What a joke Remoaners are

‘We’ll be in the bar!’ Millionaire Brexit backer Arron Banks WALKS OUT on astonished MPs – as they grill him over alleged Russia links and claims he broke the law during the EU referendum

Seriously, what a joke – a bunch of Remoaner MPs, having thumbed their nose at the will of the people, try to do a Mueller to the other side – lying, cheating hypocrites, the lot of them – the flotsam of society.

The joke continues.  Andrea J pauses on her way into parliament to confront a Remoaner.  She says Remoaners do not believe in democracy, he says, “You don’t,” she responds with 52% of the vote is respecting democracy.  48% beats 52% does it?

They’re truly horse’s backsides, every single Remoaner, tosspots. Not one cogent argument, only Project Fear and see where that got them.

Had to laugh at the Lords’ wrecking amendment defeated though.  🙂

Some comments:

#  Who appointed this select committee? It’s just a joke and deserves to be treated with contempt.

#  Hahahaha Remainiacs getting owned once again.. Priceless

#  Well done about time these undemocratic hypocrites were put firmly in their place.

# Well done Arron. Are these the same MPs that fiddled their expenses, and never got prosecuted for it as they police themselves and are above the countries laws. Well done, and give my regards to Sir Nigel Farage and his great friend, the President of the United States, Donald J Trump, the Nobel Peace prize winner. Ha Ha Ha, I bet all the Remoaners are crying into their EU flags today with all the Lords amendments falling into the gutter, where they belong. A great day for Democracy.

# Absolutely love it, about time these time wasting committees got it up them. They are arrogant and basically ineffective, a waste of public money that is best spent on getting some MPs that know what working for a living means. These prats sit in judgement but have little experience of real life.

Goes on and on and on in that vein.

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  1. The Blocked Dwarf
    June 12, 2018 at 7:11 pm

    “I bet all the Remoaners are crying into their EU flags today with all the Lords amendments falling into the gutter, where they belong. A great day for Democracy.”

    No ,remainers are celebrating the end of BrexSShite (in any meaningful sense) whilst watching PMT.May’s award winning fudge making. Pru Leith eat your heart out.

    Already leading BrexSShiteurs are realizing they have just been royally shafted. And leading remainers will realise the same has been done to them in about 5 days time.

    • Bill
      June 12, 2018 at 8:13 pm
    • Errol
      June 12, 2018 at 8:25 pm

      I take it you voted to stay chained.

      Please, explain why. There is absolutely no rational positive argument for staying chained to the communist empire of corrupt thieves. The EU is… irrelevant. A destructive, pointless damaging failure.

      Our servants – which is what MPs are – were instructed to take us out of the EU. If they fail to do this then they will face the consequences. Make no mistake, we will leave the EU.

      • Curious Scott
        June 12, 2018 at 10:08 pm

        He’s married to a German lady (with infinite patience). Has spawned two sprogs who in turn have made him a grandfather. They live in Germany.

        Ran a tobacco leaf supply service that’s folded and is a heavy smoker who takes full advantage of the right to bring back as much tobacco as he, or sprogs wish.

        Having years of exposure to how jolly wonderful the EU is for Germany, he is somewhat slightly biased toward their point of view.

        He does however rather enjoy extracting the urine about Brexit, though in most other respects he’s a fairly mild mannered chappy with quite a number of health issues. None especially big deal, but he does love to tell us all about them when he’s feeling sorry for himself.

        Which is quite often, hence that business of an extremely tolerant missus.

        Unfortunately, in this case he happens to be correct. There is no chance of us walking away.

        • Junican
          June 13, 2018 at 4:11 pm

          It isn’t often that commenters here sling mud. I think that we should keep it that way. BD is a convinced Remoaner. He has a right to his opinion. His word ‘BrexSShite’ is a strange one, but has amusing overtones.
          I voted ‘Leave’ and I am glad that I did, because, every day, the EU reveals itself to be more in tune with the UN and all its works than with the people of Europe.

      • Pcar
        June 12, 2018 at 11:59 pm

        “No rational positive argument for staying [in EU]”

        Agree. Thus the entire remain case was “Project Fear”, no reasons to be in EU only it would be terrible if not in. Instant recession, huge tax rises, mass unemployment, WWIII

        USA saw Brexit fear as lie and Trump elected.


        Trump told reporters as he sat down for his initial meeting with Kim that he believed they were ‘going to have a great discussion’ that he believed would be a ‘tremendous success.’

        ‘It will be tremendously successful,’ he reiterated. ‘And it’s an honor, and we will have a terrific relationship, I have no doubt.’

        Result: Huge success.

        Be positive is message.

  2. Pcar
    June 13, 2018 at 12:34 am

    Arron Banks leaves select committee for lunch date – “Say No”*

    Well done Arron, put them in their place – they serve us. They need reminded more frequently.

    PS OOL, please provide YT links for vids: Twatter & Faceberk often blocked.

    * “Say No” – BBC Grange Hill & Nancy Reagan

  3. June 14, 2018 at 3:24 am

    ‘Respecting Parliament’ is an MP’s duty. The voting public is under no obligation to respect Parliament.

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