Tommy has opened a can of snakes

The business of Tommy on Sunday has brought various things out which need discussing:

With Tommy himself, finally his story could come out on what happened in prison and if that follows his refusal to cooperate:

… if only part of that is true, then anyone speaking out like that in this society now is in very real trouble.

The only reason his story of inside prison could reach, if not mainstream, then a goodly proportion of the net was that Brittany did that interview in Vienna, an American cictizen who could not be immediately snuffed out by the British authorities [Common Purpose].

No doubt that youtube will be taken down when they get to it.

And the only reason Brittany was able to get that reach was that Plod arrested and handcuffed her and was there ever such a slip of a lass upon whom such an indecency would make the public disgusted with the authorities?  She is the perfect waif for the job.

Many tried to tweet on it but, for example, this happened on Twitter yesterday:

… which occasioned this spoof:

… and which shows us what happens when we get too close to the truth or rather – when the truth reaches a larger proportion of people than they had expected.

Very quickly you’re shut down.  It’s a reminder how gossamer thin is our voice getting to others. I have a site nourishing obscurity and I mean every word of that.  The only way I survive is to not have traffic of any substantial amount, a few thousand, tops.  My message gets out by syndication, linking. Neither that site nor OoL uses any special SEO, it’s quite un-optimized and certainly not monetized.

The picture is changing

Till now, it’s been us Deplorables lambasting the left and Tommy lambasting those against Britain standing on her own [Brexit v Remain] but now it’s broadened out to something more and people who would not have given him the time of day after that Paxman interview 7 years ago are now, in the light of Telford and the grooming, coming to see what some of us have known on blogs for a decade.

Thousands of young girls have people like Sarah Champion and us on the same side for once.  This is good and though no one would wish that fate on those girls, it has galvanized private opinion across the land.  And has focused on the disgusting people still playing it down or ignoring it.

Tommy Robinson is a most unlikely person to galvanize people outside his old EDL milieu and I’m quite sure there are many who still don’t like him but there’s that old saying about some having greatness thrust upon them, some people’s moments coming, innit.

It’s all in the comments

Which brings in comments at OoL and at our N.O. which I’d like to put here. Lizzie wrote, on Tommy in prison:

Separate wings/blocks/prisons, to keep the Muslim prisoners separate from everyone else. That should keep the violence down, stop the intimidation of non-Muslims, and stop them from having to convert to Islam for self-protection.

Yes but it comes back to the political will. We’re in a war, Lizzie and part of it is this, from John in Cheshire:

Salisbury, Telford, Hyde Park, are the latest examples of the onslaught on our way of life. I wonder, Mrs May, Mrs Rudd, Miss Dyke, Mr Johnson, by your actions and deceiving words, how many Englishmen and women you have alienated and how many, come the next General Election, will remember what you have done and continue to do, to remove our individual rights and freedoms.

Mrs May, you should be quite familiar with the Bible, so you must know that you reap what you sow. And assuming you actually believe Jesus Christ is your Lord, and not satan, come judgement day, you’re going to have to explain yourself to Him.

I have a request – please, whatever we think of others who blog, tweet and comment on these things, please quote them wherever you go because it’s the Samizdat, it’s the way things get out.  Silence achieves nothing.

But be aware that they control comments too – anywhere with Disqus is controlled and fed back – why do you think every major site, including Breitbart, uses it?

I quoted a retired policeman:

… and DforDoom wrote:

If many rank and file police officers disagree with the politicisation of the police but go along with it anyway then they’re as guilty as the senior officers. If they’re prepared to go along with the political agenda because hey it’s a well-paid job and they don’t want to lose their pensions then they’re even more contemptible than those senior officers.

Evil thrives because good men do nothing. And the good men who do nothing are worse than the bad men.

… and Twisted Root wrote:

Every nasty ideology that comes along immediately attracts the low IQ enforcers it requires. That must always be resisted.

DforDoom responded to my comment, which had been:

That has always been the eternal dilemma – who will bell the cat? Especially if there’s a home, mortgage, wife and kids.

He replied:

It isn’t easy to take a stand but there are plenty of better jobs than being a policeman.

Once you make the decision that you’re going to obey orders even when you know it’s wrong then you will inevitably keep obeying orders even as those orders become more and more outrageous and more and more obviously immoral. You will end by cheerfully rounding up people to be sent to the GULAGs.

We need to stop giving the police respect that they don’t deserve. They’re just paid servants of the state and they serve the state, not the people. If the state becomes corrupted they go on serving it. Their loyalty is to those who pay them. Dixon of Dock Green was fiction and in any case is long dead.

… to which apolitical blogger Cherie wrote:

And what happens if a public servant stands up against their employer (the government)?

In my world public servants have taken that stand many times…

Only to be labelled as dire enemies of society by people who who confuse ideological politics with fundamental issues.

… which is an amazing coming together of different walks of life in this country now, something the authorities want like a hole in the head.

And this brings in the OoL boys and girls. Hereward:

All done with, malice aforethought and craving the impending societal oblivion of one nation, of what was once if not exclusively, the major source of the Englightenment, as that flame fizzles it portends the lights going out across Europe, if indeed the light of reason is not already snuffed in, hellish and eternal darkness.

… and Errol wrote:

And they do not remove our freedoms. We allow them to.

Very interesting from Mona:

A clue to Mrs May’s attitude to so called minorities might lie with her mother,she was a Traveller and as we see they are quite privileged just like Muslims, her father avoided military service by joining a religious order and Teresa’s husband is highly connected to G4S, shortly to be awarded another multi-million pound contract finding dwellings for migrants at the moment we are reaping what T May has sown, so Tommy Robinson must not upset the apple cart. I turn to “HENRY V and the Band of Brothers speech”. The time is approaching or am I being overly dramatic?.

Delphius broadens it:

Ah, but if money was the issue, how would it be used?

Over at Raedwald I’ve posed this set of questions: What if say, the Gulf states eyed Iran’s nuclear ambitions with envy and fear. Fear of the risk that Iranian Muslim (Shia) ideology could become more powerful than Gulf State Sunni Islam? To contain their nuclear ambitions initially you might even side with your hated enemy, the Jews (until they understand the implications).

What if you had enough money literally to buy a country? What if you invested all your petro-dollars in that country’s infrastructure and economy such that it could not function without it?

So much money you could demand special privileges of their government for people you approve of? Even those entering the country illegally and your “special” ideology, above and beyond the rights of the residents of that country.

Which country would you chose? How about a once-powerful country, one with a globally capable nuclear deterrent? Wouldn’t that be a useful tool to have in the Muslim arsenal? Fully developed, ready to go. Free from interference.

It could be yours in a couple of decades, with careful planning, investment and cunning.

… to which I say over and over that this is all theatre, it is money based to start and the old families of Europe have obscene amounts of it, plus the Muslims. to buy anyone.

The Kalergy Plan to flood Europe is certainly to water down, muddy once proud peoples but it’s also to provoke a civil war.  If people are getting along, then bring in aliens – aliens in every single way, including their aggression … sit back and watch the new Rwanda in Europe.

Why do it?  Conflagration of course, in order to wrest control from any form of “people’s will”.

Delphius wrote:

Without action now there is a civil war coming.

When both (totally independent) communities become close to equality in power and both want control of the country, then it is inevitable.

As you say, the longer it is left, the bigger the problem.

… to which Rapscallion wrote:

Concur – they are only delaying the inevitable. As Hereward says, it will be like The Anarchy of the 1230s or perhaps like the Civil War of the 1640s. On current trends I reckon about 2050, which I believe is the point at which Caucasians become the minority.


In the whole administration HMG is transfixed, the great trouser wetting fear, that if they started and way too late in the day at that, to exercise the law without fear or favour, ie equally, then the backlash from certain groupings and UK townscape enclaves would precipitate a problem immeasurable as it would uncontainable. That, the public unrest resultant would seed a calamity, not witnessed on these shores, since the wanton slaughter, devilry and utter mayhem during the reign of King Stephen.

The problem is, that by relentlessly ignoring the situation, inevitably will beget worse than confronting the issue.

I say again that this is not just bunnies blinded by the oncoming lights but quite deliberate policy by those behind puppets May, Merkel et al. There is an agenda, more than one and this one, for example, has a name – Kalergy.  Svali, in 2000, in an interview on CentrexRadio, Toronto, laid it out and said the planned year was 2020 for it all to go pear-shaped.

You see, many are arguing from a place in which they have not seen this material and all the rest of it, which is why it is our job as pundits to bring it, which puts us on the hit list if we get any traction, which brings us back to tommy and how far we’re willing to go for our beliefs, knowing things are wrong.  Will we endure physical torture, having our nose broken by Muslims in prison?

Mark from Mayenne wrote on that Muslim who hit people with the stick:

If the guy can be identified, maybe a crowdfunded private prosecution?

… to which I failed to reply that the police were right there – why on earth should we have to fund a prosecution? Plod must do their effing jobs, which iof course they can’t because Cressida Brazilian Electrician Common Purpose Dick is in charge and she’s obeying orders from those bringing in Kalergy Plans etc..

Meanwhile, the most appalling things are ignored. Toodles McGhee, from Florida, on Telford:

Lack of parenting, yep. Also, the many people who were/are complicit with and had knowledge of the crimes are shameful. The many people paying for the services, they are rapists too and I think rape is as bad as murder. It is akin to taking a person’s soul. Obviously, the gangs – the groomers are devils…but the clientele is just as culpable.

‘Martin Evans, Assistant Chief Constable for West Mercia Police, said, ” We are aware of the information you have provided.” Just what does he mean by that, pray tell. The police, social workers and schools definitely have much blood on their hands.

The added shame is that it happens all over the world.

Yes, they’re getting it there too so what does that say?  Ditto in Australia.  This thing is coordinated and there is big money controlling people’s choices and actions.  There is also fear.

Our Julia had a post about “can of worms” – well this is “can of snakes” opening out there, the authorities do not like it coming out and they have a scapegoat, for one, in Tommy who hasn’t really gone into this one in a big way yet.  it’s the Donald in the States.

The most maddening thing, for me, is that all of it – the whole issue, much back material – is on our sites, from Radders to us, but the issue is to ask who the hell is going to try to wade through some 50,000 posts to find snippets on this or that?

A reader can only read so much.

This Sunday will be interesting.  The authorities backed off last Sunday because it was highly publicized and Tommy had protection.  What will happen this Sunday, when it’s not as novel?  Will the State’s blackshirts, Antifa, finally get him?

And what will I do?  Write about it?

And what will you do – read about it?


You see, at some point along the way here, just as people had to in 30s Nazi Germany, private decisions have to be made about just how far we will go, where the line in the sand is for us, personally.

We weigh up family, mortgage, benefits, in our heads, against defending ideas and ideals.  How far will you or I actually go?  Have we Tommy Robinson’s courage?

The authorities would very much like to know how far they can actually push you … and you … and you … and me … one-on-one, threatening your pensions for example, for there is no “us” in this.

There is you and then there is your family. How far will you, personally, go to defend the things we go on about here?

And as readers said above – it had better be soon.

16 comments for “Tommy has opened a can of snakes

  1. Mona
    March 20, 2018 at 10:51 am

    A very very interesting essay, there are so many now starting to focus on its subject matter that I believe will be our survival and of our intellectual survival. England throws up giants from time to time I am thinking of Issac Newton, from lowly beginnings to Changing the World, Thinking of Toodles McGee’s remark on blood, it will soon be the anniversary of the Rivers of Blood speech by another great one “Enoch Powell”, I think of the Manchester bombing and what happens when women are raped. In Britain great numbers of young ones. Tommy Robinson is a rough Diamond and hopefully as tough as one; I could go on.

  2. March 20, 2018 at 12:48 pm

    But as I said in my reply you quoted, what’s in it for the Muslims? Sure, they gain territory, but the bonus is Nuclear capability. The Iranians have spent decades trying to develop a nuclear capability, but have been thwarted by the Israelis several times, through direct military action or diplomacy.

    What if Sunni Muslims could get hold of a fully functioning Nuclear deterrent and a seat at the top table of the U.N. by becoming the main political force in the UK or France? No interference from Israelis, how can there be when it’s the democratic will of the people?

    UK or France. Both have Nuclear capability and both are at risk demographically of becoming majority Muslim in little more than a generation.

    That previous paragraph should bring a chill to the rest of the world and some form of pushback surely?

  3. March 20, 2018 at 1:14 pm

    If they understood it.

  4. March 20, 2018 at 1:59 pm

    I’d stand with him.

  5. rapscallion
    March 20, 2018 at 3:16 pm

    I have nothing to lose. I’ll stand with him.

  6. Mona
    March 20, 2018 at 9:07 pm

    The driver of the car that mowed down thirteen people in Gravesend was named as Mohammed Abdul, Detective Chief Inspector David Dipstick said it was not terror related, as he is a mind reader and could tell Mo was just a little overexcited, and when he grows up he wants to be a doctor, but if his name had been Tommy, God help him.

  7. Pcar
    March 21, 2018 at 12:14 am

    Mark from Mayenne wrote on that Muslim who hit people with the stick:
    ” If the guy can be identified, maybe a crowdfunded private prosecution?”

    Police were quick to protect their colleague when a Muslim hit him in the face with a stick:

    Agree with all you wrote. Keep up the good work, I spread it by email, arrse, BH etc

    btw: Disappointed none of my posts worthy – sob

    • March 21, 2018 at 2:20 am

      Oh I was looking closely at those but choosing one is the issue.

      • Pcar
        March 22, 2018 at 12:48 am


        “sob” was tongue in cheek

        Guestpost, whilst nice – thanks, was not necessary.

        However, good in that it promoted Tommy and publicised his no-show this Sunday valid reason.

  8. Pcar
    March 21, 2018 at 12:38 am

    Tommy Robinson Will Not Be At Speakers Corner This Sunday (Daughters Party He Just Cannot Miss)

  9. Tony
    March 21, 2018 at 10:06 am

    “Very interesting from Mona: A clue to Mrs May’s attitude to so called minorities might lie with her mother,she was a Traveller…”

    No, her father was a commercial traveler i.e. a traveling salesman.

    • Mona
      March 21, 2018 at 2:30 pm

      Yes her mother was a traveller dear Tony,, evidence please.

    • Mona
      March 22, 2018 at 2:00 am

      Teresa May, her Father was REV Hubert Braiser, died in a car crash on the A40 her mother Zaidee died shortly after from Multiple Sclerosis.

  10. Mark in Mayenne
    March 21, 2018 at 1:04 pm

    Whereas I agree that in principle the police should be persuing the kind of offence that appears to happen in the video, they seem to be reluctant to do so. There are hurdles to be overcome in securing a Crown prosecution: the police have to accumulate evidence in support of the case, and the CPS have to decide that the case is worth taking to court. One or both of these requirements might not be met.

    I refer to the Tower Hamlets election fraud case, where private citizens had to do the work normally done by the police and/or the CPS.

  11. March 21, 2018 at 2:26 pm

    Uh huh.

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