The immigration elephant in the room

Andrew Allison wrote at TFA [no url, it was a general mailing address]:

Peter Mullen wrote about it for us. Here is the beginning of his article:

“I watched as Lord Pearson asked his question in the Lords and I felt both ashamed and disgusted. The spectacle was of our leaders, supposed statesmen, sleep-walking into oblivion. To put it politely, members of the House dodged the facts.

Lord Pearson’s question was partly about the implications for sharia in England once the Muslim population has increased tenfold. The government spokesperson brushed it aside and assured members that sharia will have no place in our legal constitution and framework.

Really? But it is operating here already – in cases involving marital law among Muslims for instance.”

Herein lies the central divide among non-Remoaners. There is the Carswell camp who want independence from the EU but who utterly fail to see the role of immigration in all this.

There are those who see only immigration.

Then there are articles [admittedly American], saying unemployment has little or nothing to do with immigration, it’s automation and that dangerously misses the point.

Yes, of course automation and outsourcing are major issues impacting employment, plus the change in the nature of the work offered now – far more service oriented, far more female process-following.

Immigration has but some impact on that but is still a major issue in itself, with fallout across all aspects of society, not least social services, for very little gain for employers. These hordes are not here to work, they’re here for social services.

Even among the hardworking, e.g. the shopkeepers, there is an extended family of sixteen or so being sustained by the salaries, supplemented by benefits for the non-working members.

Then there are the blacks, as Kanye said, as Thomas Sowell said – who are politically turned into malcontented pretend victims, just as Millennials themselves are today. Uemployable and destructive.

An employer who only needs a menial to follow a process and that’s it, when faced with the malcontented “rights-knowing” unemployable is surely going to prefer the “stay-shtum” immigrant, legal or not.

Or automation or outsourcing.

Then there are the leftist parties desperate to win government – they see immigrant votes as theirs.  Then there is UN pressure and courts of “human rights” run by leftists.

Then there are these Islamophobic laws etc., hate laws adding even more pressure on anyone opposing unfettered immigration.

The whole thing is stacked against anyone effectively stopping this juggernaut until it’s too late.  But I’m stating the bleeding obvious, am I not?

4 comments for “The immigration elephant in the room

  1. john in cheshire
    May 7, 2018 at 9:01 am

    Not one report in the usual daily papers ( I can’t bring myself to call them newspapers ) on the Freedom event yesterday, apart from Breitbart. They could be there and I just haven’t found them, but I don’t think so.

    This reporting by omission is another reason why serious problems aren’t being solved; don’t report it, so it doesn’t exist, therefore there’s no action needed.

    It’s in the same category as calling every muslim killer a lone wolf; if he did it on his own, there’s no conspiracy with others and therefore no organisation to be investigated and dealt with.

  2. Mona
    May 7, 2018 at 9:31 am

    The rape and burning alive of a little girl in India, she was of the wrong religion. The TOXIC environment growing here is a direct result of immigration even the BBC cannot hide that fact . The control of Language is the weapon used by what can only be described as our deep-state,, skill and craft is required in the use of language and behavior to fight the LEFTS assault on free speech and free minds. The days of Monty Python are gone.

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