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Right, we have two issues here – one is electronic, in that you’d need to be able to access Twitter to look through those documents, the second is that I need to invent a character to protect those who can’t help themselves, for the purpose of this post.

On the first, there’s a facsimile of the Twitter page above in which the writing is too small for some, so you’ll just have to take my word on what it says.

Robert Hannigan [Head of GCHQ] wrote to Boris Johnson asking about Project FULSOME, which was about spying on Trump, the letter was to ask for another 90 days surveillance.

Now, put this British collusion together with these other matters below and I’ll meet you at the foot of the page:

Meanwhile, over here:

The first thing we need to put to rest immediately is that there is no interconnection between US matters and UK – there is very much a connection and the forces of the clandestine work together.

Common Purpose is not misnamed – from Strzok to Comey to Hannigan to the SYP to the law courts to the universities to the health service – the upper echelons are ALL in collusion in an attempt to destabilise both countries [Europe as well, plus Canada and Australia, etc. etc., to create conflict, using various means, e.g. Open borders, which the Kochs have just come out to support again.

For anyone with an open mind, we’re getting an armchair ride watching it all unfold.

Into this enter Sophie [the character I’ve invented, Sophie meaning wisdom]. Sophie has just finished haranguing me over her Trump Derangement, saying he’s dangerous and criminal and all that.

OK, let’s put this in perspective – yes, he’s dangerous, yes, I do feel, for eschatological reasons, that he might just be the one but that’s fanciful, yes, he’s no moral arbiter, as Clinton W was not.  There are questions over him for sure.  he also came into power on the military arm.  They have traditionally been the neo-cons.

All that may be so but until now, as POTUS, he has moved mountains for the American economy and for American esprit-de-corps, directly opposed to the hidden hand’s agenda.

Therefore the hidden hand has been going beserk and all its agencies, from Mad Cow Maddow to Kimmel to all the rest of them – the NYT, CNN, whoever, FBI, DoJ – all of them, with the Brits, have been working to remove Trump.

Our Sophie, a politically brainwashed girl, sees nothing of what I present above, zilch, nada – and why?

Because her reality comes from the abovenamed sources who are in collusion with the deep state, with the hidden hand. Countless things are coming out, especially from Wikileaks, even now and all of it confirms what we knew.  None of it contradicts it.

Would you get any of that on Mad Cow?  No you would not.  Is there any reason then to debate any of this with our Sophie?

Well clearly not, especially when she herself, full to the brim with the SJW PCism, says she can’t believe how an intelligent man like me can be taken in by Trump.

All right, firstly, by missing the entire range of revelations which have been coming out and upon which so many are blogging and tweeting – to entirely miss all those and have your reality determined by Mad Cow and her kind, professional liars – well there is seriously no point getting upset in any way.

Yuri Bezmenov described this phenomenon succinctly.

As for the charge of being brainwashed by Trump, then clearly someone doesn’t know that I’m brainwashed only by the Trinity and the gospels – I certainly admit to that.

As for Trump, yes, it’s possible that he is heading up the most complete beat-up in which everyone from Clinton to Bush to Kerry to May to Johnson to the EU to the UN – they’re all of them working to the same agenda.

It’s always possible.  But not likely, the way the documents have fallen, there is this thing called Occam’s razor.  Far more likely is that the article quoted at N.O. a long time back about the triangle of power in the States is accurate and Trump’s corner of that is being stomped on by the other two, who are used to being in power.

It’s also possible that should Trump triumph, then it wasn’t him triumphing but the military and so – welcome to martial law.  Possible.

But for now, there is clear evidence coming through daily of the deep collusion between all the elite forces and NGOs, for the purpose of covering up, not letting things see the light of day.

And the main fear?  Is it the illegalities themselves that senior people have committed?  To a point but it seems to me that a glance at the pizzagate link in my sidebar [cheers mainly to Distant Relative] is probably closer to the mark, that this thing is vastly worse than it at first appears, that it brings in all sorts of wrongdoers, all the way down to the social workers and nurses.  That there has been going on the most enormous, heinous crime on humanity and it is in danger of blowing up right now.

If Trump wins the midterms, it will hit the fan and the prosecutions will begin, not just within the North American continent.

And involved in it are most of Labour/Democrats/RINOs/CINOs, all of the agencies great and small, even little people who should have done right and did wrong. Not unlike nuclear fission, where will it end?  The Rotherham girls are just one visible spinoff of all this evil.

I believe that by hook or by crook, by outright miscounting of votes, by sheer fraud in other words, they’ll prevent Trump from being able to carry out the threats. If he manages to circumvent that, then they’ll go the nuclear option, it happened with JFK, it will happen again.

The truth must never be told.

I look back at the aftermath of 911 in 2001 and how much vilification I myself was getting over WTC7 not being kosher.  Now there is not the lightest doubt that NIST lied, that the firemen were marginalized and vilified, that evidence was removed.  We can still argue over why, what for, but that it happened, there is not the slightest doubt. And it wasn’t just Silverstein protecting his shady deals, govt was involved to the neck in it as well.

Did the Muslims fly planes into the towers?  Who knows?  It’s not the central issue, the central issue is what is being covered up and why.  And by whom, for whom?

If you are like Sophie and her three wise monkeys, then I have a bridge to sell you if you’re interested.  It’s one thing connecting dots at will but it’s another saying nothing at all has been happening, nyah nyah nyah, hands over ears then eyes, I can’t hear or see anything.

And everyday, fresh revelations come out.  and everyday, Sophie goes back to her source – Rachel Mad Cow, establishment shill. Plus all the others.  sophie is assured that Kavanaugh will not be appointed, because Mad Cow has told her that.

I wonder what she thinks of this:

The results of the Kavanaugh confirmation process were certain before the hearings began.  He’s a well respected jurist with a spotless reputation.  Nothing has changed this, and with Senator Jon Kyl having been sworn into office by the vice president, and McConnell’s assurance of confirmation, he will certainly be seated by the time the Supreme Court begins its new term on October 1.  Nothing in this fiasco of a hearing has changed that.

What has changed, I should think, is any serious notion that Cory Booker or Kamala Harris has a national political future after their outrageous performances this week.  Booker has exposed himself as an idiot, claiming he was like Spartacus in revealing classified information which had already been declassified, and which, in any event, showed that the judge had opposed “profiling.”

Newt Gingrich said it best:

Cory Booker should study history before he tries to use it.  Calling a Senate publicity stunt his “Spartacus” moment was absurd.  Spartacus was a gladiator slave who rebelled, lost, was crucified.  Booker studied at Stanford, Oxford, Yale Law School.  His only risk is being ridiculed[.]

Kamala Harris’s unsubstantiated charge that the judge had discussed the Mueller investigation with an unnamed lawyer in a private firm at some unnamed date along with bullying the witness again demonstrates that she lacks the character and wit to hold even the senatorial seat, let alone higher office.

Booker and Harris are bit players, shills employed by the hidden hand. By concentrating on them, we fail to peer behind and above them at who is really calling the shots.  That’s where it gets really murky.

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  1. September 11, 2018 at 2:42 pm

    erm when did Hannigan step down? – I thought it was within 24 hours of Brennan baling out of CIA Directorship – which was……

  2. September 11, 2018 at 2:42 pm

    erm when did Hannigan step down? – I thought it was within 24 hours of Brennan baling out of CIA Directorship – which was……

    • September 11, 2018 at 5:54 pm

      It was important to put that twice, Tom.

  3. rapscallion
    September 11, 2018 at 2:43 pm

    WTC7 not being kosher.

    It was far from Kosher. No building can possibly collapse in it’s own footprint (like the twin towers did) without controlled explosions. Moreover Al Beeb reported WTC7 as having collapsed even before it did – and there is video proof of that.

    • john in cheshire
      September 12, 2018 at 9:15 am

      The book by Dr. Judy Wood, ‘ Where Did The Towers Go?’ is possibly the most authoritative investigation of the demolition of the world trade centre towers. I notice it’s down in price from Amazon at £33 with free delivery.

  4. Distant Relative
    September 11, 2018 at 5:02 pm

    I don’t doubt for one second that GCHQ under the 5-Eyes agreement colluded with BHO/HRC/McCain/Brennan/Clapper/Comey/Lynch/Rosenstein/Yates/Strzok/Page and a dozen more swamp critters to try to stop Trump at any cost but that doc at the top is questionable for two reasons. First off it was Christopher Steele, not Michael Steele, who was behind the Dirty Dossier and he was MI6 (and FBI) not MI5. That doc has been circulating the web on and off since last year.

  5. September 12, 2018 at 11:33 am

    Unfortunately I’ve a cranky left button on my mouse – consider yourself lucky you didn’t get 3 🙂 – the “click to edit” prompt and countdown didn’t show at my end….

    One does have to wonder at the provenance of the addled document.

    One thing is sure – TDS is real – I’ve lost count of the number of ostensibly sane folk who absolutely flip at the mention of DJT – and when asked to elaborate simply flounder…

    There’s obviously a few who thought to try on Sir Williams Stephenson’s shoes and on their performance thus far – they don’t fit.

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