Trump’s reshuffle: McMaster gone at last

On March 22, 2018, President Donald Trump tweeted:

I am pleased to announce that, effective 4/9/18, will be my new National Security Advisor. I am very thankful for the service of General H.R. McMaster who has done an outstanding job & will always remain my friend. There will be an official contact handover on 4/9.

The Conservative Treehouse (CTH) had a good analysis of why HR McMaster was appointed and why he was fired. Last year:

In the first assembly of his team, outsider President-Elect Trump took the advice of DC and professional voices familiar with the apparatus of the swamp.


It makes logical sense after President Trump gained increased familiarity with the systems, patterns, organizations and institutions therein, that he would replace positions with people he feels would be more comfortable executing his administrative policy agenda.

Additionally, the NatSec challenge has changed. POTUS is now positioning to confront Iran directly and is about to engage in direct talks with North Korea.

That said:

There is a similarity to White House staff leaks, under Bannon – prior to Kelly, and recent NSC leaks under McMaster.

Given the timing of the removal in relationship to another NSC leak about President Trump’s phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin; and knowing the content of that specific leak was isolated to a small circle that would include McMaster’s personal staff; it is not a stretch to connect the dots and surmise McMaster (et al) was an IC leaker.

CTH had previously reported about McMaster on March 15, following a story in the Washington Post that said Trump had already decided to fire him and was looking for a replacement. Sometimes, Big Media get it right.

Infowars had a deeper story. Exactly one week before McMaster was sacked, Ted Malloch, one of Infowars’ correspondents, rang in to say that Trump was furious at McMaster’s friendly treatment of Susan Rice, who has plenty of questions to answer about spying on the Trump team and about Benghazi. Nonetheless, he renewed her security clearance last year, no questions asked. Malloch’s video is 22 minutes long and is one of the most explosive reports I’ve heard in ages. It’s well worth watching. Roger Stone and Alex Jones are also featured.

Ted Malloch holds three university degrees and lives in England. He has worked at the Said Business School at the University of Oxford and was also a professor at Henley Business School. Prior to that, he worked for the State Department and the UN. On Tuesday, March 27, he flew into Logan Airport in Boston and was immediately detained. Could it have been because he has a new book coming out called The Plot to Destroy Trump – How the Deep State Fabricated the Russian Dossier to Subvert the President?

Gateway Pundit (GP) has been following the story. On March 30, GP’s Jim Hoft reported Malloch’s statement in full after he was released. It’s shocking. Excerpts and a summary follow:

On March 27, 2018 I flew on a long international flight into Boston’s Logan International airport. I was to connect to a domestic flight en route to my in-laws’ house, just outside of Cleveland, Ohio for the Easter holidays.

After exiting the plane, I was escorted to a special line for passport control. There, I was formally detained and asked to wait, along with my wife who was traveling with me. They would not say why, and I found it most curious as I am a frequent flier and go back and forth to the US and Europe and elsewhere many times a year. I never had had such treatment.

A TSA official and an FBI agent then took him into a separate hall to examine his electronic devices. They found nothing suspicious. But there was more (emphases in the original):

… they separated me from my wife and told her to wait in a lounge, without explanation, while I was to be interviewed. That is all they said. Naturally, this left her in a state of total confusion and near panic …

I was then escorted to another building and into a secure conference room where two young FBI agents introduced themselves to me. They said I was being detained to answer questions regarding the Department of Justice Special Counsel probe and showed me their identification

They asked for my cell phone and any laptop (I didn’t have a computer on me) and produced a document to seize it and perform forensics on it. I gladly signed permission and asked if at least I could keep my drivers license and credit cards. They said yes and gave them back to me. One of the agents took the phone into another room and downloaded items but returned to say they would need to keep it and take it to Washington, DC for a full assessment. I asked when I could get it back. They assured me in a few days they would definitely get it to me one way or another.

They seemed to know everything about me and had my color photograph and personal details and said in intimidating ways, that it was a felony to lie to the FBI. I stated that I realized that, and I would readily, in fact gladly, cooperate with them.

The FBI agents began asking Malloch questions:

The questions got more detailed about my involvement in the Trump campaign (which was informal and unpaid); whom I communicated with; whom I knew and how well—they had a long list of names.

They seemed to then focus more attention on Roger Stone (whom I have met a grand total of three times and with groups of people); Jerome Corsi, a journalist who edited a memoir I had written some years ago; and about Wikileaks, which I knew nothing.

Had I ever visited the Ecuadorian embassy in London? they asked.

No, I replied truthfully.


… they served me with a subpoena, which I noticed had only been issued that very day in Boston to appear before the Mueller grand jury in Washington, DC that very Friday. They said I could telephone the lead attorney on that team and make necessary arrangements.

They shook my hand and had agents take me to my wife, who was very alarmed and in disbelief. They then escorted us to the adjoining terminal to catch our delayed domestic flight.

Malloch will appear on Friday, April 13. Mueller’s office will pay his travel expenses. To be continued.

Back to McMaster now. On March 31, Roger Stone appeared on the Alex Jones Show to say that McMaster’s assistant, Fiona Hill, is a Soros plant:

“This is very hard to believe, but I confirmed the facts again this morning. George Soros has penetrated the Trump White House,” said Stone during an appearance on The Alex Jones Show. “Soros has planted a mole infiltrating the National Security apparatus: a woman named Fiona Hill, who has a Harvard background, and has been on the Soros payroll and the payroll of the Open Society Institute.”

Hill is on leave from the Brookings Institute, enabling her to work at the National Security Council (NSC). Michael Ignatieff, rector of the Soros-funded Central European University, visited Hill at the NSC, because the university was opposed by:

Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who accused Soros of using the school and other non-governmental organizations to directly influence Hungarian politics and promote mass migration into Europe …

Orban savaged Soros in a speech on the floor of the European Parliament,suggested the globalist billionaire uses a network of lobbying organizations and non-profits to promote his agenda.

Ignatieff said:

“We got unequivocal support [from Fiona Hill’s team at the National Security Council],” he added. “I went up on the Hill and spoke to Republican senators and staff. There is a tiny ledge of commonality between Republicans and Democrats, and academic freedom is one issue that unites them both.”

McMaster’s geopolitical views were troubling, especially regarding the Middle East. In August 2017, Caroline Glick posted an excellent report on McMaster. This sums it up well:

McMaster disagrees and actively undermines Trump’s agenda on just about every salient issue on his agenda. He fires all of Trump’s loyalists and replaces them with Trump’s opponents, like Kris Bauman, an Israel hater and Hamas supporter who McMaster hired to work on the Israel-Palestinian desk. He allows anti-Israel, pro-Muslim Brotherhood, pro-Iran Obama people like Robert Malley to walk around the NSC and tell people what to do and think. He has left Ben (reporters know nothing about foreign policy and I lied to sell them the Iran deal) Rhodes’ and Valerie Jarrett’s people in place.

And he not only is remaining at his desk. He is given the freedom to fire Trump’s most loyal foreign policy advisers from the National Security Council.

Glick, who is an excellent investigative journalist, revealed how Trump appointed McMaster in the first place:

Trump interviewed McMaster at Mar a Lago for a half an hour. He was under terrible pressure after firing Flynn to find someone.

And who recommended McMaster? You won’t believe this.

Senator John McCain. That’s right. The NSA got his job on the basis of a recommendation from the man who just saved Obamacare.

On March 24, The American Thinker reported on McMaster’s disloyalty at the NSC:

McMaster may have served his country well while in uniform, but he is not serving his country well as national security adviser …

McMaster’s cozy relationship with Benghazi liar Susan Rice, who thought traitor Bowe Bergdahl served with “honor and distinction” and was likely part of the cabal that unmasked Flynn, has long raised eyebrows …

McMaster’s activities and personnel decisions belied his loyalty to the current administration and certainly called into question his professed pro-Israel credentials …

McMaster’s actions have raised the question of just whose side he is on. As has been noted here, McMaster has retained all former Obama assistants to the president and deputy national security adviser for strategic communications, including Ben Rhodes’s staffers, as the question of who is leaking classified information for political purposes remains. That under-covered story was brought up by retired U.S. Army colonel Tony Schaffer on Lou Dobbs’s show on Fox Business …

The article concludes:

Trump appreciates loyalty and is in turn loyal to those who faithfully share his agenda. Clearly, H.R. McMaster is not. Trump’s loyalty to him was misplaced.

Too right!

Many Trump supporters were outraged when McMaster renewed Susan Rice’s security clearance. She was the principal unmasker, working against Trump. Yet, nary a tweet from Trump. Why not?

Then there was another camp of Trump supporters who egregiously think that criticising one of his senior appointments is being disloyal to him. No. McMaster always was bad news. People who criticised McMaster were actually telling the raw truth that conservatives in la-la land cannot handle.

In 2016, Roger Stone said that, as long as Trump has all the information, he makes excellent decisions. It’s when he lacks the full picture that he drops the ball.

I hope Sessions and Kelly are up for retirement this year.

As for John Bolton, I’m not a fan. On March 25, The Hill reported that James Mattis and John Kelly aren’t either. Hmm.

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  1. Pcar
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    “In the first assembly of his team, outsider President-Elect Trump took the advice of DC and professional voices familiar with the apparatus of the swamp.”


    “It makes logical sense after President Trump gained increased familiarity with the systems, patterns, organizations and institutions therein, that he would replace positions with people he feels would be more comfortable executing his administrative policy agenda.”

    Spot on.

    Hire, if no good then fire asap. Other Gov’ts should copy instead they keep eg UK Estelle Moris (Lab), admits not up to job, promoted to House of Lords as life peer.

    Re: Malloch


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