Life, the universe and everything

The first step in calling black white and white black is the long, slow process Yuri Bezmenov spoke of – the process of demoralization and it starts in schools. It produces people who no longer can tell right from wrong and call evil “choice”, something aided and abetted by libertines.

Not libertarians as such or classical liberals who want personal freedoms for adults within the law and to be left alone, simply that, but those “do as thou wilt” libertines for whom no perversion is too sick. Plus they aren’t happy with finding a room – they have to visit on us in media and Commonwealth Games ceremonies and in Doctor Who, ruining both.

And the most likely to allow this to blithely happen are my old mates the smoky drinkies who are so laid back they’re almost prone [often are] and like a good drop and a puff – nowt wrong with that but they often fail to call out real wrong, as detailed below in the post, in the mistaken belief that nothing whatever is their business to call out.

For example, jihadi rapes.

Live and let live is an admirable sentiment I share and I want government and narrativists to stay the hell out of my life but all the same, some things need calling out.

For example, porn.

If you go into a site straight for the Vintage stuff, you’re getting women who were already prostitutes in the 70s and the market was through sex shops and personal photo exchanges – that’s how it used to work.

But men [and women] are not doing that now, are they? They’re going for the new crop of young girls barely of age.

OK, stop and think what you’re aiding and abetting by clicking on any of that. I’m not coming on all fire and brimstone here although I saw this in a tweet and wondered:

The very word “sin” is so emotive so let’s drop it for now and call it “obsessive behaviour” instead but the principle is the same – it comes down to cost.

And your choices in what you do. Your manipulated choices.

Count the number of lonely people behind computer keyboards across the west.  Now think of those barely of age, if of age at all, who see money as the solution to all their needs and there’s a simple way to get it, ain’t there?

So many of those who finally got out of “the industry” wrote of the drugs, the coercion and so on.  And what is fuelling this?  The market, is it not?  And who is the market?  We are.

And how can they, the pornographers, tell what market they have?  Clicks, yes?

Think about that. I’m not justifying vintage porn but those things are over and done with, it doesn’t perpetuate anyone’s enslavement now.  You might point to Bree Olson, Jenna Jameson, Aurora Snow who, as adults, seem to have made career choices to get out of porn, having beautiful mansions and all things hunky dory.

For a start, I don’t buy that feelgood story on a number of counts, not least what it does to their values which they then visit upon teenage girls, making out it’s a career choice.  There’s that word “choice” used all the time.

Choice?  You call snowflakery “free choice”, manipulated as they are by teachers and college professors, by every media outlet in the west?

For every one of those “porn stars” who don’t appear damaged, there are new Eastern European kids dragged into the game and everyone knows that is so, what goes on.

And a guy sitting at his computer is perpetuating that trade.

Yesterday was the story in Russia of the two models arrested selling a college girl to Muslim potentates for £19,000 to be flown out as a sex slave.

Trace the story of Marilyn Monroe and how totally messed she was.  And why.

Then fast forward to the Slenderman murders, something coming out of gaming.  Google makes out it was just the one incident – there have been four in the past five years.  So are we to get into the “not too many dead” trap or see what is going on here?  I mean, are these things sick or are these things sick?

Gender neutral toilets, trannies like Bergdorf – good for marriage, good for human relations?  I’m saying now that there are many of you reading this – you’re not religious, you’re not moralisers but you’re starting to see things which are not good and that’s where this post is pitched – not to the libertines and not to the fire and brimstoners – but somewhere in the rational middle.

We are all on a road – some further along than others. Alex Jones has been exposing things like Bohemian Grove for two decades, I got onto Common Purpose in 2007 and others were before me.  I also got onto DARPA and Facebook and was laughed at, people politely clicked out.

You know how this story ends though, don’t you?  Donald Trump called Sweden out for what it was doing to itself – you know what has now happened.

Yuri Bezmenov spoke in the 80s of demoralization:

To that we could add:

The elite and the agitators, the paid trolls

Before WW1 it was the nihilists and agents provocateurs – nothing has changed:

Those are the deliberate agents, the Antifas but then there are the legions of leftist snowflake fools who are just as corrosive and destructive:

And naturally, that creates division and backlash:

The Church

You can count on it for nothing. the anti-Pope and Welby, the American evangelists, should be speaking out against all this, as Trump is now doing, Orban, some others, but the Church in its elite form has been well and truly nobbled, with all the padeo scandals to finally finish it off and kill off its voice.

And then the forces who have always wanted this voice silenced can move in:

One of the key accompanying features is lawlessness, in many forms.


A key component in the descent to lawlessness is selective arrest and disproportionate punishment on one side and carte blanche and blind eye on the other:

Scot free, whilst at the same time:

You may say they actually did abuse some Muslims and I shan’t argue but compare that, which got them both jail time so quickly, to the Oakland mayor who got nothing more than a rap over the knuckles from Trump for perpetrating a felony.

Plus the police dressing up as clowns at festivals, running away from trouble if it’s Muslim but arresting someone who puts a bin out of line. Gutless, lost all respect in the community, never there to protect you but there in a flash to arrest you for some irrelevance – just as was planned by Common Purpose types.

Lawlessness takes many forms and comes into many issues, e.g. electoral fraud. Some of my friends posted:

To which I replied:

And what of this one? Far be it for me to support Caroline Lucas in anything as a matter of principle but is going after the homeless a good thing? Particularly, if as she does not say, they are white indigenous?


This post could go on forever. The central idea behind it is that we congratulate ourselves on our choices and our ability to choose, free of manipulation – we are our own bosses in our own minds.

Readers of a certain age know that that is bollox. This is one reason why:

Scroll down near the end and NLP.

The war for civilisation we’re in

I use the word civilisation with care because it means a society which lives within rules that are generally agreed upon, except for a fringe.

There are all sorts of arguments over labels, designations – a Leftist will deny it’s a pejorative word, she’ll think she’s a “good” person, doing good, despite her unwitting damage.

Labels like Far Right are flung about at random for anything a Leftist does not like.  But perhaps this is now the case:

And propaganda is completely swamping truth, universal truths.

Rearguard action

In piecemeal fashion, pockets of resistance even gain mass support, e.g. the Italian result, America’s renaissance, nothing at all in Britain which is sinking fast in its soul, even if the EU is shot to pieces.

But even a little hope is better than nothing.

7 comments for “Life, the universe and everything

  1. March 8, 2018 at 3:11 pm

    There’s a lot more to sin than obsessive behaviour. But the visual meme is fine. I shall nick that. (not that it is stealing !!!!) 🙂

  2. Errol
    March 8, 2018 at 8:52 pm

    Caroline Lucas refuses to see that she’s the problem. Yay! Let’s repeal the bill. But let’s do nothing about the cause.

    Let’s ignore the obese state corpse. Let’s pretend the disgusting salaries of incompetent, arrogant, useless statists do not soak up money that should be spent on the genuinely needy, not the greedy.

    Let’s ask the oaf Lucas why she insists on green and economic destruction, which will do nothing but create unemployment and poverty.

  3. Hereward Unbowed.
    March 8, 2018 at 9:38 pm

    Lordy and good heavens to murgatroyd, James, if I was depressed before, I certainly am now.

    If I might, lets synopsize an island story in a jiffy……………

    I hate missionaries with a passion, proselytization is a menace, religion should never be forced down anyone’s throat but without moral certitude – where exactly are we and did we really ever come out of the jungle?

    If you read back into ancient Britains’ narrative – though much is so obscured fascinating to learn that cattle bones in pits near to Stonehenge were analysed and found to be from as far away as the highlands and even Orkney – there was something going on and about which we know not much. What is perceived and I’ve little reason to doubt it, it is clear that there was a patchwork of vassalage with the big boys making certain the little men obeyed and the warring tribes invaded yak, yak, war, war, but even WAY back then – it was still ‘them and us’.

    Britain long had ties with Europe though and trade was done with the Phoenicians and through them futher east than even that – Persia and even ‘Cathay’ certainly India – trade comes before civilization Next, in marched the Romans and all the landed rich boys, just go richer – a parallel?

    The Saxon and Viking had a slightly different idea, one oar – one vote, strange and the old landowners didn’t like it but gradually a new way was being forged, through Alfred, Edmund, Æthelstan, Edward, aye England was being born and we had our own form of Christianity well removed from the poisons of the European vices of ‘Rome’ – a parallel here?

    Then the Normans came, for a while Hereward resisted and he still is, in spirit if not in corporeal form.

    The robber barons are still there and in this – I can really identify with our French cousins, whom had an idea back in 1789.

    I cannot help but feel, we’re coming to the end of the period of fat, indolence and hubris, the Gods are totally fed up and you know what comes next.

    • March 8, 2018 at 10:12 pm

      As long as we’re aware.

      • Hereward Unbowed.
        March 8, 2018 at 11:40 pm

        aware but rather be ‘tooled up’.

  4. Mona
    March 9, 2018 at 9:39 am

    Fear not TRUMP is here, he is the Spirit of freewill those bullies in Brussels are going to put up the tariff on peanut butter OMG,, they are Jitting themselves, Teresa please note its so simple just watch Trump. I am not lonely behind behind my keyboard, I have your dear website how can I be lonely.

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