Just how far can you be pushed?

The answer, it appears, is firstly who “we” are and secondly, “quite a long way really”.

To go back in time, to when we were young and there was Entebbe and Munich – this fixed in the public mind the concept of Muslims as terrorists but also the western left, e.g. Baader-Meinhof, Patty Hearst and so on – Obama’s mate Bill Ayres and his Weathermen.  Die Hard was about that general topic.

In those days, I was of the left – my Damascene moment was when I got my first proper job – and the Muslims, for example, were seen as just these guys you know, these put-upon victims … but then it changed and they were no longer seen as cool, whereas Baader-Meinhof were.  Patty Hearst was seen as being what we were – the urban guerilla Rik Mayalls of Tooting Bec – only a bit richer.

Youth truly was uncritical whilst having factual accounts withheld from it in university libraries – an example was the real story of Woodstock – that it was the scene for rampant drug exploitation of kids with disposable cash, organized largely by John Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas, with his wife’s collusion and that of the fat one – working of course for the big pharmas.  Yes, this was the man whose daughter has detailed his rape of her at 11 and whose mother, Michelle, doesn’t want to know, even today.

These sorts of things never came out until the internet but now they’re out and still not many have woken up.

We had little contact with Muslims, except Pakis as they were called, far more with blacks [see Brixton and Toxteth].  We had a school trip return from Blackpool one evening a decade later and saw, in New Cross, through the bus windows, three white men approach a black youth on a street corner and start laying into him – that put us off the “far-right” from personal experience, so Nick Griffin did not really appeal. They’d not taken on a black gang, they’d taken on a lone black.

It really took the mass influx of the hordes during Major and Labour to start changing perceptions but of course, what nobody really expected was that the kids were going to be so thoroughly brainwashed by leftist teachers, so completely.  See, having been in education, there were measures in place decades ago not to allow such Marxist bias in, especially at primary level – it was more so at secondary.  And yet I remember rabidly leftwing teachers all the same in my final school years.

From our situation then, we are now in this situation today where most kids start sex at 12-14, do drugs and put out signs, “Welcome Refugees,” doing the regulation candlelit kumbaya each time their peers are raped or mown down by Muslims, blaming one-off nutters.

And very few adults are horrified, especially late Boomers and Gen X of the earring in the ear, tatts and nosebone brigade. In fact it’s worse than the Eloi in The Time Machine because they at least recognized the Morlocks as the enemy.

Yesterday I saw a picture of an LGBT hijab Millennial – sigh.

This is the Great Inuring, the tolerance of evil writ large and the perpetrators – those who acted from above to change the system, to re-engineer, yes, even revered blogger Norman Geras who loved his cricket – he was very much one of them [see Euston Manifesto] – they were never challenged by the mainstream, nor by us.

Blair we know was obviously one, also go through the LSE and see many others.  Check out Geoff Mulgan.  These were the criminals – RH Tawney from an earlier age, GB Shaw – people revered who should ever have been, because they laid the preconditions for today’s situation.

Thus the PTB must be wondering just what it takes to get the first father to react. A comment at my place said:

One day, an angry father is going to express, and forcibly, his own conception of justice, and hang the consequences.

Yes, I hear this all the time, especially from my own mate, a father and grandfather in our Deplorable tradition, and yet is he going to do anything?

“I have a family,” he says.

You see – no one is going to “bell the cat” because each of us is scared of consequences.  There are exceptions of course – the brave Richard Osborn-Brooks of Hither Green stands out but his was thrust upon him, plus that grandmother in the States who has just said, “It was him or me,” or words to that effect.

Anyone remember a Lt Col Arnaud Beltrame a few weeks back?

So these people either die or stay hunted people the remainder of their days – see the utterly disgraceful pikey threats to RO-B and the police do nothing to punish the pikeys, May does nothing to deport them back to Ireland or Romania. Anyone remember Captain Ranty?

Anyone putting his or her head above the parapet gets sniped at, even in very minor ways – this was the second latest I got:

You sound like a Left SJW diverting discussion.

That’s nice to read from a supposed brother-in-arms, just as I also get banned from commenting on Twitter without a committee approving my comments, already happened on Facebook and I’ve lost my blog twice, banned from the Mail and Express by the way – long ago lost the ability to comment at the left MSM.  Don’t worry, I’m used to it but I note no one stepped in to defend me, nor would I expect anyone to.

Can’t use my phone and I have perimeter defences around my home.  I’m on my third mobile phone – did they do anything to follow up the harrassers when I complained? Called a far-right extremist by Peter Hain years ago.

By the way, you wanna see some real far-right extremists in the eyes of the left and its government, not cream-puffers like me?

So what’s the lesson?  You stick your neck out and you’re on your own today, boys and gals.

And the PTB are creasing themselves laughing about just what new atrocity can be perpetrated with impunity – was Rotherham not enough?  Telford?  Apparently not.

And of course, in society it becomes feral, dog-eat-dog and “I’m all right, Jack” – enter some new Hitler now from above and everyone will aid and abet him.  [Or her these days.  Look at those female concentration camp guards.]

And of course, you dare not quote things like this:

The theme in the heading is just how far we can be pushed.  In Britain, quite a lot.  In America – maybe not as much.

Where’s the line in the sand for you personally?  At what point do you put your head above and endanger what you have to say “enough”?

Do you go Tommy Robinson and pay for it in prison?

Do you go Brittany Pettibone and get incarcerated?

Do you get banned from leftist social media and called all sorts of names?

Or do you … well this is the question, innit?  Just what would it take to push you over the edge?

3 comments for “Just how far can you be pushed?

  1. Voice of Reason
    May 8, 2018 at 8:17 pm

    If you read the book, the Eloi were the lazy wastrels. The Morlocks were the ones who kept things working.

  2. Errol
    May 8, 2018 at 8:41 pm

    With statistics as clear as that, we should be talking about the problem publicly and openly. We’re afraid to because the state leaps on us with venom.

    As fr being ‘banned’, just create a new account using a throw away email. These censors forget that you can just route around it.

  3. May 9, 2018 at 4:27 am

    VofR – they were and the system exacted its price.

    Errol – there are certainly ways around it.

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