The treason must stop and stop now

Smug Hammond

To me and to many people across the UK, all I’m going to write here is so bleedin’ obvious, it’s all been said before, it’s been blogged on so many times before.

The state of affairs which has led JRM and Grant Schapps, among others, to speak out is truly dire, truly dangerous for the UK. Certain things will always be – not enough money for everything, hence borrowing, there are always these issues with every govt which ever was but this is now beyond a joke in 2018.

And the thing which stuns me totally is the number of people not only holding onto an alternative reality but they’re writing as rationally as I am here now, yet they’re stating total porkies, their reality is simply not that of people across the nation. I sit back and read them and cannot understand how grown people, supposedly with brains, are saying such things with utter assurance. Things which are WRONG.

The difficulty is to know where to start this post – the chicken or the egg.

1. There is no way Corbyn’s far left can ever be given power, for any reason. Reacting against this evil muvver in the picture is one thing, yes, but to compensate by going completely the other way to IRA sympathiser Corbyn is seriously insane, let alone Blair’s and Brown’s records.

That’s the first thing to be borne in mind all the way down – no way Corbyn nor Labour.

2. Having established that, the alternatives are the Tories or the EU. UKIP has been imploded by the quislings within – Bolton, the NEC, Carswell. From the 3.8 million and getting stronger, it is now a joke. Splinter groups are springing up all over – AMW makes sense but she herself is an issue. Farage is out to pasture. You’d not go near the Greens, nor the BNP, nor any splinter socialists.

3. It’s my belief that this state of affairs, this dislocation in the UK, is a deliberate policy so that people can come in and ask, “Would you really want to have this shower of clowns running anything?” and it’s a very good question.

4. But to answer that question with the response, “Better to stay in the EU,” is irrelevant. There’s no need to call it wrong, bad, the worst etc. because the word “irrelevant” comes before any value judgments.

You see, there is this little thing called a Referendum and however much anyone whines about it, it returned 52% versus 48% on a sizeable proportion of the voting population – 17.4 million. Plus one vital fact which all who wish to nullify that ignore – Cameron categorically stated in that leaflet that the British govt of the time would implement the people’s vote, no matter what. It was in black and white.

Thus, any subsequent arguments, court cases etc. come to nothing, zilch. And it would be exactly the same should it have gone the other way, which it did look likely to do at points during that night.

5. Given all of that, all the bullshit the EU has subsequently gone on with, plus the treasonous Remoaners, that falls into two distinct categories. The EU itself can say whatever it bleedin’ likes, make as much trouble for the UK as it wants – it is a foreign power and is not beholden to us.

However, people like Hammond and Co. must NOT do this, as it is treason, pure and simple. It is irrelevant whether he agrees or disagrees – that was the national decision, that is the decision which goes.

6. The only issue then is which version?

Clean and immediate Brexit, which is the position of many of us, on the grounds that the UK will stand up no matter what – it’s a bleedin’ country, not a party or business – should have been done immediately.

The other position is JRM’s – let’s pretend to do this all shipshape and Bristol fashion, let’s do this Article 50 thing, meaning March 2019, after which we cleanly break. I don’t hold with that but if the country is agreed on that version, so be it.

And “country agreed” is down to May being returned, albeit with a minority govt. She was returned and it was on the promise of clean Brexit.

7. Now that is the ONLY position this govt can hold. Hammond and Co are way out of order to be thumbing their noses at May and Leavers, whatever you think of the Leavers. You see, it’s irrelevant what Leavers think of Remoaners and vice-versa, utterly irrelevant in terms of proceeding with Brexit.

8. However, just as Labour is split, the Tories have always been two separate parties, diametrically opposed in ideology. The true conservatives are the dries, the Maggies, Tebbits, the small govt, medium and small business, three Rs education, family etc. The wets are the quisling Heaths, Majors, Blairs, Browns, Camerons, Mays, Hammonds, Sutherlands, Junckers, Obamas, Common Purpose – the globalists, the unholy alliance of crony capitalism with global socialism, the hegemony of the present.

Trump’s message at Davos was that, just as he was for MAGA, so every single country should also be putting its own interests first, its own indigenous people first, he expects no less.

9. But May is not doing that. She is in thrall to the hegemony which put her in power, crowned her. And the only reason the Hammonds and other out-and-out traitors to the UK can act with such impunity is exactly the same reason the Muslims are doing just that – the govt. is in thrall to a power outside of the UK.

10. And the greatest issue of all is that the voting public of the UK is so stupid. They continue to vote for these parties every single time, putting these local members back in. Not in the Czech Republic, not in Hungary, not in Poland, not in the US – oh no.

But elsewhere – yes.

7 comments for “The treason must stop and stop now

  1. Mona
    January 29, 2018 at 10:03 am

    Now that UKIP has been neutered by installing that obnoxious little runt Bolton, there is one man who I believe should lead Britain out of the Quagmire (or Swamp) that is the EU,,, Jacob Rees-Mogg, is the man. We have the war criminal running the remainers in the form of Blair, the argument for leaving could be reduced to simply ” What a Liar and war Criminal is for, I AM AGAINST”. He played a leading role in the horror story that now is the middle East. There are to many psychos running Europe as it is.

    • January 29, 2018 at 12:43 pm

      Rees-Mogg does present very well. What we don’t need is a Bloody Moggy or a Ronald Torquemada. I adore my Catholic friends to smithereens but am still historically wary of the higher echelons.

      • Mona
        January 29, 2018 at 4:48 pm

        Blair is a Catholic and a Mason amongst other things, I saw a picture of him at the Vatican with the Pope and I felt like throwing up, I think they might have been discussing taking a Black Mass.

  2. FrankC
    January 29, 2018 at 6:50 pm

    “Cameron categorically stated in that leaflet that the British govt of the time would implement the people’s vote, no matter what.”
    But is it the same “govt of the time” when the P.M. walks out?

  3. Pcar
    January 30, 2018 at 12:03 am

    “Trump’s message at Davos was that, just as he was for MAGA, so every single country should also be putting its own interests first, its own indigenous people first, he expects no less.”

    He did and is correct

    President Trump Speaking At The World Economic Forum In Davos

    May & Hammond are quislings. David Davies appears to have given up as no support from May. Gove has gone green-blob. Boris & JRM are two of the few.

  4. Errol
    January 30, 2018 at 7:38 pm

    This morning – as predictable as clockwork – Today ran a story that the Lords would no doubt examine the EU bill, and as most of them are pro EU (paid by it) they will obviously ensure it is ammended.

    Humphries exclaimed (I paraphrase) ‘That’s surely a good thing, as despite all the evidence people are *still* pro leave!’

    It’s disgusting. They may as well say ‘good god! These stupid wasters! How dare they stil defy our righteous power! We know better than the proles and we must stop their stupidity because they will never learn otherwise that we cannot be defied.

  5. January 30, 2018 at 8:08 pm


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