Mollie Tibbetts

This deserves its own post.

The reason the Donald was so annoyed about Twitter’s shadow banning – that is, banning someone not openly but when he/she tweets it is not sent, though it appears to have been – is for the obviously fraudulent nature of this trick by our Jack Dorsey but also because Twitter has become a public utility across the west, especially the English speaking west, completely at the whim of one left-liberal.

And part of that world utility function is regular bulletins by the police about missing persons, returned service people, crims and so on – in my book that’s fine, police should do this and most tweeters seeing such a thing will immediately retweet to “followers”.

Thus they retweeted about the missing girl Mollie Tibbetts, the police issued a number to call etc.

Now, why does it always seem to be a small child or a pretty girl? Rarely a boy?

Well yes, there is certainly that cute beauty thing involved – Our Maker designed such people to trigger feelings so they would be protected. A spotty herbert boy is not so “triggering” and anyway, he’s usually better able to get out of trouble.

Another group is very old and frail people.  No white, male curmudgeon would be reported missing because we’re the ones still causing all the mayhem. I see no unfairness in this at all – the right people are being highlighted for protection, the ones triggering the feelings are the ones who need our protection – that’s just par for the course, end of.

Thus Mollie’s picture was all over but as we’re finding more and more these days, sadly, it was broken by the Chicago Tribune that her body may have been found:

This is the Beeb report:

The Beeb at least gets that sort of thing right. However:

Yes, left-liberals on Twitter were tweeting this morning the question why “some girl in Iowa” was trending and something important like Trump’s impeachment was not.

The answer of course was that one was a real murder by an illegal and the other a beat-up by the left which no one cares about.

The issue here is that it was an illegal alien again.  So we have three main suspect groups – Muslims, blacks and Mexicans – vaguely illegals, vaguely killers, but of course only a certain number do the crimes.  Which does not exonerate home grown crims.

As we all know, the MSM would not show pictures of suspects before, they called them Asians or whatever, they covered up but now the MSM is shifting its ground and as it is clearly cued from above, this represents a shift in the policy of the PTB.

Now why would they allow the pics of Muslims, blacks and Mexicans now, not before?

The cynical among us might think it was to provide a scapegoat group.  See, we hear of a dead girl, see a beautiful young girl, maximum trigger – remember Beslan is coming up again too on September 1st – but now they actually show the illegal on remand.

Backlash, right?  Also calls for Laura Norder.  I don’t wish to sound like a left-liberal but a note of caution please.  You see, how do we know the illegal killed her?  Recently, we’ve seen reports of Them taking kids off the street – and young, unaccompanied female joggers are on the street – and are doing things to them.  There are hundreds now in each month being reported.


Look again, for reference, to the Missing Children post at OoL. Look at the people involved in it.  Look at DR’s Pizzagate research [url is in the sidebar].

It could well have been done by an illegal and/or Muslim, black or Mexican but I also urge caution in mass calls for lynchings of those groups.  The left, whom we dismiss, say this is showing signs of 30s Germany and before we dismiss that because the left are such a lot of loons, which they are, they might just have something here.

And who is most loathe to listen?  Us!  Our own lot!

I’m a cautious man, suspicious by nature – that’s come through experience – but I also see overtones of 911 and The Patriot Act, FEMA in this.  Of Katrina to an extent.

And just as with Sandy Hook, it angers all gallant people for us to say it but there really were anomalies – we’re told something is so, pictures are used.  That toddler face down in the shallows in the middle-east, used by Hamas, was shown to be faked, the drowning boat people were also found to have been filmed in the shallows – just how much can be trusted any more?

If there really was a jogger named Mollie – then OK. If she was taken by Them and killed – not OK.  And there’s an awful lot of it about now.

RIP finally, Mollie Tibbetts and any other child in that position – there be monsters about today.


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  1. Pcar
    August 22, 2018 at 9:32 pm

    The answer of course was that one was a real murder by an illegal and the other a beat-up by the left which no one cares about.

    Yep. Trump refers to Mueller investigation into Russian Collusion as a Witch Hunt – it is. The two plea-bargain guilty yesterday had nothing to do with Russia and campaign payoff was peanuts – $500k vs $500M spent; ~1/3 of Madam Death’s spending and huge exposed & ignored bribes.

    msm treatment of Trump and fair justice is similar to their treatment of Tommy Robinson

    • August 23, 2018 at 7:44 pm


      • Pcar
        August 24, 2018 at 12:07 am

        Trump on Fox F and F: “…all I did wrong was beating Crooked Hilary…”

        Nails it.

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