There’s an underlying theme at this blog of not being overtly religious and it’s pretty obvious we’re political animals and it’s as a political animal that I am angered by this:

There’s no doubt they went OTT with the name of Jesus in their front garden and of course it was done to provoke, however, it was also done to highlight the scumbaggery in council offices, which we know all about over here.

What struck me, apart from the issue itself of their sign being “offensive” to one of the neighbours [nobody owns up as to who and it might even be that it is one of the council itself] – what struck me was just how nazi that council is, plus the journo just took it as read that there are rules about displays:

The Wivells are standing by their display and say they won’t be taking it down until all decorations need to come down, according to the rules, on Jaunary 15

There are various things coming out of this:

1. Look how that journo or subbie has spelt January and the Wail does it all the time. Days were that this would have had the offender relegated to making the coffee. Journalistic standards.

2. What sort of fascists make rules like that about January 15th? Answer – fascists who use bureaucracy to impose the banality of evil. Micromanagers – which immediately gives off a whiff of the female fascist and pussified male.

Rather than attack “the rules” in the first place, the Wivells seem to have accepted that part of it but I don’t, no way. Who the hell are these people making such rules? What, croissants can only be consumed at home before 9 a.m.?

This is part of the total insanity gripping western societies, it emanates from the UN for one, from the Vatican for two, from the leftized Protestant churches for three, but ultimately from the evil muvvers up above who are behind the blight.

One thing which delighted me was to see atheists, in comments, the libertarian kind, coming out strongly against that council and all the others blighting and constricting freedoms. Because this is not a religious issue, it is one of freedom to speak, associate and worship as one will.

The single sticking point in that argument is the jihadi Muslims, which is all of them according to the Koran.

Now consider this lady from the sub-continent:

She lives in London, is a writer and has that compassion for all creatures which I do too – I wrote to her on Twitter that I agree with her stance. Yes, I have a touch of the animal rights to me – the right not to be abused anyway.

Trouble is, IMHO, she drifts far too often to extending that to the undeserving, e.g. Grenfell illegals, e.g. animals who naturally have it hard anyway out there in the wild. It is one of the worst traits of dogooders that natural compassion should be extended to the undeserving as well as the deserving and there’s a whole set of weasel epithets to fling at whomever disagrees.

Now consider this lady from the sub-continent:

She’s labelled a “far righter” in Australia – an immigrant family far-righter? Yeah, right.

Now consider this, from Derbyshire:

Rape conviction quashed over new Facebook evidence

Just think through the implications of that. Immediately, many will jump on the issue of men being accused on the slightest of evidence, sometimes not even on any evidence, and further, in this case [read the case] on a deliberate attempt to cry rape and bury the evidence.

Why is this woman not up on charges eh? Why does the journo not ask that? Why is it all that charges have been “dropped”?

Look at that word “dropped”. I accused you, using fraudulent methods, through a female fit of pique but now I’ve been found out, well, fair cop, now we can just go back to living and let that be a lesson to him for not not doing what I want.

Which brings me to an even more serious aspect of this, on top of blighting men’s lives forever – the danger in this sort of Petra and the Wolf thing for women. It must be so bleedin’ obvious, even to blind Freddy – and the backlash has now begun with that judge advising police not to take at face value any rape accusation from now on – that this places women in mortal danger.

For in amongst the rightful male and conservative women indignation over false rape accusations and the courts’ signal failure to convict such bloody women who do such things and put them away for 20 years, are the true rapists and paedos, the ones who are using this to stay free and do it again. The paedo ring up above for a start – just ask Harriet Harbag and Hewitt.

It’s not unlike domestic abuse allegations which Minette Marin was so scathing about in 2000 in The Times. Spurious claims, especially by snowflake floozies, threaten ALL women [and by extension – children]. It makes it unsafe for women [and children] as a whole. It is utter insanity.

But what’s this? Compassion for the safety of women from a male misogynist, a right bastard? And not from any leftist woman? Will you accuse me of misogyny for this next bit?

Look at the feminists speaking of the right of women to walk the streets at night without fear. Er … there is a name for women who walk the streets at night. Think about that one for a moment.

Now consider this evil or simply misguided man, twisting the Christian notion of compassion into the UN satanist resolve to overrun the west with people who have no place being there. Compassion? Yes, within their own countries:

A sense of proportion

This in the subheading is what it’s all about and what separates the politico-religious middling line … as against the emotional and emotive compassion for all sorts of bad people in their badness, encouraging them – people who see nothing at all wrong in extending compassion to entirely the wrong people who actually need to be drummed out of the place here and now.

And of course, they fully support the IRA bomber supporter Corbyn and his bully boys in the Labour Party.

Today commemorates the birth of a Christ who was meant to get such issues, among many others in the world, addressed and the swamps cleared. And that is a very political mission indeed.

Politics is, after all, about how a society governs itself, who is protected and who is not? What, a religion like Christianity should not be concerned about the downtrodden, the wrongfully treated, the incapable and huddled masses? Should it not be about refuges and soup kitchens? Should it just be about ascetics and pointy hats in big cathedrals?

So there is a very great divide between those who see this mission to rid society of this wonky thinking and hit the wrongdoers hard … and those who will say to me, “Oh couldn’t you have shown some compassion, even on Christmas Day?”

To which I reply, “I have. Which of you, on the Sabbath, should his ass fall into a ditch, would not pull him out? Which of you on Christmas day would not pursue that pastoral mission to help save society from its wrongdoing?” What, am I to smugly sit by and say nothing? Just enjoy my salmon scrambled egg and shut up?

Are missions closed today for the birth of Christ, so that those previously fed are not fed today for a holiday?

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  1. Errol
    December 25, 2017 at 2:22 pm

    There’s a lot here to comment on. The immigrant lady wanted ot talk about Islam is right, but they don’t want us to talk about Islam. They want it to simply be accepted and tolerated, as if the cause were not obvious.

    This is what the state wants. It’s trying to redefine how we think for it’s own reasons.

    Following rules is what Britons do. We’re nice like that. You can guarantee politeness and decency from a Brit as well as honesty – although the more money involved the less honest people are, see the Candy brothers.

    What stinks is that the state is again telling us how we will behave. That’s wrong, and we’ve fought many wars in our time against such attitudes but government is now omnipotent because we do not control it’s funding. If we did, we could starve it and bring the wretched thing to heel until it obeyed us, giving no recourse to pettiness.

    Speaking of Jesus, the other day I invited some Jehovah’s witnesses in to the cupboard and we debated their religion. I liked that, as it’s a free exchange of ideas and, I think, I made them reconsider their beliefs. This is a good thing. That freedom, done politely to challenge others without abuse or discontent, anger or hatred to accommodate those around us is surely the epitome of what it means to be British, to be tolerant, decent, dignified yet respected.

    I’ve spent the morning peeling potatoes in a shelter. I stayed on to help stir the soup before ladling and gave them my Star Wars trilogy and a telly to watch it on. Pathetic gifts when if the useless wasters in the council took a ten percent pay cut – just ten percent down from the offensive 150,000 they pay themselves we wouldn’t have any homeless people in this city at all. It’s wrong. That’s what makes me angry.

    • December 25, 2017 at 4:31 pm

      Sounds like it’s all action there.

      • Errol
        December 25, 2017 at 7:51 pm

        It’s a tiny bit of the most valuable thing I can give – time. When the state doesn’t provide the money – preferring to spend it on their junkets – something has to be done.

  2. Pcar
    December 26, 2017 at 10:26 pm

    @James Higham

    There’s no doubt they went OTT with the name of Jesus in their front garden and of course it was done to provoke

    On both points I completely disagree. Show proof to back your assertions.

    HOA demands family’s ‘Jesus’ sign be removed

    “As part of our Christmas decoration, we display the name Jesus to point out to everyone that we in this family believe that the reason for the season is to celebrate the birth of Jesus,” said Mr Wivell.

    Offended by a fact? The birth & crucifixion of Jesus is historical fact. The “debate” is if Jesus was Christ, the son of God.

    Shame on homeowners association for supporting the nasty bigot* complainer.

    Merry Christmas

    * turn left speak back on them, they are the intolerant, facist bigots.

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