The ‘useful idiots’ of Hamas die, sprawled against the border fence

The headlines are stark. 16 dead, hundreds injured. Israel is immediately condemned. The UN General Secretary calls for an ‘Independent and transparent’ investigation into the deaths and the injured protesters, or, as Israel calls them, the ‘useful idiots’ of Hamas.

The cynical actions of Hamas brought these casualties into being, yet few condemn the Terror Group Hamas for that planning; instead the usual suspects blame Israel for the deaths and injured, despite Israel’s clear warnings to stay clear of the fences.

The UN Security Council reacted, or rather didn’t react, as usual; which is just as well, as any attempt by the UN Security Council to condemn Israel’s defensive reactions would have been firmly vetoed by Ambassador Nikki Haley. Various Council members deplored Israel’s actions against ‘youngsters who were simply demonstrating’. The Permanent Observer for Palestine stated “Today’s demonstration had been meant to begin six weeks of peaceful protests leading up to the commemoration of Al-Nakba, marking 70 years of the expulsion of 800,000 Palestinians from their homes and lands.” No words condemning Hamas, who organised the marches, the tents, and of course the armed terror gangs hidden amongst the ‘useful idiots’; marshalled and marched towards their ‘Al-Nakba’ protests.

Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon said of the meeting: “While Jews around the world gathered with their family at the Seder table to celebrate the Passover holiday, the Palestinians sunk to a new deceitful low so that they could use the UN to spread lies about Israel.

And so the lie continues, with the usual ‘world leaders’ prepared to give their words of support to a terror organisation whose Charter Aim is the ‘Destruction of Israel’. The lie itself, of a calumny against both Israel, and the Jews, is that the Palestinians were dispossessed of their homes and lands. In reality, when the Arab armies were massing in Jordan, in Egypt and Syria, the Arab inhabitants of Palestine were told, ‘Get out, so that when we triumph, we can kill all the Jews without worrying if we kill any of our own!’ So they left, although some stayed; and after Israel won its war for survival, the Palestinians who had fled were herded into camps in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and the Gaza strip. The Arabs who stayed became citizens of Israel, and form a substantial 20% of the population.

Strange, is it not, that not too many comment upon the former substantial Jewish populations of the wider Arab world. There were 38,000 Jews in western Libya before 1945. Now there are none; 47 synagogues are gone and a highway runs through Libya’s main Jewish cemetery. In Algeria, there were 140,000 Jews. Now there are none. In Iraq, there were about 150,000 Jews. Five remain. There were 80,000 Jews in Egypt. Almost all are gone.

Hamas organised the marches, and blame for the deaths and injured should rest firmly upon their shoulders, but, when the wider World is either neutral or actively hostile to the Israeli State, is it any wonder that the headlines are all about how Israel kills ‘unarmed protesters’, and very little is printed about what Hamas’ plans are if they ever do succeed in breaking those fences and walls which protect Israel, and its Jewish population.

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  1. March 31, 2018 at 1:29 pm

    “Various Council members deplored Israel’s actions against ‘youngsters who were simply demonstrating’.”

    Now if only we could have the same principle applied in the US, UK and all European nations, plus Canada and the Antipodes.

  2. Ed P
    March 31, 2018 at 7:17 pm

    I wonder if Mr Corbyn will mention his friends, Hamas, or just mimic the ignorant useful idiots criticising Israel (yet again)?

  3. maz
    March 31, 2018 at 8:23 pm

    I hate those people and I’m not talking about the Palestinians. ‘They’ are settlers on Palestinian land, erroneously given to them by the British but that was not enough, they want more and more and more of Palestine and they wonder why the Palestinians try to fight back. You’d think they would empathise with the people they had stolen land from, after suffering under the Nazis. Enough said!

    • Pcar
      March 31, 2018 at 9:54 pm

      Did you copy & paste that rant from your Left anti-Semite handbook?

      Every allegation you made is false.

      Questions for you:

      – why is the Gaza/Egypt border closed?
      – who supplies Gaza with electricity & water?

    • April 3, 2018 at 5:23 am

      You ‘hate’ eh? You are in bad company with all who ‘hate’ Israel and are prepared to lie like a Dickie Mint Trim Sheet.

  4. Mona
    March 31, 2018 at 9:24 pm

    The useful Idiots are the British and the Americans, the Balfour declaration? to give away land that wasn’t ours to give, try the “USS Liberty”, why “Admiral James Forrestal” was murdered ,,try reading The Creature from Jekyll Island” . Dare you go to You-Tube and start with “Loose Change”,, the “Protocols” were not forgeries. I despise religion for the suffering it has brought to humanity.

    • April 3, 2018 at 5:21 am

      If the Israeli recipients of the British Largess of giving away what did not belong to them are to be complained about, then why the silence about Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia et al? They were non existant before too and similarly beneficiaries of the same.

      • Mona
        April 3, 2018 at 11:06 am

        There is no silence , try reading “THE SEVEN PILLARS OF WISDOM” by T E. Lawrence also known as Aircraftman SHAW, murdered on the Isle of Wight. Robert Graves wtote a book “LAWRENCE AND THE ARABS” printed in 1927 (I have an original copy) the maps in it show quite clearly “Palestine, Syria,Trans-Jordan,Sinai,Mesopotamia,Arabia but no Israel. My regards.

  5. Pcar
    March 31, 2018 at 9:53 pm

    Israel – the only democratic, secular and free nation in MENA.

    Israel defended itself – Left would prefer they surrender and their citizens be murdered.

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