Electoral Commission and related issues

It was odds-on, everyone knew it, that they’d go for Arron Banks.

When Nigel formally complained on behalf of UKIP about that rogue group with a similar name being placed at the top of the ballot, costing UKIP an estimated 1.5% of votes, he was told never you mind about that, nothing to see here, off you go [1.15 in the clip].

[Note the gorgeous Lizzy Vaid as well – remember her?]

Call me naive but I was puzzled by the response, the name Electoral Commission suggesting neutral, dispassionate, evenhanded. Why I thought that at that time, I still don’t know.

We all know what happened following that, it was UKIP’s high tide mark and something about Nigel does puzzle me – he was responsible for those flatbed lorries with the billboards about the migrant invasion, they were stopped by Carswell’s NEC supporters.

Nigel was certainly against unfettered immigration at that stage – he was for the Australian points system, you might recall.

So what on earth happened?  AMW goes on about immigration and he turns on her.  He was always worried about the BNP implications while he was trying to make UKIP a viable alternative people would vote for.

Trouble was, it was a bit of a one man show – Nuttall did nothing when it was his turn – it needed Farage.

Now they’re trying to stop money coming to the true centre-right, via people like Arron Banks:

What if Nigel makes a comeback, which he’s threatening to do in 2019?  Is the NEC yet appeaser-free, are the Carswells and Evanses expunged?  Is Hamilton still doing his worst?

And what of AMW?  I say good luck in the sense that she recognises Islam as the threat it is and she does recognise the true enemy, with the Muslims hanging onto their coattails.

AMW lacks the charisma as a leader.  She’s a grand warrior and should be one of the inner council for sure – but leader, no.  Tommy himself is also a grand warrior but even he would admit he’s not a leader who can command – he makes too many errors and simply can’t stand the enemy.  Same goes for me – I’d say too many choice things to May in an interview, plus you can’t afford any baggage in public politics.

So who then?

Well the only one is still Nigel, but only if he understands  that the “people’s army” notion is bollox, plus if he can only see just how dangerous the Muslim takeover actually is inside this Dar al Harb, then something might be done again.

Nigel fears the BNP label, is he too old and comfortable now?  Arron himself is no leader, he’s a businessman who backs a charismatic leader, that’s all.  Plus he snipes wonderfully.

Gerard Batten – sigh – he’s a mixture.  He’s made some good noises of late but so have Paul Weston and others.  Forget Woolfe.  Paul Nuttall would have carried the north as a 2IC, he was a great 2IC, but put him in the lead role and … no.

JRM is disappointing.  Makes good noises and if he leads a rebellion – good.  Andrea Jenkyns looks a gal for the future but she could not lead at this time.  Plus, I think there’s a weariness creeping in about female leaders in general.

It needs one of the people who have the views you see in comments here.  It needs someone who does not come over as a fanatic.

Above all, it has to be someone who can motivate the non-voter to vote.

6 comments for “Electoral Commission and related issues

  1. Pcar
    July 5, 2018 at 11:13 pm

    Electoral Commission – EC – is a remainer group.

    EC should assign a value to Obama “queue”, IMF, EU, CBI, UN et al and Cameron’s £9 Million mail-shot.

    Next UKIP leader change should persuade AMW, TR, Britain First et al to be in party. Their policies are all very similar. Better inside than dividing vote from from outside.


    My choices
    1. Nigel Farage
    2. David Coburn
    3. David Kurten colleague
    3. Stuart Agnew
    3. David Kurten


    imho AMW is a Dianne Abbot, but she does attract votes.

    On TR, I’m sick of his enemies – yes you Golf Charlie @ BH – regurgitating EDL Leader* and Mortgage Fraud**. It’s old and irrelevant.

    *EDL – TR resigned as he did not like the members

    **Mortgage Fraud – Lord Peter Mandleson feted by Left, BBC, MSM and Russia

    • July 6, 2018 at 6:47 am

      Some interesting angles.

      • Pcar
        July 7, 2018 at 11:31 pm

        Angles or Angels?

  2. Anon
    July 6, 2018 at 3:02 pm

    David Kurten would be a wonderful leader for UKIP. Everyone who supports them but is scared of being called racist would feel free to do so.

    • Pcar
      July 7, 2018 at 11:37 pm

      That is his USP, as was Wolfe’s.

      Left & MSM will accuse them of sell out, disrespect, coconut, token black, bribed…

      Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice – never existed in Left/MSM world.

  3. July 8, 2018 at 7:41 am

    James Higham, thank you for this post. Its very inspiring.

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