There is no more important topic than this and yet there is no topic more fraught with disinformation, refusal to consider, dismissal and a hundred obstacles to understanding. There is no topic more heavily dependent on copious pre-reading and having followed it for years.

You simply can’t come in with peripheral glances and then decide on that basis. And yet who will do that pre-reading, as it is sordid and mired with mistruths at every step.

There is a topic today by me at my site, a personal topic and that’s real to me. There is all the Comey/Soubry/Adonis/Strzok guff also going on to distract everyone and it also is both theatre, yet real in what it is trying to prevent. We need to report on every single one of these, but not to the exclusion of the really dark atrocities going on.

To cover these up, there’s another layer of atrocities:

Yep, it’s the world of the Toronto killing, the Muslim rape gangs, vans ploughing into crowds and all that … except it’s not just the Muslims, is it?  There are certainly Rotherham, Telford and all the rest of them but what is desperately kept out of the news are the care homes here and on Jersey, plus the Belgium horrors I posted on, plus now pizzagate.

And there is uncanny coincidence going on – if I forget to post on a topic because there are so many other topics to cover, suddenly, there it is in all its sickening detail in front of me.  What am I to do?

And yet again, those not able to access Twitter are missing the cutting edge of news – that is the platform, despite the attempts by management, which brings what is and what isn’t, which is why the Donald uses it, as does every major player today.

But there is so much deliberate misinformation put out and it gets thicker the closer you get to the truth.  That girl’s photo could be a faked one, easily, her name fake, her current day avatar faked … could be, could be faked, I’ve seen some which seem more and more to be fake.

But not all.  Alisha Owen and Paul Bonacci were real, the testimony by the girls in Belgium was real.  We know Harman and Hewitt supported PIE, we see these animals now openly pushing child sex, including Whoopi Goldberg who was seen on The View asking is it so bad if the child initiates it?  WTF?  What is going on now?  These people are abetting crimes. And don’t forget Corey Feldman on Hollywood.

Plus it’s interwoven:

It’s not as if we weren’t warned – Cyril Smith, Epstein, Airmiles Andy, Dolphin Square and even if Cliff Richard was let off, why did the police choose him and not, say, Joe Bloggs down the road?  Why him?  Because there is so much iffy about that man – I did not say conclusively proving guilt but you could find the story with very little research needed.

I say you could once access it because there’s something else going on now, isn’t there – the removal of material from the web.

Don’t you understand that this is the Man we’re messing with here, these are the actual rulers of darkness.

Let’s come back to this woman Sarah Ruth Ashcraft, this is her thread for those who can access it.  I’m sorry, I’m not doing multiple screenshots for the non-Twitterised.

Now immediately I say to you – you don’t need to tell me about scamming, jumping on bandwagons – in the 90s it was to do with Cheney, now it’s HRC.  I buy what you say, I’m not a fervent believer … but I am a believer because of the sheer weight of evidence which has come through since the 70s.

And sometimes they give themselves away.  The False Memory Syndrome lot were specifically set up to debunk child claims and how easy is it to dismiss a child, yes?  How reliable is a child?  Would you believe your own child if he/she came up with some fantasy about tunnels?

And yes, I buy the criticism about coercion by the interviewers – we’ve seen evidence of that too.  But not in all cases – as one of the main players noted in the 80s – what, was there a worldwide conspiracy of toddlers?

After it had all died down and the False Memory Syndrome people faded away, anyone who cared to look up the major players saw establishment figures with dubious connections and in some cases crimes against their own names.

You have to dig to find these things, ask Google the right questions, not the usual questions.

But then came the open evidence – the 1973 MK Ultra prosecution, the Owen and Bonacci story, Belgium and now people are thinking hmmm, maybe there is something to this.  And what do you see the evidence doing?  Dying away, uncorroborated?  No, you’re seeing new allegations every so often.

No, I don’t uncritically accept this woman, mainly because her initials are SRA – those with eyes will see the significance of this.  I could well have one of the many establishment released scams here but for each one of these perpetrated, how many are left uncovered?  She is certainly not saying anything I was not well aware of from the years of looking for evidence.

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  1. July 24, 2018 at 2:06 pm

    Being devil’s advocate:

    The Muslim grooming gangs are in their mind not having sex with children, because the definition of a child is different in Muslim culture. They set the bar as being an adult when a girl has her period, Western culture sets the bar at a specific age irrespective of the physical attributes of the person.

    This is why Muslim culture ignores the grooming gangs because in a sort of a way, it’s acceptable to the wider community. The girls are technically in Muslim culture adults and additionally are non-Muslim, have lose morals and so are fair game.

    Western Society decides the age of sexual matrurity at an arbirarilry defined age, maybe the calls from the famous are not part of some conspiracy, but a call for parity or to make Muslim cultural practice legal in the West? Like the good Lefty Liberals they are.

    • July 24, 2018 at 4:33 pm

      Thanks, Delphius. Must add this from Distant Relative:

      A few things:

      See page 294 of the recent IG Report re Coleman Interview 4 Oct and notes taken by same –

      Ex-Clinton Foundation Official Tied to Chines Kindergarten Embroiled in Bizarre Sexual Abuse Scandal
      It really is World Wide.

      Other Clinton Foundation officials and nefarious actions – See Laura Silsby case.

      NXIVM and the Bronfman heiresses –

      And so few comments on this post….. 😉

      I replied to DR:

      Think some of the reasons there is only one comment apart from ours are:

      1. Silly season;
      2. Don’t believe it;
      3. Appalled, distasteful;
      4. Hard to know what to look for;
      5. Couldn’t really care less – just a bunch of poor kids.

    • Errol
      July 24, 2018 at 8:09 pm

      But that is a religion, not the law. What they might think in their country is unacceptable here.

      Besides, they deliberately drugged and drank the girls and then gang raped them, repeatedly, over and over again. That’s not a confused over sexed man in love with a not yet adult girl, it’s abusive, offensive, deliberate, paedophilic abuse, assault and torture.

      These Muslim paedophiles – because they are all Paki Muslims – should be dismembered, have their tongues ripped out, their skin flayed off and then thrown into a lime pit with an adrenaline drip to keep them alive and conscious for as long as it takes their bodies to burn away.

      But no, our stupid society puts thme in prison, where 25% of the population is already paki Muslim – an odd statistic considering how they comprise barely 10% of the population yet commit a quarter of all crimes – even ones the state protects, endorses and encourages.

      • Pcar
        July 24, 2018 at 9:58 pm


        Brutal, but true

        small correction for accuracy:

        Paedophilia is prepubescent. Post – I prefer term: Child Rape.

        • July 29, 2018 at 12:51 pm

          What gets my goat (ahem!) is the constant references to ‘children selling sex’ – all as a result of the evil West, of course.

          Children can’t. They are being raped.

  2. Pcar
    July 24, 2018 at 10:03 pm


    SRA etc: too rabbit-hole

  3. James Strong
    July 25, 2018 at 7:16 am

    You don’t believe the woman whose initials are SRA, and ‘those with eyes will see the significance of this.’

    I have no idea what you mean.

    I have told you before about the lack of clarity in your writing.

    Now you have been deliberately opaque.

    Perhaps you react badly to advice such as mine,perhaps you are oh-so-clever in dropping hints to those who in the same loop as you, perhaps there is another reason for your decision to be incomprehensible.

    If you really believe that you have something important to say you will not take the chance of being misunderstood.

    And yet you have taken that chance. The inevitable conclusion is that you do not really think you have something important to say.

    • July 25, 2018 at 7:21 am

      I didn’t say I didn’t believe her, James, I said I am wary, cautious. If I see an anomaly, I’m cautious.

      On this topic, we’re messing with the Man and we must remain cautious in what we write, that’s all. If it comes over as opaque, then so be it.

      There are sufficient leads in that post and comments to follow this up for yourself. We just gave a few leads.

      [And for them scanning this, no I don’t have any hard and fast to anyone in particular, so you can forget that for a start. I blog in general.]

      • Pcar
        July 25, 2018 at 10:12 pm


        SRA is what?

        First time write eg Ball Grid Array (BGA)

        • July 26, 2018 at 8:23 am

          Also, I need to get that pdf to you straight away.

          • Pcar
            July 27, 2018 at 12:11 am

            Satanic ritual abuse?

            pdf: np, when time avail – long queue at arrse reviews too.

  4. Bill
    July 25, 2018 at 9:18 am

    “On this topic, we’re messing with the Man and we must remain cautious in what we write, that’s all.”

    The Man being?

    No comment on the article as I have no knowledge of any of the content save what the media in its multiple forms serves up and in case you didn’t notice I have no faith in that.

    • July 27, 2018 at 6:41 am

      Bill, PCar, readers generally, there are two things in this cryptic answer:

      1. We can lead a horse to water but he then has to put the head in and drink. On this topic, we can’t openly provide chapter and verse, only leads to explore and find out as some of us did. In the light of what’s happening on Twitter, we stay open as a blog as long as direct accusations, not to pollies, as they are expendable, but to the Man or the shadow people who run things are not listed.

      I and others like DR have dropped in names to explore. We think we know where they lead but a person needs wisdom because there are traps along the way. One I discovered early on was the False Memory Syndrome business and how corrupt it was but you’re never going to find it in articles on the first ten pages of Google. You have to really dig.

      At least you’ll find copious articles but they’re all crap. They’re the ones lazy people believe and so they are up front – simple, plausible untruths which anyone wishing to explore will first read and swallow.

      2. You’ll have noticed that people who are usually forthright suddenly go coy, oblique, cryptic. There is obviously a reason and it’s that we find ourselves up against something far bigger than expenses scandals. We can attack a false Pope and specify, we can take down May and specify, we cannot specify in this case. The only ones I’ve been able to, openly so far are Cyril Smith, Airmiles Andy, Epstein and various parties in that post Missing Children.

      That post shows the nauseating lengths these people go to, no compunction whatever. The public have been led to cast the CIA as the chief baddy but you have to go much further – check out the experiments at Walter Reed in the 60s to 80s and the use of black men, check out HIV – that’s but one lead. it’s all out there but we’re not going to spell it out.

      So far, the safest way has been fictionalization – putting it out there in plain sight as a jolly tale to watch and forget, e.g. the first Bourne, e.g. the Manchurian. I typed in GH Esta and instantly, this came up – gh estabrooks hypnotism pdf.

      Dolphin Square has not been closed off by any stretch – only, like CR, the evidence was erased and a conviction was not possible, plus it was in inept hands. You only need look at the latest, on the Derbyshire care home, to know this thing is a cancer across the western and other world.

      And there are principals and those principals are simply not going to allow themselves to be openly accused, their lawyers can swat us like flies. There are hints everywhere – John Buchan in 1915 had been or was about to be in parliament, he knew things, he later went on to become GG in Canada – chapter one of his most famous book lays it out obliquely and quite directly accuses along the way.

      I’ll give two names – Solvay and Bertelsmann – explore those. But there is only so far we as a blog can go, we must preserve this blog because it touches on many topics, not just this one and there is more than one person involved in it. Yesterday we had to repair it.

      That’s as far as I can go, it’s not a topic where it can all be laid on a plate before someone.

  5. July 25, 2018 at 10:25 am

    I used to live in the North of England and I’ve seen first hand how Western Girls are treated by Muslims. The least objectionable is the “Throw away Girlfiriend”, when a Muslim takes a Western girl as a girlfriend and treats her as such; right up until the point they marry a good Muslim girl.

    I’ve also been involved on the fringes of alternative sexuality/fetish groups and again, if there were such a thing as institutional abduction and rape of girls and women, I would have heard about it. The closest I’ve ever got was an email conversation with a “Russian lady” asking “interesting” questions about torture techniques. Not sure if she was real and had had “Hostel” fantasies or if it was some bloke acting out a keyboard fantasy, but I politely declined to engage. The tone of the conversation lead me to believe it was fantasy rather real.

    In an age where being the victim pays money (in the UK there’s the victim compensation scheme) and the burden of proof for payment is very low (you don’t need to win a case) then I’m afraid people will say anything for a bit of cash.

    Some humans can and will do anything to gain fame and/or notoriety, they will do anything for love. In the North we have a saying: “There’s nowt as queer as folk”. Some people have issues and will just say anything, without understanding consequences.

    Sorting the wheat from the chaff, the real from the rumour, requires some skill and dedication.

  6. Iain Heron
    August 1, 2018 at 7:42 pm

    There has been a huge amount of research published on this topic … here’s a great source for your pre-reading and consideration

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