Renaming the unemployed

The Z Man first:

The hardest part of the automation wave coming in the next decades will simply be language. What do you call people who no longer have any purpose, in terms of producing goods and services through their labor? For as long as anyone has been alive, the very small slice of the population that has fit this definition could simply be dismissed on moral terms. The underclass is assumed to be lazy or anti-social. Trying to fix this has been a good way to keep the useless off-spring of the middle classes busy is social work.

When the numbers swell as automation eliminates the need for human labor in wide swaths of the economy, it will be impossible to dismiss the idle.

Any Russian over a certain age could answer that question about what you call the vast new unemployed on benefits.

“Plebs in a socialist system”, not “workers”, although they’ll start having to work for the dole and other benefits – unsalaried work.

When I arrived in Russia mid-90s, the “new Russia” of whitegoods, buying flats, buying cars and credit was just beginning but there was much of the old USSR left, including the State shops, and they were dire. The supply chains were dire, there was no incentive for anyone to do anything.

To the point that there were advertising billboards all over the place for a whitegoods firm I’ve forgotten the name of and the line was “All for You”. Naturally, people stopped going to that store because there were better rivals now who did not have this arrogance in its approach – thinking that they were doing you a huge favour.

There were many adjustments and Russia did not do it well, having no model to base it on. The crash of 1997/8 which I lived through there was partly due to that. There was genuine chance of starvation unless you were attached to an extended family or were western [that word meant bags and bags of untold wealth to the ordinary Russian, part of which he/she thought he/she was entitled to for some reason].

The socialist federation in blocs is still very much underway, despite Trump and Farage and even last evening I saw little fools on Twitter actually welcome a vast handout State, their Big Brother or Nanny friend who would take care of everything. They clearly had never lived under the vestiges of a socialist leviathan State.

Must people actually experience the full horror first before they wake up to themselves and oppose this handout model, plus this “Scottish “named person” model?

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  1. Errol
    January 7, 2018 at 2:56 pm

    Almost everyone clamouring for socialism has never lived under it. What they want is more money for themselves. At heart, socialists want someone else to pay the bills.

    However, this is simply human nature. Some believe, genuinely; that if the state provides for them then that’s a fair way to live. Usually such people are at the bottom angrily looking up. It’s easy to say ‘why should you have so much when I have so little?’ while ignoring or not understanding just where their money is going.

    These two base facets are the essential opposite of free market capitalism – where if you work hard, you get rewarded. Sadly, that just isn’t true. If you work hard, all too often someone else gets rewarded. Here the effective worker should be able to simply chnge jobs.

    The problem arises with employee mobility and wage stagnation. When you cannot easily change jobs to gain new skills you stagnate and are fixed in place. When you cannot easily garner a rise (to better your life chances) in salary due to being competitive in the workplace, again, you tend to stagnate and stay in place.

    What no one on the Left discusses is the very things that keep people poor are entirely state driven. High taxes preclude mobility and make it harder to travel for work. A massive population and generous welfare reduce the incentive to find work and improve your lot, because doing so makes you worse off if you even can find work.

    For the low skilled and low paid they are forced to rely upon the capricious state to ensure their pay rises. They themselves cannot move jobs because they simply don’t have the same worker mobility that a small population and low taxes (on businesses especially to take the risk of new hires) provides.

    Bluntly, those demanding socialism are lazy and indolent. Those who are at the bottom but want to improve their lot are kept there by those demanding socialism. The socialist Left demand policies that keep people poor. The government rewards that as it creates a massive client state for itself.

    This time around there will be no getting out of it. Taxes are too high, too many people need jobs and too many are reliant on the state to fuel the productive economy. Automation simply prices the lowest paid out of the workforce. The problem is that the lowest paid cannot, under a massive state and Left wing policies; ever raise their value above what ca be automated. Equally the state cannot ever be less oppressive without collapsing the entire house of cards it itself has created.

    Instead of a flexible, dynamic economy where Joe can find work easily and demand more money from efficient, lean businesses where if one bit breaks another simply takes over, we have a monolithic, expensive, over taxed, over regulated 500 carriage freight train heading for a cliff with far too few people building track all too busy surviving to be able to change direction before it heads off a cliff.

    • January 8, 2018 at 8:21 am

      I’ll have to use this as a manifesto at my place. Cheers.

  2. Pcar
    January 7, 2018 at 8:41 pm

    imho many supporters of the left, socialism, communism have no knowledge of what it always results in and do not want to contemplate it. They are not driven by a desire for it, but by an indoctrinated visceral hatred of Margaret Thatcher and the Conservative Party.

    What PM TM and the rest of them need to realise is however much they pander to Left, SJW, Green with laws, taxes, subsidies etc those they are bribing will never vote Conservative.

    Who is “this “Scottish “named person” model” ?

  3. Pcar
    January 8, 2018 at 9:02 pm



    I was on wrong track, thinking which Scottish (female) model is it :Facepalm

    Must be the cold here in Scotland, second day <0C


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