What on earth can we actually do about this?

During these nauseating four days, the most nauseating part of all, IMHO, was a short time ago when the 1922 capitulated, the Bow Group having made big noises during the day.

May told them that if they challenged her, that would hand the keys to the IRA murderer lover – total rubbish of course and what did they all do? They cheered the cow, cheered her!

What planet are these idiots living on? To answer my own question – possibly a planet in which the Tories need not go to the people until 2022 and the people can therefore get knotted until the promises start pre-mid-2022.

See, we’re all making these noises:

Always gave her the benefit of the doubt until Chequers, it has became very apparent that the PM is treacherous and is only interested in pacifying the re-moaners, who of course lost in the referendum. She really is in danger of destroying the Conservative party and democracy (as we once knew it) in Britain. As a life long Conservative voter through thick and thin I will certainly not vote for the party again (it maybe time for a new party to emerge) as no one in their right mind would vote for Corbyn…

… but in practical terms, what can we actually do about it? It seems nothing. Any Remoaner reading this – if you are so unprincipled you cannot see that this is far bigger than Leave/Remoan, that it’s a direct thumbing of the nose at democracy, then there is no hope at all.

Because one day it’s going to be on the other foot – you will have scored some plebiscite success and the overwhelming power will be anti-you in the parliament. And all these things will be done to you. I’d lay odds you’d not like that at all.

And what about an issue where we’re all actually in agreement and they pull exactly the same tactic to protect themselves? What then? Unprincipled politicians do not suddenly become ethical, do they?

At this site and at similar sites, I’m well aware of the non-voters, those who point out it’s been corrupt for donkey’s years, even those who go for a violent solution, bumping off May or similar, even bombing parliament. I hear this all the time from people who have zero intention of doing anything of the kind, they reserve the right to goad whoever will do it from the sidelines. No one wishes, personally, to bell the cat.

The most obvious solution in the short term is for a populist movement to arise, not unlike MAGA and for a Trump to rise from the ashes – looking around, anyone spring to mind?

Farage has said this evening he might do something after March 2019. That is useless – it has to be done before March 31st.

As for the other solution – to hell with it and let Red Jez have the keys and see it all implode, sorry – it ain’t gonna implode, he will be backed by the big money, all hostility from the European elite ceases and people in Britain get a charmed ride for some time while all dissent is gradually silenced.

There’ll be no revolution, the country will finally be in the globalist pocket in a legit way, whereas now it is in a clandestine way. And any kind of revolution is already factored in – all malcontents are known, right down to us, it’s a very simple thing for them as we’ve already seen to take us offline. Then we’re mopped up on pretexts.

For May to come out and so openly defy the 2016 vote is jawdropping, she made no pretence of it being something else whatever. It was a direct refutation of that vote and what Cameron promised would follow it.

So the gauntlet is laid down, it’s now in our hands. What though?

AMW has little charisma for the wider population and her rainbow coalition ideas are a giant turnoff for many people, especially conservatives.

Tommy has kudos but he can’t lead, it’s not his bag. He’s a warrior.

A Grand Brexit Coalition is good and at this point, let me remind people of a small thing we had going in 2010, called the Albion Alliance. We had many Skype conferences and one actual meeting and the thing which was immediately apparent was that we had to restrict the issues to no more than two. We settled on:

1. Brexit
2. Direct democracy

The latter would have circumvented the current four days if it had been addressed.

It has to be only on Brexit itself this time around – the DD can be done down the track and no other issues come into it, not even free speech or the right of the gay mafia to go into schools and bugger children.

It has to be one issue – Brexit. Following that, the immigration issue can come into it, AMW’s rainbow coalition if she wants and so on.

OK, so let’s say a Grand Coalition does form – the Electoral Commission will try its same old tricks of trying to split the movement into two warring factions, this sort of thing will be constant.

That’s why this cannot be a party, only a movement and the threat we carry is that any PPC opposing Brexit is blacklisted in council elections, European and the GE when it eventually comes.

Also civil disobedience is the way – failing to play ball on any PCism demand at all.

It does involve going out onto a street in your area, at the shopping centre for example and having insta-rallies which melt away when the authorities come out to stop them. I see it as being not unlike flashmobs. Hard to counter.

There are peaceful ways. I can’t think of any other way at this moment.

4 comments for “What on earth can we actually do about this?

  1. The Blocked Dwarf
    July 9, 2018 at 10:34 pm

    “far bigger than Leave/Remoan”

    Indeed it is and it strikes at the heart of our democracy. As I have said elsewhere, outside the parliamentary tory party there can be precious few Remainers who think that May’s 3rd Way is at all desirable, giving us as it does the worst of both worlds. I , and every remainer I know, would prefer a rock hard Brexit over that which May has proposed.

  2. Bill
    July 10, 2018 at 6:43 am

    Oh I don’t know. Its all going swimmingly. This is what all voters get the thing they desire, to be governed by state.
    Oh it might not be the flavour of governance for roughly half of those consenting to be governed, in truth governance cannot be all things to all people, but nevertheless it is what you voted for, it is why you register your name on its electoral register.
    It forces no-one to carry out this voluntary act of compliance yet millions ‘sign on’.

  3. Scott Clacher
    July 10, 2018 at 2:56 pm

    We can invoke “lawful rebellion”…
    Another plus to this Magna Carta given right is that we don’t have to pay tax ✊?

  4. Pcar
    July 11, 2018 at 10:18 pm


    Re: May told 1922…

    Vote of Confidence – Fixed term parliament act poison pill

    @5m 13sec

    Duplicitous Cameron, Clegg and the rest of them.

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