Think it was a post at Unz on the whole Putin thingy – which regions did best for him etc., which put me onto the thing which this post is about.

What caught my eye was the last comment on the page at that time:

Sin City Milla

I spend hours each day in a lunch spot that blares CNN. I always turn my back to the screen n put on headphones since I don’t have time to re-verify simple facts like the sky is blue, facts which PravdCNN constantly seeks to bring into doubt.

From my backward seat I get to observe the lunchgoers as they consume CNN-fare along with their lunch-fare, without myself having the misfortune of having to hear CNN or see the screen.

What I see is extraordinary. People of all sorts sit n eat n stare with goggle eyes clearly sinking into an hypnotic state. Some stare with their mouths open. Some even forget to eat. Many become agitated n after leaving rush back to view the screen a second time.

The shop employees are obsessed with it n often run to the screen to turn up the volume as if some great world crisis were erupting. Others swear n curse. This goes on for hours. Professional types, middle class people, even bums pause from their prohibited panhandling all stop n stare n absorb n clearly believe whatever the heck the screen is saying.

None ever read books, they just sit n stare n react.

On those rare occasions when I waste a moment by turning to look at the screen to verify that WW3 has truly broken out, all I ever see is Wolf Blitzer holding sheets of paper n the word Trump inching across the screen. I always regret wasting the moment turning to look when I could have read a few more words in my book.

Indoctrination via habituation n hypnosis seems to be the chief message of CNN. When I check genuine news sources later on I always find that WW3 did not break out, that Trump is still the President, that the sky is actually blue n not green or red or polka dot n has not magically transformed itself into cloud images of the Martyr Hillary in Gaea sympathy with PC Cultists’ lamentations.

I’d suggest that even if we of the Deplorable side have right on our side overall, nevertheless, that left-liberal brainwashee at Fox who’s just resigned in a huff, saying that Fox is guilty of indoctrination, of “taking a pro-Trump line” at lest needs his position examining with an unjaundiced eye.

People on our side who watch Fox over there are constantly up in arms about some presenter called Shep [they had one before that called Megyn Kelly] who plies a left-liberal line and even Judge Janine does not toe our line all the time.

The very fact that that retired military man was even on the bleedin’ channel showed how vastly different to CNN Fox is.

Yes, we’re very bullish about “Making Whatever Nation Great Again”, about immigration, many of us are on about baby murder and selling of baby parts – Julia here runs constant posts about some idiot indoctrinated official at local level.  We’re not talking out of our backsides here, we can show examples over and over where these leftists are wrong – plus often outright lying.

At my place, some feminist came in to speak of the company which designed and built that Florida bridge which collapsed and one of the alt-right pointed out about a Ms Leonor Whoever who had been boasting about being one of the designers, plus some feminist chick at the Miami local rag also ran a piece on that.

Bridge collapsed, feminists ran for cover, one came to my site to make sure I wasn’t blaming feminists, which I was.  She laid a lot of text on me about the two companies and it looked as if that was that – it looked straightforward.

Then came:

The nerve of that lying toerag of a feminist coming in to my place to lay her rubbish about the companies just being companies, with no overtones whatever!

Which brings us directly to tactics. Cutting her some slack, had she just gone to her nearest leftist swamp publication [take your pick], she would have found that and lifted it AS FACT, which is what Sin City Milla’s comment was all about.

The feminist visitor may very well have just been presenting what she saw as FACT, not thinking for a second that she was telling a lie. After all, feminists are always correct.  However, she had been spreading disinformation –  it missed out the crucial bit about the company being a feminist and minority company specializing in PC construction.

That is a pretty crucial omission.

But if we look at our own small range of outlets – Fox and Breitbart are the only major ones, plus blogs and twitter accounts – we do quite often take it as presented.  If Newt Gingrich or Lou Dobbs or Sean Hannity present something as fact, we generally accept that … at least until we check it out elsewhere.

So I’m wondering how often we might let something pass without thinking or exploring?  My message is that perhaps we need to go to the rubbish press first like NYT or Guardian and get the gist, then go and explore what’s really going down elsewhere.

Occasionally facts get through in their publications, often at the start and then they deviate into bollox after that.  So one picks up snippets to explore.

I had experience of that some years ago, not in the political arena, where two or three people murdered a girl in Italy and the female suspects’ henchman came to my site and quoted the Supreme Court saying they could not definitively say if she had or had not done the deed.

Cut and dried, yes?  Except that in the next line, the SC said that this was the trial of the man, not her and so it wasn’t their job to comment on her guilt or not in that court.  As far as that guilt went, the SC in this case now had already noted [in the other matter] that “more than one was involved”.

That is a completely different thing, the opposite in fact, of what that henchman had tried to present.  And the only way I knew that there even was a next line was that one of the key antagonists to that woman, with all the court transcripts at hand, had been reading my post and now sent the full text.

How often does this sort of thing happen?  This lying by omission?  Being brainwashed into one view and all other views must be suppressed?

To the point, for example, that someone makes a blue joke and is jailed in Scotland.  Who really are the nasty, lying toerags in these things?

Adopting the manner of the enemy

The way we operate is to point out fact after fact in a sort of bang-bang-bang way, one after the other, as investigative journos do.

The other side want to do this, to adopt this fact after fact after fact manner. “Now we find …” etc., a direct parroting of the Deplorable way … except they haven’t go facts at all, they have pieces of paper purporting to be facts.

Perfect example was Rachel Mad Cow on MSNBC, brandishing Trump’s illegally procured tax statement, which came to this thing they call a nothingburger – in fact he had paid tax. Did Mad cow learn from that? Did she hell.

Another is this one this morning from blighty:

Quite easily answered but you see the leftist adopting exactly our manner of presentation. Which brings us back yet again to the commenter at the top of this post and people watching, rivetted, as BS after BS is spewed out in order to convince the brainwashed that they have been wronged by the nazi right.

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  1. john in cheshire
    March 22, 2018 at 11:42 am

    James, I’m not sure if you’ve ever listened to Richie Allen but this from him on the nothingburger that is the wee JO’bby is worth a listen. For me Mr O’Brien typifies the kind of person whom you are describing.

    • March 22, 2018 at 12:07 pm

      Cheers. Tweeted [attributed] and it will be the 16:00 post at my place.

    • Hereward Unbowed.
      March 22, 2018 at 2:50 pm

      In one John, you’ve a very sharp mind mate, keep ’em coming.

  2. Voice of Reason
    March 22, 2018 at 3:49 pm

    You might want to google Dr. Riley at Purdue University, and her statements about eliminating rigour in Engineering. I hope that such views were not the reason for this failure, but I suspect that they might be.

  3. Errol
    March 22, 2018 at 7:00 pm

    Anyone who writes that poorly and doesn’t both to write that simple three letter word ‘and’ cannot be taken seriously.

  4. March 22, 2018 at 8:00 pm

    Cheers, gentlemen.

  5. james wilson
    March 23, 2018 at 8:56 am

    Fox and Breitbart are within the boundaries of conventional politics. They are the brakes of the Progressive train to ruin without which said train would jump it’s track. You might think they would get some praise for that but that’s not part of the renumeration. The uniparty is broad and once they let you inside the wire it is also seductive. They are the bird which does well for itself picking ticks off the Rhino.

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