The Bloody Sunday betrayal of British soldiers: whilst the IRA sit smiling.

Some eight years ago, I wrote a commentary piece about the Bloody Sunday’s Saville Inquiry in another place online. I know it was effective, mainly because of the hostile invective which rained down around me, and I copy it here:-

And it came to pass that the Roman Authorities had placed statues and likenesses of their gods in and around the Temple. The priests and the pharisees, helped and aided by a Roman sympathiser named Publius Romanus Opaganda, had previously decided to protest against the imposition of excessive taxation on all the citizenry by the Romans. They claimed that the taxes all went to the building of the homes for the senior Romans in the city, and none was spent upon the public good, for they were all law-abiding, and paid their taxes dutifully if unwillingly. So when the priests and pharisees heard of the placing of the images around the Temple, they were justly infuriated, and spoke to their ‘community leaders’ and especially to two of those leaders, one bearded and stern of visage, the other smiling and grinning; and popular with his followers.

So the two leaders spoke together, and decided that they would call on the citizenry to march, in an entirely peaceful and lawful manner, to a field where they all might listen to the pharisees as their religious leaders would speak not only of their lawful duty to pay the taxes as required, but to look forward to a time when such taxes would be collected by their own people, for spending upon those same people in good public works, as well as proportionate tithes to the Temple. They decided that the placing of foreign gods’ images around the Temple was indeed an insult to all the people of the city, and therefore the protests should be inclusive of both speeches against the taxes, and also the images.

Now some of the younger, more headstrong of the followers of the two leaders planned to hurl stones covered in dye at the Roman soldiers, but the smiling leader, himself a follower of peace and love, reproved them stating that this protest would indeed be peaceful, because of the advice of their Roman sympathiser P.R. Opaganda which said that if they broke no laws, all would be seen by the Romans as within the law, and no harm would come to any.

So the young, the old and the majority of the city dwellers commenced their march down towards the field where they planned to make their speeches. But lo, the Romans were active in the city before they had marched very far, and as the leaders of the march, who strangely had not seen the two ‘community leaders’ for some time, came up to a cross-road in the winding streets of the city, were stopped by a Roman centurion, complete with an armed cohort, who threatened them if they advanced, because their march was viewed by the Romans as illegal.

The protesters conferred amongst themselves, and indeed, because they were all both peace-loving as well as law-abiding citizenry, decided to tell their marchers, many carrying the palm fronds of peace, all of whom were singing and laughing because they knew that their cause was just, that the march should indeed be abandoned, and they should return in a quiet and law-abiding manner to their homes.

But then, onlookers state,  the Roman centurion drew his own ‘gladius’ or short sword for no apparent reason, and motioned to the cohort archers, who had remained at the rear of their column, to flex their bows and fire their arrows at deadly close range, into the crowd of protesters. Others state that the protesters themselves fired arrows from hidden positions, which caused the centurion to react as he did!

Yea, the carnage was dreadful, with thirteen dying or dead in a short space of time, and with many more injured. One of the dying was indeed carried by his friends towards safety whilst a pharisee waved a white cloth in the hope that the Romans would spare all their lives, and the centurion saw what he had done, and stayed the archers from further destruction and killing.

When the mothers and families of those who had died came to remonstrate with the two ‘community leaders’ who had promised that there would be no violence if none was offered, they were rudely rebuffed by the two ‘leaders’. The smiling one said firmly. ‘Yea, though your foolish children and husbands are now dead because you trusted us, you will be remembered far into the future, and liberation will draw nearer because the Romans will tire of their rule over us, and once free, we shall choose the people who will speak to a Roman judge, and he shall indeed write a scroll which shall utterly condemn not only the foolish centurion and the archers, but also Pilate, the Romans and even Ceasar himself, because we shall indeed overcome their truth with our own truth!’

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it….” Attributed to Josef Goebbels.

The murderous scum of the IRA, lawfully convicted of multiple murders and acts of terrorism;  were all released from prison as part of the Belfast Agreement: a British Government / Irish Government / Northern Ireland political parties initiative. It was supposed to bring peace and stability to a British Province racked by years of a bunch of terrorists masquerading under the title of an ‘Army’: who sought to usurp and overthrow the majority which adhered to the British Crown, and instead bring about a ‘united Ireland’. It was actually nothing of the sort. Behind the glib wording, of the ‘Assembly’ where former foes would sit together and resolve their differences, behind the smooth phrases which were supposed to brush away the deaths of over three thousand people: lay a betrayal almost beyond belief.

Daily Mail

In 2015, a secret deal which gave a virtual AMNESTY to those On The Run (OTR) IRA terror suspects who had not been arrested, charged and imprisoned was revealed during the abortive trial of the Hyde Park bomber, John Downey. He had been issued with such a letter stating that he would not be pursued for any acts he had undertaken. The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) realised their mistake, but never withdrew the advice and letter; Downey played his trump card, the OTR letter, at the beginning of his trial, his pleas were upheld by the High Court, and the case was dismissed. So Downey walked free, instead of being charged for the murders he committed, and joined the rest of the less-than-august band of sneering killers who had evaded justice on the specific orders of ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair, along with his dribbling bent sidekick Peter Hain. IRA/SinnFein stated, during the secret negotiations which led to the true betrayal of all which Britain used to stand for; that they would walk away from the talks if the OTR letters were not sent out: Blair and Hain caved, IRA/SinnFein got what they wanted, which was a TOTAL AMNESTY,  for all of the murderous scum who held to their so-called ‘Cause’; but no-one else: UVA, UDA, British Army; no-one received a similar get-out-of-jail-free card at all.

Which brings us up to today’s news that yet another former British soldier has been interviewed under caution for the ‘attempted murder’ of two onlookers of that Bloody Sunday parade, who claimed they were injured by flying debris from shots he fired. No OTR letter for that brave man, or any one of the other paratroopers, all of whom are now considered ‘fair game’ by the one-sided PSNI inquiries.

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  1. August 1, 2018 at 8:50 pm

    Lot in common between the Fenians and the religion of peace.

  2. Pcar
    August 1, 2018 at 9:25 pm


    …and Catholics did have a vote unlike lies MSM propagate.

    Channel 4 journo aghast when his belief in Blair/Clinton’s “peace” shattered

    Not a surprise to anyone from NI.

    Also, the “Stormont Belfast Assembly” is more undemocratic than EU:

    Gov’t And Opposition must vote in favour of laws. If Gov’t votes Yes and Opposition No, bill fails. Number of Yes/No ignored.

  3. Old Geezer
    August 2, 2018 at 8:49 am

    It was a Blair initiative, so you should expect it to be two faced, dishonest, corrupt and anti English.

  4. john in cheshire
    August 2, 2018 at 9:44 am

    It’s apparent that everything the Beliar and his gang touched, turned into filth. And the Conservative party are no better, because if they were, they would either rescind the get out of jail free letter or grant the same immunity from prosecution to all other parties involved in the war for Northern Ireland.

    I know I keep saying it but our swamp is wide and deep and eventually someone is going to have to drain it.

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