When emotion, not reason, rules all



In the politics of postmodernist-neoliberalist-globalism emotion has taken the place of evidence and logic. The political media elite no longer even pretend to be concerned with facts. Examples of this truism can daily be seen in the debates that decorate the parliaments of the so called liberal democracies and the narratives that fill the endless content of the corporate news media.

Consider also:


As I explained in my last post, what first gave me some sympathy for the Russians’ story and drew me to look at it closer, was the raft of social media claims that there was no snow in Salisbury that weekend and Stonehenge had not been closed. In fact, Stonehenge was indeed closed on 3 March by heavy snow, as confirmed by English Heritage. So the story that they came to Salisbury on 3 March but could not go to Stonehenge because of heavy snow did stand up, contrary to almost the entire twittersphere.

I’d like to broaden this if I may, by mentioning, whilst not going back into them, factors like:

1. Colin Ross’s expose of the psychiatric oldboy network [see N.O. for posts], its connection with big Pharma, mind control, the complicity of the leading hospitals, the introduction of HIV through black experimentees etc.

2. The current migrant influx.

3. Svali’s account, in 2000, on Canadian radio,about who and what the Illuminati are about, their use of drugs in “training”, the CIA, the deep state, satanic ritual abuse and then move onto Franklin and the False Memory scam, look up Alisha Owen and see the post on The Missing Children here at OoL.

The year 2020 looms in her account as the year they’re going to make their move, the deep state. Look up the story of the Masons’ higher echelons.

4. Look at the post on Pizzagate in the N.O. sidebar and then search for Dolphin Square.

5. Look at the Papacy and the posts on symbolism, you’re already looking at the abuse, look at the homosexual viciousness the closer you get to Rome.

6. Then add all we know about the lying and lawless behaviour of those inside this vast thing worldwide at all levels of society, including that receptionist you speak to.

One of the readers at my place mentioned the GOP not having the slightest intention of winning the midterms. Look up the search term “triangle” at my place and see the post on the power triangle in the US, that DJT is the rep of the military apex.

7. Observe Carney and how he can cause the crash at any moment, that he is not British but part of the dark NA elite, trace back the roots to Germany, look at Bertelsmann and its recommendations that parents start paedophilia young [that was on this blog] – they control Merkel.

Slowly, it starts to dawn – throw in 911, the Bushes, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, the revenge they now have on Alex Jones [or was he part of it from the start and now he’s retiring from the scene, his work done], it goes on and on.

It’s all theatre with one ultimate purpose, due to be forced to start 2019/20.