Jerusalem – here we go

‘He’s declaring war on 1.5billion Muslims’: Trump will recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital TODAY despite international fury from the Pope, Britain, Russia, China and Palestinians

I say bring it on.

Some pre-reading


When the cornerstone is laid for the rebuilding of the Third Temple, which itself depends on the birth of the red heifer, then the Messiah appears and the era of Israel is ushered in. This would light the tinderbox of the Middle-East, as has nearly happened a few times, for example:

On August 21, 1969 Michael Rohan a non-Jewish tourist from Australia set fire to the Al Aksa Mosque. Firefighters fought the blaze for four hours as an angry Muslim crowd shouted “Down with Israel.” The president of the Muslim Council accused the fire brigades of a deliberately slow response. The Arab states blamed Israel for the incident even though Rohan identified himself as a “Church of God” member. The fire destroyed a priceless on thousand year old wood and ivory pulpit (minbar) that had been sent from Aleppo by Saladin.

… and:

Even though the Temple Mount has been regained and is officially part of the State of Israel, it is still being profaned as far as the God of Israel is concerned. When the Mount fell into Jewish hands after the Six Day War, Israel took the Western Wall Area but left administration of the Mount to the Muslim Council of Elders. Israel also banned Jewish worship. The secular Jews did not care and many of the Orthodox Jews believe that the Third Temple would have to await the arrival of the Messiah. These issues remain stalemated to the present day.

So there is a Jewish preparation to rebuild the Temple which would immediately create war across the Muslim world, which in turn would drag in the western powers. If the heifer can be found, then the only other precondition is the Messiah.

Here is where we switch to Christian eschatology. There is much disagreement, especially between pre-tribulationists and post-tribulationists. remember, at this point, that no one is asking you to accept any of the above or what follows, just to note it.

What is generally agreed by Christians is that these things will happen in the end times, whenever they are:

1. There is a “falling away” of belief, a time when parent is against parent, brother is against sister and iniquity is everywhere. All the old ways have fallen away.

2. There is a one currency system and the “mark of the beast” either on the forehead or in the right “hand”, in order to “buy or sell”. No one eats without this.

3. The Jewish Temple will be rebuilt.

4. A seven year period begins, the Tribulation, which culminates, halfway along, with the “desolation of abomination”. This is generally held to mean that someone purports to be the Jewish Messiah and says he will defend Israel against the hostile elements besieging it. Instead he goes into the Temple Inner Sanctum and says that the sacrifice need no longer be. He puts something in there “which should not be”. Then the Jews will know they’ve been tricked but it is too late.

5. The conflagration of the world really picks up and Christians are hunted down and persecuted as “insurgents” at this time. Almost everyone turns them in to the authorities because of the deep unpopularity whipped up by the powers that be.

6. Somewhere in there are the ten Northern Nations, whoever they are and an army of 200 million coming “from the east”. This army apparently crosses two great rivers.

7. It ends with the true believers taken up to Heaven and the rest of the place burns. Scripture says you can never tell the time this is all going to happen.

Another source

The Temple Institute, a controversial organization dedicated to preparing for rebuilding a Third Temple in Jerusalem, has been attempting to identify Red Heifer candidates consistent with the requirements of Numbers 19:1-22 and Mishnah Tractate Parah.

In recent years, the Institute identified two candidates, one in 1997 and another in 2002. The Temple Institute had initially declared both kosher, but later found each to be unsuitable.

The theory is that before the Third Temple can be built, a red heifer must be found and sacrificed. The cornerstone can then be laid, something symbolically tried on in 2001, causing:

Earlier in the day, 21 Palestinians were wounded when they clashed with Israeli policemen in protest of the symbolic cornerstone-laying ceremony…

There’s little doubt that the laying of the cornerstone and attempt to rebuild the temple would result in the Muslims of all nations attacking in force.

The Christian eschatology basically has the following scenario, as far as I can understand it:

There is a falling away of morals and society, conflict proliferates and somehow Jerusalem is encompassed with armies. There are many false prophets and people claiming to be Israel’s saviour.

One of them is believed by Israel and makes a covenant with her. He defeats the armies arrayed against Israel but that ushers in the real troubles. Famines, earthquakes and celestial disturbances increase.

Somewhere along the line, maybe three and a half years in, the covenant is broken, the renewed sacrifices in the temple are ended and there is an “abomination of desolation” of the temple – presumably this man setting himself up to be worshipped.

Also along the way is a method of ID where everyone has a chip in either the forehead or right wrist, without which he can neither buy nor sell. This chip is directly connected with this false saviour.

The Muslims have it this way:

The Jews will be gathered together. Final battle between Muslims and Jews. Quran also contains a version of the “Gog & Magog” war from the Bible with several differences.

Major Signs:

1. Gross materialism

2. Women outnumber men

3. Muslims defeat Jews in battle; Muslims and Christians battle unbelievers together, then Muslims defeat Christians in battle.

Minor Signs:

1. Increase in bloodshed and war

2. Contraction of time

3. Religious knowledge decreases

4. Prevalence of the ungodly

Another source

The agents provocateur are out in force and I’m not referring to one particular group, as this article is:

Any encroachment on a holy site is seen as a challenge to the fragile status quo in Jerusalem. It may be a one-time incursion, but suspicions and anger run so deep it will no doubt be one of those often-referred-to-moments in this tireless conflict.

Tension had been building. Arab leaders around the world had been calling for Muslims to protest today. Many Arabs are furious the Israelis have started construction on a covered bridge that leads from the Wailing Wall Plaza to the Al Aqsa Mosque.

There is a small mound or hill under the bridge and it was an entrance into the Mosque at one time. Parts of the mound are being removed to make way for a new foundation for the bridge and many Muslims consider that sacred ground. Moderate Arabs are furious Israeli backhoes are taking away that hill without consulting any Islamic officials.

As most know, the conflagration starts the moment the red heifer is found and the cornerstone laid. According to my document, religious tensions get to the point where most people are sick to death of it all and religion is seen as tantamount to killing and terror. Someone steps up and says: “I’ll put a stop to the crazies,” and he/she is welcomed with open arms.


Bear in mind, going back to Christian eschatology for now, that the anti-Christ will be a hero of Israel, their favourite son, he will go into the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem and will do dirt on it – an abomination of desolation.

However, there is a set of characteristics of this anti-Christ and one is that he had to have died or nearly died from a blow to the head in youth and then come back, plus he has no regard for women.

The sources generally interpret that as him not liking or not being attracted to women, rather than being misogynist. This would seem to exclude Trump.

Either way, the preconditions are slowly being met and today’s announcement is huge, it overshadows May’s obfuscation on the EU.

Why Trump would be so popular with Jews

In 2016, before the election campaign, this would have been a fair question. Now it’s no question at all. It’s bleedin’ obvious why.

The attitude of Christian eschatologists

What has puzzled many Jews is how so many evangelicals are right behind the Temple being built and the conflagration starting. Many of these eschatologists are “pretribbers”, meaning they believe they will be spirited up before the troubles start.

Sorry, I don’t buy that in the least – I’m a “late-tribber”, meaning we are going to be scourged before that finally happens and many will wither before the blast. It’s just so American to think they’ll be spared all the pain.

In fiction

Another scenario was put in my long book, written around the turn of the century. A word of warning – the Blogger version is the old version, now superceded by the new version, in which the third part has not yet been rewritten. Given today’s events, I’d best get rewriting quickly. 🙂

Anyway, from the old version, this:

‘They’re halfway through rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem but they’re building it in the wrong place. At least, what they think is in there is not. It’s most significant and we were briefly involved in the story.’

‘Pardon?’ asked Emma.

‘We were with Gabriella in stopping the Prince, if you recall. It was only temporary and bought the world a bit more time. If he gets to Jerusalem in any official capacity, it’s curtains.’

‘But M. Jensen,’ exclaimed Mme. Lefebvre, ‘if you mean your own Prince William, he’s already there, brokering a peace.’

‘Ah,’ said Hugh.

‘Explain, Hugh.’ He looked at the other two, nodded and began.

‘Rebuilding the Temple of Solomon involved razing to the ground the usurping golden “Dome of the Rock” and Al-Aqsa Mosque. All Jews know and many others do too that since Bar Kochba’s revolt in A.D. 135, Judaism has asserted that only the Messiah is capable of rebuilding the Temple. So they’ve been waiting for a Messiah who could rebuild it.

The ‘Christian’ Right in America, actually in the hands of the enemy, started to call for measures to allow Israel to fulfil its destiny, which, together with the Jewish lobby in the U.S., influenced Congress to produce a feasibility study, beginning with the joint administration of the Haram esh-Sharif site, something the Muslims were set against.

Dr. Ernest L. Martin said that the Jewish Temples never were built on the present “Temple Mount” but were actually located a fourth of a mile south over Gihon Spring. Josephus, Eleazar and Jesus himself all seem to indicate that no sign of the Second Temple would remain. Also, descriptions of Haram esh-Sharif seemed to indicate that the current site was, in fact, Fort Antonia.

Early Church Fathers and pilgrims spoke of a large rock outcropping as the Praetorium. Archaeologists have confirmed that the original City of David was built on the southeastern ridge of Jerusalem. Ancient Jewish law required that a live spring be located within the Temple for ritual purification, Davidic “living water”. Aristeas viewed the Temple in about 285 B.C. and stated quite categorically that the Temple was located over an inexhaustible spring that welled up within the interior part of the Temple.

Tacitus, in about A.D.105, stated that “the Temple at Jerusalem had within its precincts a natural spring of water.” No natural springs have ever been found within the Haram esh-Sharif. Sir Charles Warren examined all beneath the Haram, and found no archaeological remains identified with the Second Temple.

‘You’re right into this, aren’t you?’ smiled Emma. ‘Go on, it’s interesting.’

‘Well, as Jay Gary pointed out, in The Temple Time Bomb, in 2001, ‘If the Temple never was located at the supposed Temple Mount then a major obstacle dividing Israelis and Palestinians could be put to rest. He also pointed out that Dr. Martin died of a heart attack in 2002.

Now, as it’s not in the interests of the enemy provocateurs to promote Arab-Israeli harmony, this story about the real location of the Temple has been largely suppressed. Therefore, while a big hue and cry about the Temple on the Mount was going on, the foundation stone of the new temple, the real one, far smaller, in the correct place, has already been laid and foundation work is proceeding apace.

Meanwhile, the Prince has joined with the American President in permitting the cornerstone of the faux Temple to be laid – it doesn’t much matter where the Temple was built, as long as the Jews believe it is in the right place – this has caused the middle-east to erupt and it’s war. Countries like Iran are now going hell for leather to build the nuclear device.

As for the secrets beneath the Temple Mount, whatever they are – the crucial kingmaking codes, the ark and tablets – they’re already elsewhere. So, there’s a coming conflagration over a dispute which never need have existed and that suits the book of the enemy. The Arabs see it all as the end times.’

‘And is it?’ asked Emma.

‘Looks like it to me although there’ve been terrible times in the past where it all looked over. This does seem to fulfil the criteria though.’


‘Child against parent, dysfunction in all things, mass movement of people, no one believing in God, zombyishness across the world, small pockets of resistance sought out and eliminated, general promiscuity, false prophets, false messiahs and so on. It’s the closest history has got where everyone’s involved in it. Traitors everywhere.’


‘Everywhere – within your own family, your own marriage even. Nobody caring any more, drawn away, no values, connection, commitment to another human. If we can stay with our own partners, it will be a miracle.’

Further on in the book:

Emma suddenly asked him, apropos of nothing in particular or so it seemed, ‘Tell me what you know about the Temple.’

He paused. ‘The Temple?’

She nodded.

‘The Jewish Temple?’


‘The third one?’



‘I’d like to know.’

‘Uh huh. Jewish scripture says that the Temple can’t be rebuilt until the Messiah is imminent. Now, jumping over to Christian scripture, it says that someone will pretend to be that person, he’ll undertake the rebuilding, then he’ll desecrate it. That’s the signal. You’d say they could rebuild it at any time, right? Israel’s in charge of Jerusalem.’ She nodded. ‘Not a hope. The moment any Jews go up on that mount and touch that mosque, the entire Muslim world erupts.

In the past the Roman Emperor Julian wanted to rebuild it and got someone called Alypius of Antioch to do it, along with the governor of the province. Guess what happened?’ She shook her head. ‘Every time they tried to rebuild, balls of fire broke out near the foundations and burnt the workmen. It got so bad that they had to give the idea up. Not only that but Julian himself was killed elsewhere. Explain that.’

‘I can’t.’

‘Well, I’ll do it for you. It just happened to be the Galilean Earthquake of 363 at the time, hence the flames.’

‘Well, there you are.’

‘Yep but why did the attempt happen at exactly the time of the earthquake and why an earthquake at that time anyway? No one asks that question. Every attempt has failed, even when there was no actual opposition.’

‘Oui, I see where your going. Every time something happens which has a religious explanation, there’s also a natural explanation.’

‘In the end though, the sheer weight of incidents begins to count for something in people’s minds. Tell me about Jeanne la Pucelle – did she have those visions?’

‘Well, yes.’

‘Ah, so you accept visions when Jeanne has them because you’re a good French girl [thank heavens for small mercies]. Did those visions come from God and the second question – how did she command an army as she did and confound her accusers at her trial with such wisdom? How old was she?’

Emma just looked at him. ‘There has to be an answer to you. I just can’t find it.’

And further on:

From the distance, far down the catacombs linking the Temple Mount and the room where the little man sat, came a hubbub of human voices but due to the nature of the corridors, the echoes reverberated and came back on one another. It did seem to be getting louder; the man wrung his hands and trembled.

Now the sound was immediate and then a dozen troops appeared, holding automats, scouring this chamber and many others leading off it, before taking position by the walls. A group of suited men now entered and behind them, women in black garb with head scarves and carrying orbs with geometric designs cut into them.

Now appeared, flanked either side by men in robes, the Prince himself, in striped suit and wearing a withered rose in his lapel.

He saw the alcove, saw the ark, ordered it taken down and placed in the middle of the floor. His accolytes bowed under the weight.

He ordered the lid removed.

Four men came forward with crowbars, a fifth with a cordless drill. After some considerable time, the Prince waved them away.

He bent his eyes to the lid and exerted all his power, all his might, all his majesty to the task. The lid of the ark did not budge. Quietly but with smouldering eyes, he looked about the room at those who’d witnessed his shame, a wave of energy radiated and all fell to the floor, stone dead.

He turned on his heel and stormed out of the chamber.

My atheist friends

That’s not mocking in any way, I have many atheist and agnostic friends and good luck to you all, chaps and chapesses. However, forgive my amusement at the militant ones having done everything they can to kill off “religion” over the past couple of blogging decades and yet here it is thrust right onto everyone again.

Let me explain better. You know the British Humanist Association took out ads on London bus sides about God does not exist, now get over it. LOL. I’d say no one was thinking about God in the least on the daily commute but now, of course, they just might start thinking about it.

I have no particular interest in going on about it – check through my previous posts for years. And yet Trump makes a move and suddenly, the whole thing is upon the world.

Because the Muslims will go beserk and I say bring it on. WWIII will come, not because Trump starts it but because he and the people around him know the Mussies will start it, as they’ve started everything else.

And the provocateurs? The Jews of course. They see Zion as nigh. Will the heifer now miraculously appear? You’ll say that all of this is utter insanity – what’s worse, religious insanity – but truth is that it was already insane – look back through our posts over the past decade and it’s about utter PC insanity, insanity in high places, insanity in schools and universities, insanity at the UN.

Like it or not, we are in the Age of Insanity.

Why am I so calm about it and even in a good mood? Because I knew this was coming. Of course it’s still early days, Trump has only just made the announcement but the rest will follow as night follows day.

What will we do? Everyone hit the road with all our belongings and take to the hills, then back again, hysteria and road rage? Nope, my advice is just sit back and watch the show.

One last take

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    A lot of US evangelicals can’t wait for Armageddon. Many support Jews simply because Revelation has them as sacrificial lambs.

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    God, God, God, I’m sick of hearing the word. Try Smyllum Park Orphanage, run by the evil perverted Daughters of Charity 400 children buried nearby, Nuns Priests, ISIS, Jehadis, Pedophile vicars and on and on. If there were a God the last thing he would create is the Human Brain could be the sickest thing in the Universe.

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