Call it Coward Brounty: Florida school shooting revelations

Unexpectedly, I posted four times on the Parkland, Florida, school shooting which took place on Valentine’s Day.

My post here of February 18 summarised the background, and I had three posts on my site about it: the effect that SSRIs can have on the mind, another post on the media attention certain young people received and a post from Friday with a news update and more contributing factors to mass shootings. I will be featuring a guest post chez moi tonight which readers will find interesting.

Much has come to light in the past few days about Broward County, which some bright spark renamed Coward Brounty for reasons explained below.

The family friend

First, back to Rocxanne Deschamps, the family friend Nikolas Cruz and his brother lived with in the weeks immediately following Mrs Cruz’s death in November 2017. The Palm Beach Post had a good article on those few weeks.

Deschamps lives in a mobile home park in Lantana, which is in Palm Beach County. According to the article, Nikolas’s gun concerned her and she gave him an ultimatum: get rid of the gun or leave. He chose the latter and returned to Parkland to live with the Snead family.

The story has a few new twists.

The February 16 article says that, on that day:

sources close to the investigation confirm, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies, assisting their Broward County counterparts, removed a person at midday from the mobile home to a mental health facility for treatment. [Deschamps’s friend Chad] Bennett said the person is Nikolas’ brother, whom The Palm Beach Post is not naming because he is a juvenile.

Hmm. Incidentally, the brother turned 18 this past week.

Then there is this detail:

Bennett said Lynda Cruz had named Deschamps — a longtime friend and a former neighbor in Broward County — as the siblings’ guardian, but she has no paperwork to confirm that. He said the family has been unable to find Lynda Cruz’s will.


Court records show Deschamps filed a petition Thursday to administer Lynda Cruz’s estate.


The article says that she received negative comments on her Facebook page:

After Wednesday’s massacre, some commented on Deschamps’ Facebook page and accused her, without any evidence, of failing Nikolas Cruz and of stealing his money. She angrily denied that, citing the gun ultimatum, and said she helped find him his new home on Loxahatchee Road.

“Violence and gun not accepted in my house!” she wrote.

The estate is likely to be worth around $800,000. The Palm Beach Post‘s report says that Mrs Cruz had sold her house in Parkland in January 2017:

A person with knowledge of Roger Cruz’s probate said the sale of the home was a short sale. That’s a term for a bank allowing the owner of a home to sell it for far less than he or she owes the bank on it, just so the bank can get at least something. It means the owner gets no money for the sale.

On February 17, the New York Post picked up on the committal of Cruz’s brother:

A friend of Deschamps confirmed Zachary Cruz, who turns 18 next week, was the person removed from the home.

The younger Cruz brother was involuntarily committed under Florida’s Baker Act, under which he can be held involuntarily for up to 12 hours for an involuntary psychiatric exam. It’s unclear if he’s been released.

I hope we get updates.

The police

Amazingly, the four Parkland — Broward County — police officers showed up at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School as the shooting occurred did nothing for the first several minutes.

The police who did go in were from neighbouring Coral Springs, including this off-duty officer:

Sgt. Jeff Heinrich was off duty and working on the Stoneman Douglas field when shots rang out. He immediately helped the wounded even though he didn’t know whether his wife and son inside the school were safe.

Some wag on The_Donald wrote (emphasis mine):

Coward Brounty.

He had more to say:

… But such aspersions, catchy though they be, let the Conspirators off the hook for their Actual Crimes of Domestic Terrorism, Seditional Conspiracy, and 17 counts of First-Degree Murder … while they just sit around grabbing each other’s balls and blithely ‘suspending’ anyone who got caught standing-down …

These fvckers weren’t ‘Cowards’. Not even close, .. that’s the cover story. What they Are is Traitors.

Someone else commented:

G Gordon Liddy said he would arm his son if his son were forced to attend public school and everyone called him crazy. 30 years later I’m standing here wishing he had more children.

The Conservative Treehouse (CTH), based in Florida, has more (emphasis mine):

Yesterday it was revealed that Broward County School Police Officer Scot Peterson refused to enter building for over four minutes during the active shooter rampage.  Today we discover that an additional three more Broward County Deputies arrived yet did nothing.

Officers from neighboring Coral Springs police department arrived on scene, noted the four Broward Deputies refusing to engage, and the CSPD immediately went into the building.   According to a CNN report, the following day, February 15th, Coral Springs City Manager Mike Goodrum confronted Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel over the dereliction of duty and cowardice exhibited by the Broward deputies.

I wish I could tell you I’m surprised; but I’m not. As we previously researched and outlined, the conduct by the Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) is not unexpected. Their behavior is shameful, but not unexpected. From the top down, officials within the BSO are focused on political objectives within Broward County and maintaining/defending a political status amid all county officials

We are talking about Democrats. This is Debbie Wasserman Schultz‘s district, after all. That’s an important detail. Remember when Schultz had to resign as DNC chair in July 2016? The DNC WikiLeaks revealed that she was trying to banjax Bernie Sanders’s campaign in favour of Hillary Clinton’s. She refused to stand down. Obama had to personally get her to resign. Anyway, the whole situation resulted in the DNC fraud lawsuit.

Now, no one is connecting this next incident with her. However, an unusual death occurred in her district.

In May 2017, the body of a federal prosecutor, Beranton J. Whisenant Jr., washed up mysteriously on a beach in Hollywood, near Fort Lauderdale. On June 26, 2017, the Miami Herald reported:

Someone walking on Hollywood Beach first spotted Whisenant’s body, still dressed in business clothes, floating off shore before dawn on May 24. He had been at work in the U.S. attorney’s office only the day before.

Although he had only been working at the Miami federal prosecutor’s office since January, colleagues who knew him say they were impressed with his commitment and passion, making his death all the more difficult to comprehend. Whisenant was also well known outside the office, having volunteered on Florida Bar committees, taught as an adjunct professor at the University of Miami law school and participated in the Miami-Dade black lawyers’ association.

No one knows what really happened. Death by ‘suicide’, although he was married to a doctor, came from a good family, was well liked and had no peculiarities. Hmm.

WPTV reported that Whisenant had been investigating several visa and passport fraud cases. Unofficial reports say there could have been more to the story. The DNC fraud lawsuit came up for discussion. Video here, the header to which reads:

An emotional Elizabeth Beck joins Owen Shroyer to discuss recent revelations in the death of Peter Smith and Beranton Whisenant. The Beck’s [sic] need our thoughts and prayers, as they are bravely still pursuing justice in the DNC Fraud Lawsuit.

Back to Broward County. The CTH post emphasises:

The Broward system of civic society has one filter, that filter is politics. Everything else comes after that filter is applied. Do some research and you’ll see it surface EVERYWHERE; not just in school administration and law enforcement, everywhere.

… Citizens are co-dependents to their own abuse.

Returning to the matter of Coward Brounty, The_Donald has a post on the high school coach, Aaron Feis, who died whilst trying to protect the students:

He didn’t have a gun. He was braver than the 4 Broward Deputies that stayed outside of the school and damn sight braver than Sheriff Israel who blamed the NRA for his department[‘s] incompetence

Coach Feis left behind an adorable little girl (photo at the link above).

The school superintendent

Robert Runcie (yes, the name!) has been Broward County’s school superintendent since 2011. Harvard-educated, he previously worked for Chicago Public Schools.

Broward County’s West Side Gazette has an interesting article from 2012 about Runcie and his similarities to Obama.

When the process for selecting a superintendent occurred last fall, it was evident that the nine member Board were hell bent on hiring an African American male. They narrowed it to two finalists, Robert Runcie and Bernard Taylor of Grand Rapids Public Schools …

Bernard Taylor, now superintendent of East Baton Rouge, Louisiana Schools, had come through the ranks of being an educator at almost every level before rising to superintendent.

Regarding his school experience in Chicago:

Runcie, on the other hand, had no superintendent experience, no classroom teacher experience and no principal experience. He touted that he is a business man. Though Runcie eventually received a unanimous vote, two Board members, Maureen Dineen and Nora Rupert, initially voted for Taylor citing their discomfort with Runcie’s lack of educational experience.

Runcie has a brother, James. James worked in the Obama administration as Chief Administrator of DOE’s Federal Student Aid Program. He resigned abruptly in May 2017, during Trump’s first few months in office.

Condemned to Debt has more:

James Runcie, Chief Operating Officer for the Department of Education’s Student Aid Office, resigned a few days ago rather than testify before the House Oversight Committee. Good riddance!

Runcie, who has an MBA from Harvard, was appointed to the COO’s position by the Obama administration in 2011. In December 2015, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan secretly reappointed Runcie to the position just before  Duncan stepped down as Education Secretary. In fact, Runcie’s reappointment was one of Duncan’s last official acts.

The Runcie-supervised student aid program has come under severe criticism over the last several years. Recently, the press reported that the program misspent a total of $6 billion in federal money in the Pell Grant program and the Direct Student Loan program. A Huffington Post article, published about a year ago, noted that “government investigators from other agencies routinely slammed Runcie’s division for failing to aid distressed borrowers and protect students, or they unearthed evidence of mistreatment that Runcie’s deputies missed.”

According to Condemned to Debt, Runcie would have earned approximately $100,000 in salary and whopping bonuses:

Just a few days ago, U.S. Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), accused [Runcie] of receiving $433,000 in performance bonuses while working for DOE!

How convenient for Robert to have had his brother in charge of student aid at federal level.


I have a lot more that all ties in with the above detail, including the Broward County school-police policy and the sheriff.

To be continued.

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  1. February 26, 2018 at 4:26 am

    “Democrats. This is Debbie Wasserman Schultz‘s district, after all. That’s an important detail.”

    Indeed. How often does it come back to this? And which three cities have seen the greatest increase in murders of late? Chicago, Baltimore and Houston, all Democrat controlled.

  2. rapscallion
    February 26, 2018 at 9:50 am

    . . . or as Dr Jesse Kelly tweets:

    “911, what’s your emergency?”

    “There’s someone breaking into my house. Could you send the Broward County Sheriff’s Department to water my garden while I kill the intruder?”

    You should however read this –

    As usual Mark Steyn absolutely nails it.

    • Hereward Unbowed.
      February 26, 2018 at 10:43 pm

      Top man, is, Mr. Mark Steyn, how I wish that, the bbc would give him his own programme.

      Mind you, that would entail the beeb telling the truth, now, REALLY: we can’t have that now – can we?

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