The disease spreads to other ages

This follows on from the Millennial post – it’s a tale held over from last Thursday.

I went into town to do the doings and took a car. In the car coming home, the driver said he was going to watch the Joshua fight, that that was his Easter treat with his lad and some mates.

He knew that sounded a bit different so he added that he was going through a messy divorce just now.

Three decades it had been, they’d had their ups and downs but things were basically all right, but she’d started reading magazines and watching TV shows all about women fulfilling themselves and yes – how they could have it all.

He’s a full time driver so his work is cut out, he takes her on holiday each year, you know the routine, plus the caravan in the summer.

In her first break from him, she went to Dublin for a trip by herself – very bad sign in my eyes but I said nowt – and golly gosh, she met a “psychologist”, a young toyboy who helped her dissect her whole marriage and they both found it unfulfilling.

She came back and filed.

I then turned to him and asked for the truth because I was going to post this story – had he been a bit naughty, had he played away?  He was sheepish about that and described that notorious party they’d gone to and some woman and he had kissed and there was a bit of mutual slap and tickle.  That was his cheating.

Now I surmised that he might have been a bit unforgiving, harsh in fact at home of late – drives all day and comes home to her new ideas she’s picked up somewhere, not exactly embracing them.

Had he been a brusque, fat redneck or the elephant man or Sid Snot, I’d not have run this post. But he was not, he was a typical member of the male species from around here, approaching 50, maybe a bit limited in his horizons but solid in the sense that he brought home the bacon and the house was paid off.

The bottom line is that women have zero incentive to work on their marriages today – the benefits system is geared towards them and to the invaders, they will always be favoured in a dispute.  Plus the entire workplace has changed and not for the benefit of manufacturing and the dirty jobs, unless fracking replaces coal mining.

The number of single mother households is alarming and for a look at what it’s produced – see the vid in the previous 11:00 post, plus take a look at this one for a younger age group:

And that’s just the girls. For the boys, see Eddie Izzard, Graham Norton and the like. How much estrogen is coursing around their bodies? Would you put either of them in charge of anything?

This whole thing is not going to end well.

3 comments for “The disease spreads to other ages

  1. Voice of Reason
    April 2, 2018 at 9:56 pm

    Re the video: If you want to understand young men and women, spend some time observing groups of chickens. The females flock to the big male, and the one male tries to take them all.

  2. Pcar
    April 2, 2018 at 11:22 pm

    Re: Your friend and his ex-wife after she talked to someone “helpful”.

    Seen it so many times, bet “helper” and ex had a short energetic relationship.

    Plus, all her female “friends” will have encouraged her to leave your friend; whilst your friend’s friends will have been helping him to sustain marriage.

    Women – not men – are generally disloyal, vindictive & nasty; seen it in legal system too.

  3. Voice of Reason
    April 2, 2018 at 11:48 pm

    I believe in equal opportunity and fairness.

    But, life is full of choices:

    You cannot expect to have a man completely support you while you ‘find yourself’, and then claim independence.

    You cannot take years off a career to gave children, then complain that your male peers at work have passed you by.

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