‘******* ******’ on a bike?

The Christian Institute, a bunch I personally admire greatly, has picked up an item which is stocked and promoted by the online retailer Ocado.

Seems as if the Ocado people have seen fit to stock a particular brand of beef jerky which goes by the name ‘C****t on a Bike’. Whilst not responding to the Christian Institutes query, which asked for their response to a CI supporter, who was deeply hurt and offended by this casual blasphemy in the marketing of a product, another supporter received a reply from Ocado stating :-  “As an online retailer, we stock products from a variety of brands, and we will continue to sell these products for those who wish to purchase them.”

The suppliers’ own website features other offensively-titled products – using both sexual and religiously abusive language.

No other major supermarket stocks the product.

Ciarán Kelly, Deputy Director at the Institute, said it was disappointing that Ocado was giving the product such a platform. “Ocado says it has over half a million active customers, and I’m sure many of them would see this product as pretty despicable.

“Jesus Christ is the very heart of the Christian faith – He is the Son of God and the only perfect human being to have ever lived.

“Using his name in such a blasphemous, throw-away fashion is hurtful and saddening.

“We invite Ocado to think again about lending their brand to something so gratuitously offensive.”

Whilst myself, as an unbeliever, am unworried by these statements and brand names; I wonder what would have been Ocado’s attitude and reply if the Supplier’s site advertised similar products; but instead of Christian symbols, which somewhere around ¾ Billion followers revere: we would be seeing something along the lines of :-

‘Chew On Mohammed’s Jerky, for that extra bitter taste so loved by all of Islam’;

Or else

Get your big sixteen rasher pack of ‘Aqib’s certified cured bacon’, with the smoky flavour so beloved of the Shias’ ?

4 comments for “‘******* ******’ on a bike?

  1. Pcar
    January 19, 2018 at 8:40 pm

    The Christian Institute should report Ocado and the manufacturer to police as a religous hate crime.

    They should also write to Sad Khant asking his views on a product called “Mohamed on a Bike Pork Jerky” being sold at unamed markets and online.

    2018: Fight back, call out the left facist bigots.

  2. January 20, 2018 at 5:52 am

    As a believer, I’m also not worried. Methinks He’s a Big Boy and can look after Himself.

    People make their own choices and stand or fall by those. If these people choose the hot place, that’s their affair. The Christian Institute would be better off worrying about the Bergoglios, Welbys and the rest of the pointy hat brigade and leave the Irrationalists to their delusions.

  3. dearieme
    January 20, 2018 at 4:56 pm

    How distasteful. The correct expression is “Christ on a Bicycle!”

  4. January 21, 2018 at 3:45 pm

    That the Ocado people think it is OK to so gratuitously insult says more about them than of Christians. I do hope no-one takes it into their heads to spray bullets around their places as the Mulsims did with Charlie Hebdo. That would be dreadful.

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