There’s Another Crime Here…

The daughter of an elderly dog-walker who was murdered by a former commando has said her family were failed by mental health professionals.

Indeed they were. They weren’t the only ones.

Police were initially unaware of Palmer but he was caught when a psychologist, who treated him after the assault, said he was the culprit after he had written in notebooks that he wanted to kill strangers.

When I first read this, I thought ‘the assault’ referred to the attack, and assumed it was just clumsy wording. But then I read on…

The Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust also said it co-operated fully with officers during the investigation.

A spokeswoman confirmed “that staff did, on more than one occasion, liaise closely with other organisations including the police to raise concerns.

“Staff acted appropriately at all times with full and proper consideration to the safety of Mr Palmer as well as to the safety of others.”

‘Appropriate’. The modern wording meaning ‘I did the barest minimum/followed all standing instructions so you can’t touch me’.

It said a full investigation was likely to happen after what they described as “an extreme and rare situation”.

It’ll be a whitewash. It always is.

Despite thanking the police and locals for their help, Mrs Todd said the family were left angry that the murder was allowed to happen.

She continued: “The revelations of the evidence relating to the mental health of Alexander Palmer have shocked, astounded and angered us.

“Evidently an intelligent person, he was able to take himself off medication and get himself discharged from care.

“We feel this should not have happened and mental health professionals failed him, his family and our family.

“My mum, brother, myself and our children not only feel grief but anger, as we believe this crime could have been prevented.”

Not just one crime, though. Remember that reference to ‘the assault’?

Speaking after the case, Detective Superintendent Marina Ericson, of Norfolk Police, said: “We have heard that, in February 2014, he (Palmer) was assaulted whilst in the Army.

“Unfortunately, we believe that had a catastrophic effect on his mental health. He sustained serious injuries resulting from that and we have heard in court how his mental health had deteriorated since that time.

We know that his colleagues who were out with him at the time assaulted him.”

If you know that, why have they not been arrested and charged? Are they not, technically, the instigators of this murder, every bit as much?

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  1. March 14, 2018 at 11:26 am

    The legislation on “Deprivation of Liberty Safeguarding” or DoLS as it is referenced in the care sector is quite clear. Care providers do not have the power to deprive anyone of their liberty even though they suspect they may harm themselves or others without prior consent. They can flag their concern up the food chain, to social workers and health professionals who can then assess the situation and change care provision if necessary.

    But the providers at the coal face as it were have no remit to go outside care guidelines as set by professionals.

    If someone is deemed capable mentally, they are able to refuse medication and discharge themselves, the carers cannot go against this no matter how counter-intuitive that may be. But if this happens then an urgent safeguarding review should have been called to assess the implications of his actions and if he was deemed a danger to others to then deprive him of his liberty for medical reasons. But that descision to modify the care given has to be taken by healthcare professionals, not the care providers. They can get into trouble if they step so much as a toe outside the existing care provisions.

    The normal timescales for these “urgent” reviews can be weeks. I would assume that the assault occured in the time before the case review happened, or that prior to the assault he wasn’t deemed a threat to anyone and a case review wasn’t deemed necessary.

    The care sector is a minefield for those at the front end. Minimum wage, vast amounts of rules and regulations… it’s a wonder anyone does it.

    Regarding the people that assaulted him and caused him to have mental issues and subsequently murder someone, then good luck proving culpability. Especially if psychiartrists had already assessed him as being able to understand wrong and right and the consequences of his actions.

  2. March 14, 2018 at 5:15 pm

    If you take this post, plus Delphius’s comment, plus the Tommy Robinson interview just posted, then there is a clear picture of justice in the UK.

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