The occult legacy of the Bushes

Even Barbara Bush’s stepmother is afraid of her. Over the course of a half-hour interview, Willa Pierce, the South Carolina painter the First Lady’s widowed father married in 1952, hasn’t commented on anything much more controversial than her famous stepdaughter’s shoe size. But now, in a quavering voice, she is re-evaluating her decision to say anything at all. [Marjorie Williams, Vanity Fair, August 1992]

The saying about not speaking ill of the dead is fine if they were nice, regular folk but in the case of Barbara Bush, this is not so.  Even on a superficial level, her stepmother was frightened of her – there is testimony on this if you care to explore.

In fact, this is a classic case of those not exploring who are coming in loud and long extolling her virtues and who gets vilified?  People presenting the counter-case.

Try this for a start:

That can be argued till the cows come home but more important is reader and [former] fellow blogger Harry J’s comment:

The male membership of Skull and Bones is well proven and not even denied. For me, this is the crucial point about all this. Two former US presidents are members of occult secret societies and yet are paraded as ‘born again Christians’.

There is much material out there about “dualism” – the doing of right and wrong in even proportions, the yin and yang in western eyes – hence most right bastards, the industry barons, were also public philanthropists, so was Barbara Bush.

And look at some of the fruits:

#  Hitler:

The banks in question were the August Thyssen Bank whose headquarters were located in Berlin; the Bank voor Handel (Netherlands) and the Union Banking Corporation (New York). At the beginning of the 1920s, one of the members of this family, Fritz Thyssen – author of I Paid Hitler – contributed some $25,000 USD to the recently formed German National Socialist Workers’ Party, becoming the prime and most important financier of the Fuhrer in his ascent to power.

According to the book’s authors, Thyssen was fascinated by Hitler, citing his talent as a public speaker and his ability to lead the masses. However, what impressed him most was the order that prevailed at his rallies and the almost military discipline of his followers.

And so, in 1931 Thyssen joined the Nazi party, becoming one of the most powerful members of the Nazi war machine.

At that time, the magnate presided over the German Steel Trust, a steel industry consortium founded by Clarence Dillon, one of Wall Street’s most influential men. One of Dillon’s most trustworthy collaborators was Samuel Bush: Prescott’s father, George Senior’s grandfather and great-grandfather of the current U.S. president George W. Bush.

In 1923, Harriman and the Thyssens decided to set up a bank and appointed George Herbert Walker – Prescott’s father-in-law – as president. Later, in 1926, they established the Union Banking Corporation (UBC) with Prescott Bush at the helm. That same year, he was also named vice president and partner at Brown Brothers Harriman. Both firms allowed the Thyssens to send money to the United States from Germany via the Netherlands.

#  George H. W. Bush, member of both the Trilateral Commission and the CFR, was chosen as Ronald Reagan’s running mate. Cabinet members included Secretary of State Alexander Haig (CFR), Treasury Secretary Donald Regan (CFR), Commerce Secretary Malcolm Baldridge (CFR), and Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger (Trilateral Commission).

#  Acceptance speech reference:

This is another classic case of being able, if you came at this through GHWB himself, to point to the PofL organization he set up for philanthropic purposes.  But if you come at it through the occult, the 1000 points of light is so ludicrously one of their expressions.  And the Bushes are most certainly connected to the occult, part of that is covered below.

#  1990 – Aug 2, Iraq invades Kuwait. Gulf war. President Bush verbally announces New World Order in address to the nation.  Later, certificates are issued to servicemen and women who served, explicitly mentioning this in the lower right corner.

#  American members of The Order of the Skull and Bones (more specifically) in U.S. politics: President George W Bush, Prescott Sheldon Bush, George H. W. Bush, John Kerry, David Boren, William F. Buckley, Henry Sloane Coffin Sr. and Jr., Henry Luce, Henry Lewis Stimson, William Howard Taft, McGeorge Bundy, Archibald MacLeish

#  Part of the symbols are displayed there to the Initiate but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations … It is well enough for the mass of those called Masons, to imagine that all is contained in the Blue Degrees; and whoso attempts to undeceive them will labour in vain and without any true reward, violate his obligations as an adept. Masonry is a Sphinx, buried to the head in the sands heaped around it by the ages.”
[Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma, p. 819]

# Alex Jones, July 15, 2000, Bohemian Grove: “Whether it was an effigy or real, we do not know. (This is kind of like the Skull and Bones ritual that the New York Observer caught on tape. They claim that the video shows them slitting the throats of ceremonial effigies.) … Suddenly the owl was lit up by some flood lights and out ran a hundred priests or so in black, red and green robes. Most of them were in black, some in red and a couple in silver or green robes … Then, out came the high priest, who went through all his incantations about the dead (who is dead at the Grove in the past, may their spirits be conjured and brought back there by the “great owl”). He praised the owl for about twenty minutes and he talked about “goodly Tyre and Babylon.” ”

These are scattered excerpts – it’s all out there.  Barbara Bush, philanthropist?  Purr-lease.

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    Courtesy of Distant Relative. One of the commenters:

    That woman is leading the interpretation of what ACH speaks about: he clearly stated that the interest of the order IS NOT in the interest of Americans , yet she rewords it to mean the opposite: that in fact IT IS …how interesting.

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