Any person’s home is his castle

First let me reprint Pcar’s comment on the post about killing an intruder:

@James – “Burglar” – no.

They were “Robbers”, committed to Robbery not Burglary – police & MSM downplaying protected pikey crime again. Mr Osborn-Brooks is now homeless as robber’s pikey family have said they will kill him.

Have they been arrested for social media death threats? Nope, pikeys are like moslems – free pass to break law.


Actually, I wish the police would arrest people for defending their homes more often than they already do.

It might finally alert the great complacent middle of British politics and opinion to what has happened in this country, so that they eject the people who are responsible, and achieve real change.

The most contemptible voice in the midst of these events is that of David Gauke, the ridiculously entitled ‘Justice Secretary’, who claims to be on the side of homeowners against burglars.

Oh really, Mr Gauke? Not unless you resign from your politically correct Ministry and your soppy party, you aren’t.

…The arrest of Richard Osborn-Brooks after the death of a burglar in his house is in fact a completely typical example of our Left-infiltrated police in operation.

They do not work for us. They work for a state that has been taken over by 1960s radicals.

Have you ever asked why the police are so keen to arrest respectable people who defend their own houses?

In general, they do not much want to meet the respectable classes. They have closed hundreds of police stations, and ceased regular foot patrols.

They have great trouble answering the telephone. If they appear in public at all, they do so in pairs, deep in conversations about overtime and clearly not wanting to be interrupted or distracted.

They can’t conceal how bored they are by burglary and car theft. They are unwilling to do anything serious about anti-social behaviour and defeatist on drugs.

But defend yourself or your home with any vigour, and they are there in large numbers waving handcuffs and DNA swabs.

As for “would I do as Mr Osborn-Brooks did”: don’t know, but hope I would. As I’ve aged I have developed less, not more, respect of law and police – opposite of what I expected.

That post [linked to at the top] was run both at OoL and at N.O. to get a wider reach and comments it might not otherwise have got and that is what it turned out to be.

At N.O., a lady blogger called Cherie, a long time friend, wrote, in response to my:

Wouldn’t haunt me in the least – no compunction at all …

… this:

“I killed a burglar – and it haunts me to this day”

Despite your denials, I suspect that if you had been contributory to someone’s death on the spur of the moment you would be haunted by it.

Before going any further, I exhort readers to note that Cherie, a non-political blogger on house and garden photography and reviews, was referring only to how I, as a human being, could say such a thing. Personally.  As a friend.  There is also the element that we both count ourselves Christians, although she did not state that.

For me to repeat, in response, that I’d have absolutely no compunction, comes down partly to the principle in the header above, plus the need, learned through experience, for instant response … and that instant response is mainly down to that background.

I had a fairly brief stint in the military [one pip Lieutenant who made the jump, formerly WO2 [CSM] and military people are perhaps more clear on right and wrong this way [see Pcar again].  Many of our readers are military, ex-police, similar field, merchant seamen and so on – the sort of people who see things which are very wrong and who have read the documents, who see that which is a threat to our families.  The great majority of readers at both sites are either these people or engineers or people, in other words, who are used to detecting a problem, running tests around it to establish that it is in fact a problem and formulating auto-responses.

That, in turn, raises several very serious questions about us in society now.

One is the socio-political divide where one half or even more [see how many re-elected Orban in Hungary – 67% – but let’s call it 52% in the UK] have a diametrically opposite view to the 48% who largely accept the reality the MSM presents, even if it is a Guardian/Independent reality and who have never sullied their eyes with Breitbart and the multitude of “Deplorable” blogs, FB and Twitter accounts where the real deal is spoken.

You’ll find our lot speaking of the hidden government or PTB, of the Kalergi Plan, of Agenda 21, of Codex Alimentarius, of Common Purpose, of Common Core, of the utter disgrace of someone like Cressida Dick being appointed to the highest office after facilitating the killing of a Brazilian electrician.

We are the ones railing against the police arresting people over wheelie bin crime or raiding and incarcerating people for speaking out of turn about what we believe in, we are the ones railing against police simulating intercourse from behind on a black woman at the Nottinghill Carnival or wearing gay ribbons around their caps “in solidarity”.

We are the ones who know about Tommy Robinson’s free speech rally at Speakers’ Corner.

The other side – let’s call them the 48% – heard and saw nothing about Kalergi or Agenda 21 or the Speakers’ Corner rally or Orban being re-elected or how Sweden is now lost but they know everything about Pussy Parades in Washington and they hang on the words of Amy Schumer, Jennifer Lawrence or some kid called Hogg, who largely get their reality from the Guardian, Independent or NYT, WaPo and CNN, MSNBC.

And an observer would note a great depth of feeling about those things on our side – what the political elite are doing to all of us, including the 48%.

The 48% are either in denial or kept pig-ignorant by the MSM, they feel that our side are in a lather over nothing much really, that there is no collusion at the top, that our leaders are fine people who advise us to fling weasel words like Islamophobia, misogyny, racism at any who do not buy the political class’s agenda.

So we can’t even argue – the 52% and the 48% – because there is zero basis, the documentation we base our views on is part of an entirely different reality – really a diametrically opposite reality – there is simply no basis even for discussion.

We are living in two entirely different worlds on the same plot of land.

About the only thing a Christian who thinks Welby is a cool dude doing right and the Synod is a bunch of great guys … and a Christian realizing he and they play for the other side can agree on is that the devil is probably behind the strife.  I often point to Ephesians 6:12 and I say that the trouble and strife is a concerted plan to get us at each other’s throats, to drive a wedge down the middle of society and thus allow a whole Pandora’s box of evils to be perpetrated by their legions, largely because we ourselves are at loggerheads over it and have cancelled each other out.

And that is behind but is not all of, my lack of compunction.

My main lack of compunction is that I have been in those close-up positions, particularly in Russia where every day is running the gauntlet of sudden thuggery surrounding and robbing you.  I was robbed at Sheremetyevo of $2000 and noted the collusion of the police at that time, plus the airport, plus the airlines and it didn’t get any better in the town I lived.

Until you’ve actually had four thugs, punks, suddenly appear from  a “padyezd” or foyer, surround you and start to do you actual harm, you can’t really speak of compunction or not.

And for a Christian, it’s doubly bad because there is that exhortation to turn the other cheek and love thy neighbour.  That is fine as a general principle to follow but in that situation of being surrounded by four thugs at that very moment – and I repeat, which I have actually had happen more than once – then if you prayed for help, it may well come so that something would stop them, e.g. a Plod patrol car, but generally speaking, you are gone unless you have a set of auto-responses you’ve thought through and know to employ.

In that particular situation, there was a set of street words, in Russian, which are near guaranteed to stop thugs or punks for the nonce – and in fact did – but it involved coming back to that spot next day with your “krisha” or protection. 

I employed that at the bank once and my protection at that level was the FSB – truly. The bank responded by closing my account, they wanted nothing more to do with me and that was the state bank – department v department in that case.

So that’s where I’m coming from, from WW2 Britain, not from some soft Britain which is blissfully sleepwalking into great trouble, as is most of Europe, concerning itself with how many genders there are out there and if they should all have toilets or the one big toilet.

And there is also a strong streak of masculine and/or lioness protectiveness in there as well – that if we perceive an extant or imminent threat, we must act and act swiftly to protect the vulnerable.

In fact, not to harm those thugs sends out entirely the wrong message.

There was a case of a leftwinger some years back, a girl called Myleene Klass, who was confronted by knife-wielding thugs in her backyard and she was arrested/warned for carrying a knife as an offensive weapon.  Now even through her left-idiocy, it did dawn on her that day that she had no choice whatever but to summarily act, plus Plod are never your friend.

All I’m saying in the last post and this is that we have time just now to think this all through, in order to set in stone in our heads what our actual response in that situation would really be.

And then we must follow that instinct when suddenly  confronted by such a situation.

And speaking politically again – I contend that you will, sooner or later, have to confront this, either from “traveller” or Muslim or local Millennials who have no constraints whatever and live by criminality.

And finally – as to compunction and haunting – not in the least.

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  1. Lord T
    April 9, 2018 at 12:33 pm

    It isn’t 48% any more and hasn’t been for some time. Since Trump, day by day that number goes down as the sheep start to become aware.

    • April 9, 2018 at 6:44 pm

      Last poll I saw had it around 65/35, about the same as the Orban result.

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