Someone’s Lying…

…but where do you place your bets?

Mr Scarr, who used to work saving animals in Morocco and lives with 150 dogs, has also hit out at Essex Police after they failed to make any arrests.

The pair claim they have had ‘next to no communication’ with officers and believe the offence should be branded more serious than GBH.

Mr Scarr said: ‘They didn’t contact me for a month, they had no intention of doing it, and they only did so because I phoned up twice and said I will contact your bosses to find out what’s going on.

‘These guys are still out there so who else are they going to do it to?

‘They said they would take it to CID and put the photographs of the guys on their webpage.

‘They haven’t done it and it’s now been seven weeks. The attackers should end up in prison for what they are doing.’

So, that’s the complaint. What do the police have to say for themselves?

An Essex Police spokesman told Essex Live: ‘We are investigating reports that two men were assaulted in Chelmsford city centre on Sunday, November 12.

‘We were called to a disturbance between a number of people at around 4am, and while on scene, officers were made aware of an assault on the two victims by a group of men.

‘This happened close to the junction of Moulsham Street, near to a taxi rank.

‘At the time of reporting, the victims were shaken and had injuries, but none were identified as serious or life threatening.

‘On November 21, we were made aware that one of the victims had in fact sustained a very serious head injury, believed to have been a result of the attack.

‘At this stage it does not appear that the assault was captured on CCTV, however a number of lines of enquiry are being conducted as part of the investigation.

‘We have been liaising with the victims as we progress enquiries, and will continue to do so.

‘Anyone with information which could help our ongoing enquiries, is asked to contact Chelmsford Local Policing Team on 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.’

Now, if that was me, I’d point out that I’d called on such-and-such a day, at such-and-such a time, and the phone was engaged/unanswered, etc. The police never do this, do they? They simply state that they ‘have been liaising’.

And if the assault ‘wasn’t captured on CCTV’, where are the photos they said they’d put on their website from…?

You’d think, wouldn’t you, that the police of all people would be able to construct a story that doesn’t fall apart on examination?