with a lengthy section on — as well as a photo of — Tony Podesta:

It is special counsel Robert S. Mueller III whose work seems to be sending shock waves through the capital, by exposing the lucrative work lobbyists from both parties engage in on behalf of foreign interests.

The Mueller probe has already claimed its first K Street casualty: Tony Podesta. His lobbying firm, the Podesta Group, a Washington icon of power and political influence, notified its employees recently that the enterprise is shutting its doors.

Since Mueller was appointed, more people and firms have either filed or amended registrations that make public their work on behalf of foreign interests than had done so over the same time period in each of at least the past 20 years. Lobbyists, lawyers and public relations professionals who work for foreign companies and governments say Mueller’s probe has spooked K Street, and firms are likely to be more careful in their compliance with public disclosure standards.

Meanwhile, Trump seems happy as Larry. If The Storm is taking place as predicted at the end of October, it’s more of a Silent War. I will have an update on that on my site very soon.

On November 21, the New York Post drew attention to Trump’s reformation of the American judiciary. While everyone is obsessing over sex scandals and tax reform, Trump is busy, as the paper says, ‘restoring constitutional governance’:

Although Congress has been unable to pass legislation and President Trump faces record-low approval rates, his hiring of “the best people” in certain key areas has enabled the transformation of the judiciary — as well as reworking the bureaucracy (often called the Fourth Branch) …

While the oldest Supreme Court Justices show no signs of retiring, Trump has been making strategic appointments to the lower courts:

Here, Trump nominees have generally displayed serious commitment to enforcing the Constitution’s original meaning and applying statutory text as written. Some senatorial and local-bar favorites naturally creep in, but this is a stronger (and younger) crop of nominees than even George W. Bush managed.

Examples of stellar picks include: Third Circuit Judge Stephanos Bibas, formerly of the University of Pennsylvania; Fifth Circuit nominee Don Willett, a justice on the Texas Supreme Court; Sixth Circuit Judge Amul Thapar, elevated from a federal district court in Kentucky; Sixth Circuit Judge Joan Larsen, formerly of the Michigan Supreme Court; and Seventh Circuit Judge Amy Coney Barrett, formerly a law professor at Notre Dame …

When it comes to actual on-the-ground results, the administration’s judicial and regulatory agenda is nothing but #winning.

At the State Department, Rex Tillerson is cutting the numbers of diplomats. MSN published a New York Times article which said:

The departures mark a new stage in the broken and increasingly contentious relationship between Mr. Tillerson and much of his department’s work force. By last spring, interviews at the time suggested, the guarded optimism that greeted his arrival had given way to concern among diplomats about his aloofness and lack of communication. By the summer, the secretary’s focus on efficiency and reorganization over policy provoked off-the-record anger …

Since he decided before even arriving at the State Department to slash its budget by 31 percent, many in the department have always seen the reorganization as a smoke screen for drastic cuts.

Mr. Tillerson has frozen most hiring and recently offered a $25,000 buyout in hopes of pushing nearly 2,000 career diplomats and civil servants to leave by October 2018.

Great work. State has been accumulating people over the years, most notably during the Clinton administration and continuing through Obama’s.

On another topic, Soros was busy with Big Media in a continued push for more leftism. Fox News reported that the Democracy Alliance hosted a ‘top-secret’ event in California in mid-November. A Washington Post reporter attended on the sly, not having notified her managers at the paper that she would attend. In fact, she did more than attend, she was one of the speakers:

Allegedly unbiased Washington Post reporter Janell Ross spoke at a top-secret meeting of liberal movers and shakers last week, where Democratic donors including billionaire George Soros outlined the future of their progressive agenda.

Fox gleaned their information about attendees from a November 17 Washington Free Beacon article. The Free Beacon reported extensively on the event. Here is a copy of the agenda. ‘A Talk with George Soros’ took place that day just before lunch.

Other prominent attendees included Senator Kamala Harris (introducing Soros via video) and Representative Nancy Pelosi, both from California. Harris is thought to be a possible Democratic presidential candidate in 2020. There’s more here:

The agenda also lists “special guests” at the conference, some more famous than others. Attendees showcased in the agenda range from failed California politician Sandra Fluke to liberal CNN contributor Van Jones to Center for American Progress CEO Neera Tanden.

Jones was headlining a Thursday dinner on “going outside the bubble” and learning from Trump voters.

Not all events and prominent guests are listed in the conference agenda.

Not listed, for example, was a Thursday night happy hour hosted by Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, who was spotted in attendance.

Also not listed as a special guest at the conference was David Brock, who checked in early Wednesday afternoon and has made himself highly visible at La Costa—slowly strolling around the sprawling property and staying up at the hotel bar till past midnight.

Brock is not a “partner” of Democracy Alliance—in fact, he has worked to create his own liberal donor network—but groups he controls, such as Media Matters for America, are among the many groups Democracy Alliance directs funding to.

Not listed in the agenda or spotted at the resort has been billionaire Tom Steyer, one of Democracy Alliance’s most prominent members in the past. Pelosi publicly reprimanded Steyer earlier this month for running a $10 million ad calling for President Trump’s impeachment.

With this in mind, Sleepy Sessions needs to wake up and do his job before the 2018 mid-term primaries get underway. The GOPe has no problem with a Democrat majority, which would make no difference to them, yet could cause Trump some pain, as more calls for impeachment would surely arise.

Sessions could take a leaf out of the Colorado Attorney General’s notebook. On Friday, November 24, the Mail reported that a sex trafficker was given a record prison sentence for human trafficking:

A U.S. court has sentenced a man to 472 years in prison for sex trafficking children, a court official said on Friday.

Brock Franklin, 31, was the leader of a human trafficking ring that reportedly recruited its victims, several women and girls, on Facebook.

The gang then drugged them and sold them online for sex that took place in hotels.

What he and his accomplices did to them is deeply horrifying and depressing. His victims are still alive:

‘I can’t begin to even explain what he did to my life,’ one of the victims told local media. ‘He deserves every single minute in those walls.’


The sex trafficking ring counted seven members, four of whom have already been sentenced, it was reported.

Among them was David Fullenwiley Jones, who received and 18-year sentence after pleading guilty to human trafficking for sexual servitude.

Another was Isis Debreaux, who was handed a four-year deferred sentence after she pleaded guilty to contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Franklin used violence and narcotics to control his victims and set rules they had to follow, including daily earning quotas.

It is interesting that most high-intensity child prostitution areas are in Democrat cities and that notional child rescue organisations are in Alexandria, Virginia and Washington, DC. Hmm.

Please pray — or think positively about this — so that more traffickers are brought to justice.

Pray or channel positive thoughts for The Storm, too. I hope a lot is going on behind the scenes. Neither Bill nor Hillary tweeted any Thanksgiving messages. Hillary‘s last tweet was on November 22 and Bill‘s on November 20. Chelsea, however, tweeted Thanksgiving wishes and reminded everyone that her mother would be appearing at a book signing on November 29.

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