When a Millennial sticks the boot into Millennials …

… then a person tends to sit up and take notice.

Think we need to be clear that the ones causing all the trouble are that nebulous enemy the global socialists/cultural marxists/real marxists/PCists/illumined elite which controls the money and therefore everything in the west.

And they have been the ones starting and pushing the sick, twisted ideologies which take what seem like good principles but which pervert these, attach feelgood labels to the perversions and a whole set of pejoratives with which to counter dissent, then use the various authorities to suppress this dissent.

What results is true dysfunction and dislocation of both the targetted and society later down the track, starting with the weakest members of society, the soft targets in other words, and working to take over all, including you and me.

The only good thing is to see a few green shoots here and there which they haven’t yet closed down.  This girl below on her Youtube channel is one of those but I can’t help asking myself though – what she says is SO in line with what many of us think, almost word for word, that I’m wondering if she’s too good to be true, that the whole thing is choreographed and designed to cause ultimate war, conflict, dislocation once we’ve all had enough.

However, the things she says are right and I’m going to take some key utterances and transcribe below the clip:

She starts, about an online dating site she looked at:

It’s the most depressing pool of women I have ever seen, [outside of Seattle of course] … unmarriagable women, single moms, fat chicks … they’re going to be attracted to online dating services because they can hide their flaws initially … lying about your life and appearance is a big problem … about a third of marriages start online … after college it’s more difficult to meet people … work, bars, the gym, there really aren’t that many options … it does require a lot of work … I met my fiance this way.

Because I live in Seattle and am surrounded by feminists who are definitely going to die alone, I began to think that my perception of western women was a bit skewed and maybe seemed worse than it actually was … this is in fact a real epidemic … the majority were either overweight, covered in tattoos or single moms, which all should be non-starters for any self-respecting man … even if you don’t have any money or a lot to offer right now, the only way to ensure that you will never improve your prospects is by attaching yourself to a woman that is a liability in one way or another … it’s going to be difficult to improve financially [for example] if you’re saddled raising someone else’s kid.

She went to this match site mentioned and looked at the best four women available:

One had pages on planned parenthood, quotes about loving herself [and many] cleavage baring selfies … [but] they [all] had a strict list of demands … no bigots, no Trump supporters …

This really brought it home for me … western women have been told their whole lives that they’re so great … that they don’t need to change nuffink for no man … and if that man doesn’t like you for the useless fatty that you are, well, kick him to the kerb [curb] … he was a misogynist anyway …

She goes on to say that mothers should be teaching their daughters to be marriageable as has been the case through history until this current day, how “very important their looks and demeanour are” – not everything, but important nonetheless.

She continues on but let’s leave it there for now.

All right, being so young, she does not see the big picture as mentioned above the clip in this post and couldn’t possibly know about it unless she is into the same social media we are … which she’s not.  So she judges that those women “choose” to do those things, which is partly right – it does come down to our choices in the end but it’s also very much our influences too.  We also are creatures of our upbringing.

She’s also referring to just Millennial women but I’ve a post coming up on a different age group – the older age bracket in which are found such excrescences as these two:

They combine not only the worst possible female judgment but also all the emotional baggage and ideological expectations as well.  I’ve said over and over and over again that there are really classy women about, without all this baggage- that girl narrating the clip above is one for a start, albeit within her own narrow confines, but these two in the pic above here ain’t them.

Do you think I exonerate the new male at all and even the old – Vince Cable, Hesletine, Obama, this Hogg and this Owen Jones – I could go on forever about them but am never called a misandrist for that.

And there’s the rub – classy women do exist but this ain’t them and it’s only this type who get appointed to anything.  Even Marissa Mayer, Miss Pretty Pretty, was as useless as Elizabeth Holmes.  With the latter, her uselessness vied with her lack of ethics for precedence.  I’ve quoted hundreds of these over the years – try Jody Farhat in the US, the woman who flooded the Missouri Basin and its homes, for a good look at the useless and yet destructive type.

It’s not just the types of female the girl  in the vid was railing against – the bottom line is that these non-comps are promoted by others – they don’t appoint themselves.  Someone, some utter horse’s backside, has to have appointed these demi-women.

I mean, look at this one, for example:

Who the hell thought it a good idea at the time to appoint that to News of the World?  What sort of either evil muvver or man with shocking judgment?  Plus she showed she had no ethics, a common motif of the type.

These disasters and the ones described by the girl in the vid are everywhere – the girl called it an epidemic – and they are the ones appointed.  I’d rather have the girl in the vid in charge – at least she’d learn.

But the girl in the vid ain’t never gonna be appointed to anything herself unless she can shut up with the “rightwing extremism”.  I’d employ her tomorrow.  I had a screenprinting business decades ago and was stupid enough to get out of it and go into teaching when a scholarship came up.  It was the simplest thing to find quality women at that time – not yes-women at all, not shrinking violets, but girls with skill and I’ve always felt at ease in the company of such ladies because they are astute and in the real world, they know what sells and what doesn’t, they have a vested interest in the enterprise succeeding and no chips on their shoulders.

Sure they had female foibles but I also had male foibles.  And the whole thing worked.

That was before society went pear shaped.  Over and over we are seeing entirely the wrong women going into entirely the wrong fields, their own maniacal ambition vastly outstripping their competence level, egged on by ideological pressure and now the muvvers above are trying to push the incompetent who aren’t even interested into STEM, which is patently not their field.

The worst aspect of all this is it’s being done for political reasons, not for reasons of competence.  I’ve a few techie mates and one is in a fairly high position I can’t go into.  He spoke of there being women in tech, some very good. He was doing the male chivalry bit in response to what he saw as my attack on women as such.

So I asked how many of those that he came into contact with were in a managerial role and how many were TAs?  He didn’t answer that.

Men need to do what they do best and women need to do what they do best … and then we can talk about competence within those fields.

There’s a second post coming up which looks at a single marriage.


One last thing – I looked at a bit more of her vid and she spoke of how to avoid the “drunken hook-up culture” and start providing value again. Don’t go to college she said.

Food for thought.

6 comments for “When a Millennial sticks the boot into Millennials …

  1. Hereward Unbowed.
    April 2, 2018 at 1:28 pm

    I think that, the dicksaunders things (da wimin mafia), have a bee in their bonnet, nay fucking hate them, about good looking lasses, you know the type, the sort of drop dead gorgeous girl who can silence a room full of Alpha males with a pose and a demur tilt of her hips.

    They’re (the butt ugly harridans) anti women – real women that is.

    Prevent women from doing what is natural, titifying and alluring, then, you’re half way there to emasculating the other half of the sex thing, oestrogen in the water, phthalates affecting the reproductive organs (testes) and the other effort, the blurring of the edges and that’s pure Marcuse ala Frankfurt School, frank’n’furter style.

  2. Ted Treen
    April 2, 2018 at 7:16 pm

    Why aren’t there more women in IT/Tech?

    “…Women comprise 49 per cent of the UK’s workforce, but make up just 17 per cent of IT professionals…”
    Of course – women can’t…

    1) Wear the same T-shirt all week,

    2) Live almost totally on pizza,

    3) Grow a wispy beard**

    4) Move into & take over their Mom’s basement…

    **OK, some women can, but not the majority.

    • Pcar
      April 2, 2018 at 10:53 pm

      1) Wear the same black T-shirt all week,

      5) Not use hair conditioner & fabric softener

      FTFY 😉

  3. Voice of Reason
    April 2, 2018 at 9:58 pm

    Check out a Canadian lady by the name of Karen Straughan. She is straightforward, and quite genuine.

  4. Pcar
    April 2, 2018 at 10:46 pm

    how many were TAs?

    “TAs?” ?

    Dick & Saunders – prime examples of women promoted up again and again, despite failing in previous positions, purely because they are PC token women and TPTB refuse to admit they were wrong.

    Have Dick & Saunders ever been happy or smiled?

    Saunders looks like she lives with a score & ten cats and her favourite food is gruel.

    As for MPs – Rudd is one example of same; always scowling, aggressive & unpleasant

    Then we have hate filled Naz Shah, anti-Semite Labour MP
    RIP…matches and necklaces…

    Is being happy, tolerant, considerate, polite and grateful a crime?

    • Hereward Unbowed.
      April 3, 2018 at 1:01 am

      naz shah plays for a completely different team and it is certainly not, the parliamentary, corporate select, public sector elite wimins XI.

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