Loyalty trumps Truth and kills Hope

To say many are chagrined by the exit of Hope Hicks is an understatement. As I just wrote in an exchange at the Wail, yes she did lie for him.

But that is so completely out of context in the light of the Clinton alleged murders, Comey, the emails, all the rest of it, plus Mueller’s own behaviour in going after Trump rather than trying to establish truth, that it’s more of the same old, same old.

There is an analogy some will not accept and that’s Mourinho and that female doctor at Chelsea.

In his tirade against her, he overstepped the mark, yes he did, but the little idiot had to realize that even though she was a star with all the young men, played up to them and [strongly allegedly] slept with at least one, that’s not what she had been employed to do.

Mourinho was, in fact, pulling a footballing swifty with Hazard lying on the ground, he [Mourinho] had a finely balanced thing going as he always does, he was making calls live as it went along.

You might not like that but he was the man in charge, he made the decisions.

And he didn’t like the way she was operating behind the scenes, destabilizing the club for her own libidinous [strongly allegedly] cougar needs.

The Hope Hicks situation is obviously different to that in the sense that her chief loyalty was to the Donald but also similar in that the Donald was pulling plays left, right and centre, there was so much finely-balanced negotiation going on and everything rode on her not laying herself open, giving the Donald’s enemies the slightest fuel.

Now she has done so and it might seem strange to write of her honesty when she told little porkies but she is basically honest and naive in negotiations – there are ways to lie without overtly lying, I should know.

Thing is, he brought this on himself by appointing a gorgeous yet naive girl to a major position which required a John Kelly.

Fine for everyone to speak of her maturity, the way she had it all at her fingertips – she made judgmental errors of strategy. A 29 year old girl will do that, especially as she is the gatekeeper, everyone praises her, everyone smiles at her. She has now left him open to those bastards possibly escaping future punishment and THAT is why he yelled at her.

And like every woman who is blindly loyal to someone, when that object of loyalty and affection yells at you, it trumps anything and everything else. it is the N1 crime for a woman – she will never forgive being yelled at by her hero, seeing his angry face turned towards her.

Blind loyalty is an interesting thing. Corey Lewandowski was also blindly loyal and paid for it when a little viper named Michelle Fields played her stunt upon him in concert with WaPo.

When a man is blindly loyal, yes he may be so but his ego is always in there too – there is a thing, I’m sure absolutely no one knows about called alpha male ego, LOL.

With a woman, she’s just blindly loyal.  Ego in the Hope Hickses of the world is not an overwhelming characteristic, ambition to get as far as she can is present, to be the one guarding a POTUS, to be seen as doing a grand job – they are present but that to me is not ego per se.

In terms of the US and the world, her not clever actions, no matter how much he needed protection from himself – and she played that role full-on – have actually threatened the process of getting those tosspots behind bars, including Clinton, plus the mid-terms are coming up.

The last thing the Donald needs is them getting at him through his main girl. A Roger Stone or General Kelly would have snuffed out any chance of comeback from these vipers.

Look, the Donald likes a pretty girl just as we all do and if I mention myself in the same breath, it’s because of being in charge of a hundred and fifteen girls in my previous work. I was forever building them up, that was my job – to raise them to a level that they started to believe in themselves … and the Donald has been doing the same at a vastly different level – Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Hucklebee Sanders etc.

There’s no one else so high profile in the world appointing such sane, capable and gorgeous women in such numbers [as distinct from wrongheaded appointments elsewhere, e.g. Marissa Mayer] as the Donald and praise be that he is.

But there are limitations to a woman, as there are different limits to a man. A man in charge can make the error, and I made it a few times, of ascribing superhuman powers to a gorgeous, intelligent, capable woman and is she ever going to disabuse him of that notion?

All the Donald did was bring the qualities which were present out in her and to give her near free rein but he never understood her limitations.

Because to state that a woman has limitations is anathema to speak of today.

And Hope Hicks has fallen by that very non-recognition of reality.

Whose fault?  Why, the Donald’s of course – he carries the can, he appointed her and did not scrutinize her enough.

And that might just let those bastards off the hook yet, damn it.

Attribution of the photo is in the metadata, it was used by CNN.