November 27 — another big day in Trump’s America

Mueller aside, the Swamp is beginning to drain.

So much has happened since Monday, November 27, 2017.

But as so much happened that day alone, it is worth an entire post.

Trump’s schedule

President Donald Trump schedule included receiving an ‘expanded’ intelligence briefing, a lunch with Vice President Mike Pence and the Senate Finance Committee, welcoming Native American code talkers and ending the day by meeting with General James Mattis.

There are only 13 surviving Native American code talkers. After lunch, Trump welcomed three Navajo veterans who were part of this august group of men, the eldest of whom is 97 years old (transcript here).

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-California) and Senator Chuck Schumer (D-New York) were supposed to attend a meeting with Trump that day but did not show. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) appeared as requested. Trump had a photo taken of himself with an empty chair on either side. Pelosi fired back:

. now knows that his verbal abuse will no longer be tolerated. His empty chair photo opp showed he’s more interested in stunts than in addressing the needs of the American people. Poor Ryan and McConnell relegated to props. Sad!

Investors Business Daily reported that Trump’s trip to China was paying off. The previous Thursday — Thanksgiving Day — the Chinese government announced it would slash import taxes on some 187 consumer goods.

It does not look as if Trump will be visiting the UK any time soon. Whether he and Melania are invited to Prince Harry’s nuptials was also up in the air as of November 27.

Swamp draining

Activist congressman Luis Gutiérrez (D-Illinois) announced he will not seek re-election. He has been in office since 1993. In 2016, Mrs Gutiérrez was paid $125,856taxpayers’ money — working for her husband, handling ‘all aspects’ of his campaign accounts.

The new FBI director Christopher Wray demoted deputy director Andrew McCabe. Although McCabe retains his title, his day-to-day responsibilities have been delegated to other FBI officials.

On Twitter, former Milwaukee sheriff David Clarke blasted embattled Michigan senator John Conyers for loyally promoting Democrat policies that have ‘DECIMATED the BLACK COMMUNITY’. On December 5, Conyers announced he was resigning immediately over sexual harassment allegations which had surfaced at the end of November.

Congressman Raul Grijalva (D-Arizona) could be in hot water for secretly arranging a taxpayer-funded ‘severance package’ to a top staffer who threatened to file a lawsuit claiming he was frequently inebriated and created a hostile work environment.

The former inspector general for the intelligence community, Charles McCullough III, appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight (Fox News) to discuss the ‘above top secret’ nature of Hillary Clinton’s emails. He told Carlson that he received ‘blowback’ and marginalisation for attempting to investigate. McCullough was an Obama appointee, by the way.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) underwent a shake-up as director Richard Cordray resigned, his deputy Leandra English said she should be appointed his successor and, instead, Trump appointed Mick Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget, as acting director. English filed a lawsuit, but federal judge Tim Kelly denied it on November 28. Mulvaney will manage both departments. Over two dozen Democrats filed a friend of the court brief with the US Court of Appeals in hope that English would replace Mulvaney. Insiders say that the CFPB is scandal-ridden and does little to help consumers. Instead, it serves as a slush fund as around 200 CFPB officials are paid more than senior legislators — and Vice President Pence. Not only that, but the CFPB also acts as a Democratic Party donor bank, with 593 donation entries to various Democratic campaigns. Most of the money went to Hillary Clinton, followed by Obama, then Senator Elizabeth ‘Fauxcahontas’ Warren (D-Massachusetts), who established the bureau. The Conservative Treehouse has even more revelations. Needless to say, CFPB employees are most unhappy with Mulvaney’s presence, even though he bought them doughnuts on his first day. After doughnuts, he imposed a 30-day freeze on hiring. When Mulvaney starts rooting around, Fauxcahontas, who is up for re-election in 2018, could be in big trouble for the way she set the CFPB up with no congressional oversight. The operating budget comes from the Federal Reserve!

Speaking of Warren, Sarah Sanders had to deal with a question at the press briefing later that day about Trump’s reference to her:

Q Sarah, at the event that the President just did with the Navajo Code Talkers, he referred to “Pocahontas” being in the Senate. Why did he feel the need to say something as offensive to many people while honoring the Navajo Code Talkers — these genuine, American heroes?

MS. SANDERS: I think what most people find offensive is Senator Warren lying about her heritage to advance her career.

Q But she said it was a racial slur. She said it was a racial slur. What is your response to that?

MS. SANDERS: I think that’s a ridiculous response.

Other departures

One of Trump’s White House ethics lawyers, James Schultz, resigned. He will return to private practice in Philadelphia so that he can be with his family.

Swampy media moves

Joe (Morning Joe) Scarborough of MSNBC announced that he had deleted his tweets about Trump, saying they were ‘too 2017’.

Scarborough’s former MSNBC colleague Keith Olbermann announced his retirement, but only from political commentary. Olbermann, who was working for GQ, said that Trump will be impeached, therefore, his work is finished.

ABC’s veteran reporter Cokie Roberts actually admitted on television that she knew about John Conyers’s sexual harassment accusations for years, but did not report on them. She told her two female colleagues on This Week:

every female in the press corps knew.

What the — !

Other media news

Trump wants to have a fake news contest, complete with trophy. Apparently, such an event has been taking place in France for the past five years.

His FCC chairman Ajit Pai wants to roll back Obama’s regulation designed to ensure that all websites are treated equally by Internet providers.

Who supports Obama’s policy? The likes of Google, Twitter, Democrats and globalists.

Ajit Pai says that he and his family have been harassed at their home as a result. The Washington Post has the story:

During an interview Monday on “Fox & Friends,” viewers were shown cardboard signs that host Steve Doocy said were put up at Pai’s home in suburban Virginia. One sign, appearing to refer to Pai’s children, read: “They will come to know the truth. Dad murdered Democracy in cold blood.”

Pai said those signs crossed a line, even as he noted the charged debate over net neutrality. “I understand that people are passionate about policy, but the one thing in America that should remain sacred is that families, wives and kids, should remain out of it. And stop harassing us at our homes.”

The FCC will vote on Pai’s proposal on December 14:

Pai has said his proposal would restore a “light-touch” regulatory framework for Internet services and would stop the government from micromanaging the Internet. Broadband and wireless companies such as Comcast and Verizon applauded Pai’s move. But Internet companies and activists see the undoing of net neutrality as an invitation for corporate abuse, in which service providers block websites they do not like and charge Web companies for speedier delivery of their content.

Personally, I’m not sure about either policy — Obama’s or Pai’s. However, the people harassing Pai are unlikely to be centrists or conservatives. For that reason, this Twitter user thinks Pai is on the right track. Hmm. We’ll see.

In other media news, the AP reported that media company Meredith, best known for its lifestyle magazines, is buying Time Inc., including its stable of publications, among them Time, Sports Illustrated, People and Fortune. The AP says that Meredith received $650m in financing from the private equity arm of Koch Industries. The Koch brothers say they have no intention of influencing any editorial lines. It is interesting that Meredith are based in Iowa and Time Inc. in New York City.

Justice at a local level

What is happening in the sanctuary city of Huntington Park, California gives pause for thought.

Rick Wells wrote about a man claiming he has been falsely accused of things he did not do. The man has also been told to appear in court:

The sanctuary state of California is now moving to silence those who challenge their criminal actions through the blatant abuse of their power, declaring incidents to have happened which did not and exceeding reasonable use of authority through by ordering their police departments to act as political thugs.

As the video shows you don’t have to be an American to serve on the Huntington Park City Council nor to influence decisions or testify in their meetings. Non-English speakers, most of whom are likely illegal aliens, are allowed to address the council in Spanish. It’s Latino first, America second as LaRaza and their ilk continue their push to takeover California.

However, if you’re an American patriot, as Arthur Schaper is, you’re not only not allowed to speak, you’re ushered out of the room through the abusive collaboration of the mayor and the police chief …

Schaper has since had two court dates and both times he was not on the docket. Perhaps they’re using illegal alien labor from their local and they’re not literate in English and incapable of matching the files to the calendar. More likely they’re messing with him, and again using the judiciary as a weapon against the American people …

Schaper is quoted in the video as stating, “I have officially filed a small claims action against the City of Huntington Park for false arrest, violation of my civil rights, emotional distress, defamation of character and harassment.”

No update yet.

Twitter thread of the day

Imperator_Rex wrote a good summary of The Storm thus far (sources in the thread). Excerpts follow:

2. A storm doesn’t have to involve rain. It can also be a storm of FIRE. Has anyone noticed the conflagration that’s risen over the last month alone?

3. Two senators, thirty-three incumbent senate members and three others are ‘retiring’ or not seeking re-election in 2018.

4. Hollywood has been nuked – Weinstein’s downfall has started a torrent that will not stop.

9. As each day passes, Trump is reducing the resistance of America’s enemies to fight. But he will want this war over before the mid-terms. As his master Sun Tzu says, ‘there is no instance of a country having benefited from prolonged warfare.’

10. We can expect things to start moving fast now. Momentum has gathered rapidly in recent weeks & the terrain is being prepared for American restoration. Part of this will be the return of the rule of law.

11. Today’s news – the first powerful insider, an Obama appointee, revealing how the Clintons intimidated & threatened him & his family – is incredibly important:

That was a reference to the aforementioned Charles McCullough III. It’s important, because Democrats will sit up and pay attention.

12. Soon we will hear from the FBI informant, William Campbell, about how the Clinton machine made money in return for government access & favors. It won’t be reported by the MSM, but that won’t matter. It will shock the nation.

13. In the background, Tony Podesta is singing like a canary. This testimony will bring down the entire Clinton cabal, I’m sure of it. The scope of their crimes will be difficult for many to accept, as will her indictment & imprisonment. But it will have to happen.

14. Not only does Trump’s base demand it, but more importantly – the rule of law demands it.


The end.

This is but one day’s worth of links. Things are hotting up, and there is much more to report.

In the meantime, I have Trump reports chez moi.

Also worth reading are the trending hashtags #QANON, #TheStormIsUponUs and #followthewhiterabbit.

More soon.

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