Fake news, Trump’s Twitterstorm, Mueller and more

The first weekend of December 2017 provided an explosion of news. Apologies for the lengthy post, but we are likely to revisit some of the new people and old situations featured below.

Fake news

Fake news can be dangerous.

A perfect instance occurred on the morning of Friday, December 1, 2017, when lazy reporting by ABC’s Brian Ross, old enough to know better, caused a dip in the stock market for an hour.

Ross appeared on ABC’s breakfast show to say that Donald Trump had directed Michael Flynn to contact the Russians. Ross neglected to mention that this was during the 2016 post-election transition period — not during the campaign.

It took hours for ABC to issue a clarification. By then, it was too late. Slate reported:

… the damage had already been done, and in a contentious time when the press is repeatedly attacked by the president, specifically in regards to Russia-related reports. While allowing sources to remain anonymous in reporting is sometimes essential, there are always risks involved, especially when relying on only one anonymous source for crucial details.

The Trump-Russia news that’s dripped out of Washington has dominated mainstream news cycles for a vast majority of the last year, and there has already been a handful that have fallen apart, which potentially harms accurate reporting on the issue and provides Trump the perfect opportunity to cry foul.

Fortunately, ABC gave Ross a four-week suspension without pay. This was not the first time Ross has been guilty of fake news. He’s been at it for several years. ABC should pension him off.

Tweets galore

That weekend, we received proof that Trump does not always tweet himself. On December 3, his followers read:

I never asked Comey to stop investigating Flynn. Just more Fake News covering another Comey lie!

The next day, NBC reported that Trump’s personal lawyer, John Dowd, was responsible for the tweet:

Interfering in the FBI’s investigation could be construed as obstructing justice, potentially creating legal jeopardy for Trump …

Dowd told NBC News that he drafted the tweet and then sent it to White House Social Media Director Dan Scavino to publish. When asked for the original email he sent to Scavino, Dowd said he dictated it orally.

“I’m out of the tweeting business,” Dowd said with a chuckle. “I did not mean to break news.”

That was the weekend of Trump’s Twitterstorm:

10 tweets in 24 hours related to the Russia investigation, the FBI, and how federal investigators should really be looking into Hillary Clinton.

He also denied that he asked Comey to back off the investigation, though Comey has testified to that effect under oath before Congress.

Incidentally, that day, Lady Lyn de Rothschild, possibly still worried about the plane crash near Waddesdon Manor in mid-November, retweeted a quote that originally appeared on The Spectator Index:

QUOTE: “Stop sending people to kill me. We have already captured five of them, one of them with a bomb and another with a rifle. If you don’t stop sending killers, I’ll send one to Moscow, and I won’t have to send a second.” Josip Tito in letter to Joseph Stalin.


The ‘circle of filth’

The first weekend in December brought big news about Robert Mueller’s team.

Mueller fired one of his top investigators, Peter Strzok, for his pro-Hillary Clinton bias. Strzok is now working in the FBI’s HR department. In brief:

BREAKING: top FBI investigator for Mueller–PETER STRZOK–busted sending political text messages bashing Trump & praising Hillary during the 2016 campaign. STRZOK actually LED the Hillary email probe & recommended clearing her; then was tapped to SUPERVISE the Trump Russia probe!

Strzok, who is married, had been conducting an affair with an FBI lawyer, Lisa Page. They had exchanged numerous pro-Clinton and anti-Trump text messages in 2016. Page, in turn, worked for Andrew McCabe, the FBI Deputy Director. Judicial Watch explains more about McCabe:

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today released 79 pages of Justice Department documents concerning ethics issues related to FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s involvement with his wife’s political campaign. The documents include an email showing Mrs. McCabe was recruited for a Virginia state senate race in February 2015 by then-Virginia Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam’s office.

The news that Clinton used a private email server broke five days later, on March 2, 2015. Five days after that, former Clinton Foundation board member and Democrat party fundraiser, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, met with the McCabes. She announced her candidacy on March 12. Soon afterward, Clinton/McAuliffe-aligned political groups donated nearly $700,000 (40% of the campaign’s total funds) to McCabe’s wife for her campaign.

Rising serpent has a good Twitter thread that explores the timeline involved with Strzok, Mueller and Page. Excerpts follow:

2. Strzok’s dismissal was revealed less than a day after Gen. Flynn pleaded guilty. Remember that. Less than 24 hours later. However the dismissal occurred over the summer. I’ll repeat: he was dismissed over the summer, we hear about it a day after Flynn pleads guilty.

4. Strzok was subsequently demoted to a job in human resources, Page left Mueller’s team in July, BEFORE the text messages surfaced. Again note the timeline.

5. Strzok was a part of FBI’s interview with Hillary on July 2, 2016 FEW days before Comey announced he was declining to recommend Hillary’s prosecution in connection with her use, as secretary of state, of a private email server.

6. Strzok was key figure when FBI, in 2016, received Trump “dossier” and launched a counterintelligence investigation into Russian meddling in the election that ultimately came to encompass FISA surveillance of a Trump campaign associate.

8. HIC Chairman Devin Nunes asked Rod Rosenstein in Oct 2017 who oversees the Trump-Russia probe since Jeff Sessions’ recusal, to make Strzok available to committee for questioning. This was denied: on broad “personnel” grounds.

9. While Strzok’s removal from the Mueller team was a matter of public record by August, at no point did we know about his Pro-Hillary texts and overall stance. This was revealed by “sources” only a day after Gen Flynn’s plea.

12. Strzok is the key that opens a Pandora’s box of treasonous activity designed to get Hillary elected, bury her illegal activities and subjugate the will of the American people.

Rising serpent tweeted information on Lisa Page:

1. Lisa Page was a part of both Andrew McCabe’s team and later Mueller’s team She was working for Andrew McCabe, and worked with Mueller on Both Hillary and Trump-russia investigation

Now for the bigger picture involving the McCabes and McAuliffe along with Strzok and Page. Rising_Serpent calls them ‘the circle of filth’ (emphasis mine):

1. The “Circle of filth” in the Hillary-FBI-Russia Dossier saga: FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe left the box blank for wife Dr. Jill McCabe’s salary, as a doctor. Clinton confidant, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe urged McCabe’s wife to run for office after Hillary email scandal

2. October- November 2015, Dr. JILL McCabe received $467,500 from Common Good VA, a PAC controlled by McAuliffe, and additional $292,500 from a second Democratic PAC.

3. Deputy director McCabe did not list wife’s salary or campaign contributions on Executive Branch Financial Disclosure Report. He filed on July 8, 2016, after recieving 44-day filing extension, 3 days after Comey’s statement recommending no criminal charges against Hillary.

4. Even [Senator] Chuck Grassley, in November 2016 noted that in July 2015, around the time the Clinton investigation began, Andrew McCabe was promoted to associate deputy director at FBI headquarters, the No. 3 position.

7. Lisa Page, who along with Peter Strzok worked on the Trump-Russia case as a part of Mueller’s team: Lisa Page worked for Andrew McCabe prior to this.

8. See the circle of filth yet? Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, all connected to the Hillary campaign. Page-Strzok are out now, a day after Flynn Plead guilty of lying to the very FBI that we are talking about.

12. This just broke literally 28 minutes ago: Peter Strzok was the person who changed Clinton’s actions as “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless”. All this information coming a couple days after Flynn plead guilty: Ponder that

16. Both [Loretta] Lynch and [Eric] Holder used email Aliases to conduct government business as attorneys general. Now why would anyone want to do that? and the only thing that is better than an alias? YES! your own private server. I wonder who had that?

17. The radius of this circle of filth is getting bigger with every passing day, its perimeter is now turgid with the most elite of Obama administration, Hillary and friends and now FBI elite. You know the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

18. In looking at deception, look for a circle formation. Depravity, criminality, treason, are all team sports and love company. It also makes it easier to unravel once you crack its shell. I got blisters on my fingers from tweeting today, Peace!

There is bound to be more about Strzok, Page and others in due course.

On December 5, Strzok’s wife Melissa Hodgman wiped her Facebook page clean of pro-Hillary content. This isn’t a by-the-by article from Gateway Pundit. It is based on research at The_Donald explaining who Hodgman is and how she fits into the frame:


… “WEEKS” Before the Comey announcement, Peter Strzok’s wife got a major promotion by President Obama – when FBI leaders likely knew the case her husband Peter Strzok was overseeing was about to be reopened and could implicate Hillary Clinton.

The Daily Caller has more:

A Facebook account that appears to be operated by Melissa Hodgman, a top lawyer at the Securities and Exchange Commission who married Strzok in 1994, shows membership in several pro-Clinton and pro-Obama Facebook groups.

“Democrats for a Blue America” and “Thank You Obama” are two of the groups Hodgman supports. She is also a follower of a page called “We Voted for Hillary.”

Hodgman did not respond to emails from The Daily Caller seeking comment about her involvement with the groups.

Q Anon picked up on Hodgman with a series of questions about her, telling readers to ‘follow the wives’. Q was not wrong. More wives would come out of the woodwork in December.

Biased Mueller investigation

The same Daily Caller article asks why Mueller singled out Peter Strzok when:

many of the lawyers working under him have showed their political leanings in other ways.

At least nine of Mueller’s prosecutors have donated to Democratic political candidates. And all of the legal actions taken so far in Mueller’s investigation have involved pro-Democrat prosecutors.

Trump supporters know the investigators are Democrats, but the article goes on to detail their various political contributions:

The lawyers working the money laundering case against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his associate, Rick Gates, have donated to Obama’s presidential campaigns.

Andrew Weissmann, a veteran Justice Department prosecutor, gave $2,300 to Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. He donated $2,000 to the DNC in 2006. Andrew Goldstein, who is working the case with Weissmann, contributed $3,300 to Obama’s campaigns in 2008 and 2012.

One of the attorneys handling the case against former Trump adviser George Papadopoulos has also contributed heavily to Democrats.

Jeannie Rhee, who served as a deputy assistant attorney general in the Obama administration, contributed $5,400 to Clinton’s campaign during the 2016 cycle. She also contributed $7,300 to Obama’s presidential campaigns. Papadopoulos pleaded guilty in October to lying to the FBI about contacts he had with Russians during the campaign.

A former partner at Mueller’s old law firm, Wilmer Hale, Rhee has also represented Clinton and her family charity the Clinton Foundation in a 2015 lawsuit seeking access to the former secretary of state’s personal emails.

Brandon Van Grack, one of the lawyers who secured a guilty plea against former national security adviser Michael Flynn, has also donated to Obama. A national security prosecutor with the DOJ, Van Grack contributed around $300 to Obama’s 2008 campaign.

Sleepy Sessions

On December 2, John Sessions released a statement about Peter Strzok’s dismissal. CNN reported:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement Saturday night that the allegations his department’s inspector general uncovered, “if proven to be true, would raise serious questions of public trust. I look forward to receiving the Inspector General’s report. We will ensure that anyone who works on any investigation in the Department of Justice does so objectively and free from bias or favoritism.”

“My job is to restore confidence in the Department of Justice in all aspects of our work and I intend to do so,” the statement added. “As such, I have directed that the FBI Director review the information available on this and other matters and promptly make any necessary changes to his management and investigative teams consistent with the highest professional standards.”

CNN went on to report a ‘source’ says that the DOJ has also agreed for Strzok to be interviewed by the House Intelligence Committee.

Gateway Pundit‘s Jim Hoft was incensed (emphases in the original):

Apparently it was the first time he heard of it [the firing] — which shows what a complete failure he has been in protecting the Trump administration from an out of control and corrupted Special Counsel.

So Jeff Sessions is just now aware that the Robert Mueller Special Counsel is filled with liberal hacks?

Where the hell has be been?

We have been reporting on Mueller’s liberal dream team for months.
So have numerous other media outlets.

Hoft went on to list names I haven’t yet covered:

  • Rush Atkinson, an attorney on detail from the Criminal Division’s Fraud Section at the Department of Justice
    Donated $200 to Clinton in 2016
  • Peter Carr – DOJ spokesman under Barack Obama.
  • Andrew Goldstein, a public corruption prosecutor on detail from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York — Worked under Trump-basher Preet Bharara in the liberal New York southern district.
  • Adam Jed, an appellate attorney on detail from DOJ’s Civil Division.   —  Defended Obamacare at the DOJ.
  • Elizabeth Prelogar, an appellate attorney on detail from the Office of the Solicitor General.  -Fluent in Russian; former law clerk to Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan.
  • James Quarles, a former partner at WilmerHale and a former assistant special prosecutor for the Watergate Special Prosecution Force.  –Former assistant special prosecutor on the Watergate Special Prosecution Force.
  • Aaron Zebley, a former partner at WilmerHale who has previously served with Mueller at the FBI and has served as an assistant U.S. attorney in the Eastern District of Virginia.  Worked with Robert Mueller at the WilmerHale firm.
  • Aaron Zelinsky, an attorney on detail from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the District of Maryland.  — Worked under Assistant AG Rod Rosenstein in Maryland.
  • Zainab Ahmad, a top national security prosecutor on detail from U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of New York.
  • Michael Dreeben, an appellate attorney on detail from the Office of the Solicitor General, described by former colleagues as one of the brightest criminal law experts of the past two generations.

This is a witch hunt. We all knew it, but seeing more detailed information about the people on Mueller’s team really brings the point home.

Hoft directed readers to an article of his from December 1 about the June 27, 2016 tarmac meeting in Phoenix between then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton. Hoft discussed Judicial Watch’s receipt via FOIA request of 29 pages of documents about that meeting. Hoft was furious at the content that Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton received:

The documents he received once and for all prove that the FBI is compromised and is being led by dirty cops!

Fitton posted an announcement on Judicial Watch, which says, in part (emphases in the original):

Judicial Watch today released 29 pages of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) documents related to the June 27, 2016, tarmac meeting between former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton. The documents show that FBI officials were more concerned about leaks than the actual meeting itself.  The new documents also show that then-FBI Director Comey seemed to learn of the meeting from news reports …

The new FBI documents show FBI officials were concerned about a leak that Bill Clinton delayed his aircraft taking off in order to “maneuver” a meeting with the attorney general.  The resulting story in the Observer is seemingly confirmed and causes a flurry of emails about the source of the article.  FBI official(s) write “we need to find that guy” and that the Phoenix FBI office was contacted “in an attempt to stem any further damage.”  Another FBI official, working on AG Lynch’s security detail, suggests instituting non-disclosure agreements.  The names of the emails authors are redactedThere are no documents showing concern about the meeting itself. 

Recall that the tarmac meeting took place just days before James Comey said Hillary would face no charges. Coincidence?

Back now to Sessions. Bearing in mind the above information, Hoft wrote:

FBI and DOJ are no longer considered honest entities but are rather groups led by corrupt and criminal scoundrels.  They are the deep state. 

And Jeff Sessions is just now catching on to this?

Jeff Sessions needs to step down immediately.

He is corrupt and compromised.

We do not know yet if that last sentence is true, but, increasingly, it looks that way.

Hoft — and others on pro-Trump news sites — must keep hammering this message home. It’s time for Sleepy to get some rest — back home in Alabama.

John Podesta

On December 4, Hillary’s campaign supremo, John Podesta, appeared before the House Intelligence Committee. The Hill reported that information on the interview came from:

Rep. Mike Conaway (R-Texas).

The committee was “following up on questions we had as a result of subsequent revelations with respect to Fusion and Glenn Simpson,” Conaway said, an apparent reference to the recent disclosure that Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) helped fund a controversial dossier of opposition research into then-candidate Donald Trump.

Podesta “answered all our questions,” Conaway said, but declined to comment further.

Podesta had appeared before the committee in June. He denies any knowledge of the Russia dossier:

Podesta and former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Fla.) have both privately denied to congressional Russia investigators that they had any knowledge about the arrangement, brokered by the DNC’s law firm, to pay for the opposition research into Trump, according to CNN.

Really? Hmm.

More to come soon.

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