Never attribute to incompetence that which can be attributed to malice

Let’s not dwell too much on the substance of what Westminster and those who run the pollies are up to, the agenda is not even difficult to discern any more.

Let’s not dwell too much on our own apoplexy which May and her lot have been consummately trying to keep bubbling along, inserting some new provocative inanity every few days, then turning up to the people she’s wrecking and telling them she supports them.

Grab this bite too:

After the World War 2, the USA provided Britain with over $13 billion dollars in Marshall Plan money. This was the only way we were able to afford the NHS. Yet Corbyn hates the USA, and is a critic of its economic imperialism.

Stop, stop, stop, stop!!!!

I for one do not like wasting my time nor having it wasted for me, I don’t have all that much time left and I’d say for those in a similar position, we clearly must bring about a … a something.

Bring about a what?

Most of the voting public are as thick as bricks, tribalist, believing whatever the MSM says, with a layer above them who believe they can never be fooled and yet they’re also fooled.

At the top of this pile of losers are us – we know what’s happening but can’t get it through to people, especially when trolls are snapping at our heels trying to slow and stymie us – they’re even at this blog in some of the comments, especially one inane Remoaner comment I saw yesterday which I just ignored because it was a monumental waste of time.

All right, look again at Simon Richards’s tweet above.  He’s the head man at The Freedom Association which has a near permanent set of lecture halls at the Tory Conference each year – that’s about as conservative as one can get, I’m one of them.  There’s also the TPA, the Bruges Group, various others – they are vaguely rightwing bodies who want us out of the EU.

But I’ve not seen anything quite so blatantly hostile to date as Simon’s tweet from that political ground and that does represent a shift.  Put it together with Soubry’s branch 80% against her and her “reporting its chairman to CCHQ” and what we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is utter mayhem, dislocation.

And May’s reaction?  She dares the “bullies” to do their worst, she calls their bluff, as if this is about her leadership alone and not about the nation’s future direction.

Now look what’s really going on

It’s pointless replacing May because the issue is the Remoaners who dominate the parliamentary party, diametrically at odds with the people’s vote in 2016.  Somehow they also bring in this Guianan bint to pontificate – someone feeds her legal money and the MSM play up to her every utterance.

There’s such utter pisstaking and disrespect going on that the plan is clearly for the sheeple to react against May’s traitors and put Corbyn in in a landslide because these stupid people can only reason that “Not Tory” must, by definition mean “Vote Labour Instead”.

They’ve totally forgotten about UKIP.  Ah, but UKIP has imploded because of the NEC quislings, there has been a breakaway movement which, frankly, does not grab many [276 votes in Lewisham East was it?], so how about us facing reality – the PTB did for UKIP last year.

Whether it was Carswell or Evans or Nuttall or AMW – whoever you wish to blame, no one is going to make AMW PM.  They may still have made a resurgent Nigel PM but it has to be a charismatic and that’s the brutal reality which hardcore aficionados simply do not understand.

Seething with indignation, hell – I might even vote for that party next time myself, I’m not focussing on this.

I’m speaking of NOT voting LibLabConGreenWhatever and therefore looking for ANYONE who can make a real difference, a Trump in other words.

And forget this rubbish about revolution, the people rising and all that – the Brits are the last lazy, frightened, dislocated bgrs to do that.

So please be realistic – the only way change can come about in this land is initially through the ballot.  Just staying away does nothing.  You can have 70% staying away in disdain and high dudgeon, the grand gesture, then 30% vote, someone gets 16% and voila – our new govt.

And every single person in this land who voted in 2017 knows that May got back on the Brexit assurance, plus the hardcore tribalist vote.

And everyone in the land knows that to run down your armed forces and try to charge soldiers from 40 years ago is just wrong, wrong, wrong. And that slimy, sly may is part of this whole shadow agenda.

A scenario

For the 60 to rebel, really rebel, they will have to leave the party as such and form a new conservative party rump, to which the fragmented Leavers out here may well be attracted.  But who has the cojones to do it?  Gove tearing up that paper is the grand gesture, yes, but will he lead this breakaway?

Or are they insane enough to think that in a PP vote, they would prevail?  It’s already been said that they need to turn 150 MPs.

The only scenario which is at all realistic is that there is this breakaway movement from within the Tories.  Replacing May does nothing, it puts in another Remoaner.  May called the “bullies’ bluff” – all right, let’s see them respond with the ultimatum to her.

Meanwhile, the world is noticing

Donald reportedly asks May in every conversation opening, “Are you out yet?”


And yet, now that most of Europe is awakening to the dangers posed by the waves of Muslim refugees that they have welcomed into their midst, Great Britain seems blissfully impervious to the danger they pose. Eastern European nations have closed their borders. Germany is about to implode politically under the weight of the Merkel policy… you know the story.

In Britain, by contrast — well, when asked last year about a burka ban, Prime Minister Theresa May curtly ruled it out as “divisive” and discriminatory. “I believe that what a woman wears is a woman’s choice,” she said, preferring not to acknowledge the well-established fact that many women and girls who walk around in 90-degree temperatures with their faces and bodies covered in heavy, dark, non-breathable fabrics are not doing so out of choice.

She obviously has to go but she knows she’s protected from removal by the laws of the land still left in place to deal with subversives but not traitors. I know people who say she has to be bumped off. Fine – who’ll do that then? You? I shan’t, nor am I asking you to.

And then there is the political not-interested friend of mine who was asked today and who responded:

“I’m sick of this Brexit now, I don’t understand any of it anyway.”

“What’s not to understand about leaving the European Union and a vote to that effect which took place in 2016?”

Silly look on the face. She knows full well, acknowledges it but doesn’t have anything further to say. And this person has the vote.

4 comments for “Never attribute to incompetence that which can be attributed to malice

  1. Pcar
    July 2, 2018 at 12:53 am

    Denis Hutchings – front page Saturday Express

    Disgusting, more so given Blair’s secret “no prosecution” letters given to murdering ira scum.

    MOD or pre PC: The WD

    At the 2014 NATO summit, David Cameron committed the UK to spending 2 per cent of GDP on defence.

    Some viewed this as a triumph, others saw it for what it was – the lowest level of defence expenditure since modern records were kept.

    During the Cold War, we spent 5 per cent of GDP on defence and in the 1990s were still spending just under 4 per cent. Announcing 2 per cent in 2014 should have been met with derision.

    As for May, Hammond, Soubry, Starmer et al – they are quisling traitors.

    UKIP: Nige has said he will return if necessary. He will wait for betrayal revealed.

    UK Sheeple – imho anger will overcome reticence, it has in NI when RC appeasement went too far. Like then, police and army will be on same side as “rebellion”.

    2018 – the year of change .

    • July 2, 2018 at 4:09 pm

      “He will wait for betrayal revealed.”

      That’s here now. This morning he made reference to it on LBC.

  2. PoppaBear
    July 3, 2018 at 5:06 pm

    Talking of Incompetence. I read somewhere in the last week, probably Daily Express, but I cant remember exactly, that PM May employs some 38 Personal advisers. If ever proof were needed that she hasn’t a clue as to what she is doing then that for me is it. Any number above two indicates incompetence. Apparently that beats Camoron (28) and not so surprisingly Blair (9). She is without doubt completely out of her depth. She is of course a remoaner and is constantly looking for ways out of the Referendum result and to try and nullify it. If she buggers up Brexit (which she undoubtedly will) she will go down in history as the worst creature that ever crawled from a womb. Worse even than Blair and that is saying something.

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