Of feminazis and halal chickens – part deux

As we in the northern hemisphere come out of a particularly virulent flu season and an unusually cold season too, foremost in our minds are work and domestic issues, doing those things we were not able to do earlier over late January and February.

And sitting on our computers is a war of a different kind, mentioned in the first post on feminazis and halal chickens. It’s not a war non-interneters know of, it’s a war regular readers are marginally aware of, occasional readers maybe not at all.

Look at this from this morning:


I’m not entirely sure what it was that got that troll upset in Julia’s case, just as I’m sure Julia is not entirely sure what got my trolls upset in Part One and any readers are going to look at it and think “not my biz” – everyone has his or her own issues to deal with this Tuesday.

All this just seems, to the reader, a minor dispute in the context of the Italian result, the pressure on Sessions over there now, the implications of Italy for May and we, the Deplorable pundits, would agree with that – there are more pressing issues now and coming up later in 2018 – for a start, there are the US mid-terms which are going to be crucial for Trump, they’ve already started and the Left seems to be well placed just now to strike back.

But what the evil muvvers we’re fighting in general do is severely overload us with irrelevancies, of which trolls are part and parcel. As Sir Humphrey did in Yes Prime Minister, sink the relevant page deep within a mass of words and hundreds of pages and who has the time or inclination for that?

You see, in Part One, what I was meant to do was waste my time seeking out the ringleader and rebutting his rubbish about halal chickens.

However, to step outside one’s own head for a moment and observe [quiet at the back there], one sees just how ludicrous such a course of action would be, how totally irrelevant in the context of bigger issues.

Thus we need to keep our powder dry and engage only on more serious matters.

Thus we choose which issues to engage on, otherwise our fatigue and weariness would be profound and we might vacate the field for some time, which is precisely what the enemy wants [plus for us older members to finally die off and shut up].

Thus a dispute over feminazis and halal chickens, though nearly irrelevant in the wider context, is still highly indicative of how the war is being conducted – in a micro sense.

And the obvious question is:

Is the game worth the candle?  

In other words,what’s the point [in my case] of my site, of OoL, of my Twitter account?  What does it achieve?  It’s costing me money, these days on my uppers, even with the sites subsidized by fellow Deplorables, while domestically there are real issues to deal with, plus there is all the abuse which is largely off a duck’s back but still.

The answer of course is right here, otherwise we’d not continue and that is that every sperm is sac every voice is important in itself.

What the PTB unleashed was a means of controlling the population via their computers – the regulated internet where certain opinions are not welcomed if not PC [please see the real history of CERN] – but we are not playing ball this time, we’re not knuckling down and the net, blogging and tweeting are but one small part of why Trump got in and Italy rejected Renzi.

The major reason is that people everywhere see the no-go areas, half the people retreat to that river in Africa but a small percentage blog and tweet on issues.  A wider range read posts and tweets.

And people out there want their voices heard and as the MSM doesn’t do that, then someone must.

Thus people, in their own living rooms, see someone in Sweden saying the same things as someone in America or in Italy. And so that Deplorability which Clinton so fears is swirling around, a thing they label populism but actually, it’s more righting the wrongs these mothers have got away with.  Hence the anti-Pope and Welby are down on populism.

And to bring in art now as an analogy, each pundit is a tiny dot of paint on the broad wash in a painting of pointillism – each dot is not irrelevant at all but is quite relevant,  Mixing metaphors, taking one piece out of the middle of a jigsaw puzzle renders it annoyingly incomplete.

You’d expect me to write something like that, justifying our existence but I do believe that each little voice silenced is a step towards the totalitarianism of the pre-WW2 days.  There are most certainly signs the PTB are trying to move us in that direction and many pundits have mentioned 2018 as a catalyst year of change … and not good change.  Svali set the year as 2020.

Every little blog, every Facebook account, every Twitter account has value, but more so if we’re taking it to the enemy, otherwise we’re just agreeing with each other and going round in circles.  The nature of the net is that the things I, we write do get put on lists and people read them who do not agree, they are PC brainwashed but it only takes one person to think, ‘Hmmmm.’

Percentage of reach?  Who knows?  10% but once an idea’s out there, others spread it virally.  This is why there is no time for ego among pundits, scoring personal victories – anything which needs saying needs to be put up front for people to see.

The real tragedy

Before getting onto the tragedy, the good thing about it all.

What it has done is broken down class and geographical barriers in a way the communists could only dream of.  Merchant sailors can talk to university professors to computer engineers and we can actually agree across our upbringing and we have friends in every country, which makes it more likely we’ll reject a call to war.

I don’t want to attack Denmark while I have a friend there, ditto Holland, France, the US and so on.  I don’t hate the French – so many can be bloody annoying, yes, e.g. in returning Macron but what peoples are not annoying?

And everyone’s manipulated.  Oh yes we are, even the Deplorables who think we’re fighting for reason and hoping that sanity returns to public discourse.

For the tragedy, look again at Julia’s tweet at the top and the comment on it:

Take your brand of crazy somewhere else please.

Absolutely, utterly, no basis of communication with that person.  Yuri Bezmenov put it well when he said they’re tainted, incapable of processing fact, processing what is really going down, don’t even want to know.

Half this society has absolutely no basis of communication with the other – the concerns, the concepts, the language, the frames of reference – totally and utterly different.  You know what that is?

It’s apartheid.

I called it two walled halves of a City of Humanity but that is too flowery.  It’s apartheid, we live separate existences.  And into this comes a third force – Islam, which only a fool discounts in its threat to our society.

Thus the society becomes ripe for the taking by the strongest – Islam abetted and funded by the stateless PTB post-2030.  The other side goes on about the capitalists.  In the sense that it is the financiers like Soros, yes, we have common ground there.

But that’s where it ends because the solutions believed by the sheeple of the left and the broader public are entirely different to ours, not least in attitude to other people’s property.

I’ll stop here but we, as a society, with no armed defences to speak of, are sitting ducks internally as well.

How to overcome this?  Sigh.  If you get an idea, tell us but you might wish to patent it and keep it to your ownsome self.

5 comments for “Of feminazis and halal chickens – part deux

  1. john in cheshire
    March 6, 2018 at 6:28 pm

    James, this and the previous post are a good depiction of the wearisome puzzlement I feel, as do you, JuliaM and Mike at OoL, the enervating relentlessness that the collectivists exhibit in their need to destroy; I’m not even sure it matters to them what they destroy as long as something or, preferably, someone lies in pieces after their rampage.
    When I see them invading meetings to commit acts of violence, it feels like a scene from a zombie film; they are not listening, they can’t be reasoned with, their only motivation is to behave like a hive and nothing will stop them until they have satisfied their bloodlust.
    I’ll keep coming back here; I’m not on Twitter or Facebook, so I’m not exposed to the same levels of mindless hatred that all of you are; to be reminded that there are decent, caring people out there in normal land.

    • Hereward Unbowed.
      March 6, 2018 at 6:46 pm


      “to be reminded that there are decent, caring people out there in normal land.”

      As normal land is being laid waste, by the tyrants and nutters who rule and run riot, I think soon, that, attempting to think or just being decent and caring – will likely get you banged up.

  2. March 6, 2018 at 8:00 pm

    We’re made of sterner stuff. I just gained a new Twitter follower and followed back – she is MAGA with 38.4K followers, so our European politics also goes out, that’s how it works and I’m urging everyone to get out and vote in today’s big election day in the US. This is how we do it, networking and everyone of those is a nice person, a family person.

    So I’m not despondent, I think we’re hitting back but results tomorrow will still be interesting.

  3. Errol
    March 6, 2018 at 8:42 pm

    What this proves more than anything is the need, the desperation the Left have for an opposition. For someone to hate, to be opposed to. They’ve not values of their own, so they invent an enemy. Someone to hate for no reason except to validate themselves.

  4. Pcar
    March 7, 2018 at 12:04 am


    You need to always bear in mind the Left & anti-free speech consistently use diversion – eg misinterpreting/disagreeing with one word – to send you down a rabbit hole.

    You must recognise this and call them out.

    See Jordan Peterson Cathy Newman.

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