2019 or 2020

My milieu is mainly among miserable sinners like myself, yourself, not among the saints and my first thought about anything going on is political but there are two issues with that.

First, the story about Kavanaugh, for those not up to speed, e.g. those not in the US.  He should be a fairly straightforward appointment to the bench, anti-abortion, conservative but when you take on Abortion, you’re taking on Planned Parenthood and the trade.

This is the visible side of it – Democrats doing anything to stop a conservative SC justice who will prevent the agenda and that cannot be because it is too darned lucrative, there are billions tied up with stupid girls being induced to abort on spec – Planned Parenthood, I’m told, are all warm and fuzzy and welcoming.

Second, the political story from Stonewall Jackson on Twitter:

Isn’t it amazing that all these women who were supposedly molested as youngsters by Republicans just so happened to grow up and run in elite Democrat circles, like Kavanaugh accuser? I mean how many people that you went to school with are now friends with Democrat politicians?

Remember that Roy Moore’s accuser worked for Joe Biden? I mean seriously, what are the chances? All these accusers of Republicans, from decades ago in high school, end up working for Democrat politicians? Just doesn’t pass the smell test, does it?

Right, so there are all these insta-accusers to bring out of the woodwork for any pollie they wish to stop. Of course she can’t remember which house, how many there were, who did what but she was sure it was Kavanaugh on top of her, and she felt she was going to die. Liberal professor now in California. Right. Waits 35 years until he’s almost a SC justice and comes out of the woodwork. Right.

And that’s as far as most readers are prepared to go … but not me.

Because even though I am primarily political, I also know my religion and have done my homework. I know about MK Ultra, about the dissociative trauma treatments – I’ve read the case studies. Look up GH Estabrooks, Ewen Cameron and Selwyn Leeks, regressing women back to incontinence in one case. Shocks way over the recommended dose.

Then go to the Colin Ross lecture on the psychiatric old boy network, also Big Pharma – Sandos, Eli Lilly. This is on file, it’s documented, not the slightest tinfoil and those idiots or trolls who try that on get short shrift from me.

Now look at the woman with Biden again – this is not just a Dem, this is a Dem giving the satanic horned sign. Please don’t insult my intelligence by trying that old “it’s just the hand of peace, love and friendship”. Bollox, that is the horned sign sold to kids through media, entertainment, gaming, as the hand of peace, love and friendship but it is used by grown adults too, such as Popes, Clintons both, Bushes, all the people who show signs of being evil muvvers in the secular way we usually refer to.

Only the de-godded mass of readers can be sold that pap about peace, love and mutual understanding from these evil muvvers. They are evil, literally, only someone who has delved and/or has a belief system can find out what these muvvers are really about. Our side of politics are far further along this road to understanding.  The snowflakes are nowhere,

The average reader can go the political-only route and assume that power corrupts and that pollies live in a rarified world where they think they’re demi-gods, some of you have even got as far as accepting a worldwide plan – global marxism – but few have gone that next step of understanding what is really behind all this, what this hidden power is.

The sheer viciousness in the lawlessness is way beyond a whole lot of Arfur Daleys stitching people up, knocking off hubcaps etc. This is violent, with hatred – knocking a man off his moped and kicking him half to death while people just film it on their phones – if you think this is just ordinary lawlessness, then let’s talk about boiling frogs.

What we have here is the same element which was present in the Balkans when the CIA/NATO went in, Kosovo, that element of the bestial, ditto in Darfur with the UN “observers”. Anyone read The Quiet American? Read it sometime.

I know that so many readers have enormous difficulty going that next step to what is behind all this. You might see the viciousness behind it and, say, put it down to Common Purpose or tothe Frankfurt School or to Marcuse or global marxism and you’d not be wrong … as far as that goes.

It still does not explain the grotesque, sicko, bestial viciousness which comes through in all the attacks, rapes, torture etc., the new edge to it. Think Benghazi. That’s the same viciousness that Walsingham had in the time of Queen Bess, that Torquemada had in the time of the Inquisition.

Gouging babies eyes out before burning them in Darfur has no political purpose – they’re going to be dead anyway, that’s the political purpose, also the terror. No, this is something extra, there’s a real edge to it such as in Benghazi, with Obama/Clinton well aware of what was happening.

In short, we are fighting, not just for civilisation in political terms, but truly for good over evil, albeit inadvertently for so many of our miserable sinner colleagues.

And thus, politically, certain groups must be suppressed. Who are the most vilified for now? Conservatives, alt-right, Deplorables. But who gets the especially vicious treatment? Christians of course – there was an attack on the weekend in Britain on a prayer group.

Now think for a moment why that should be so – why them? And who is being publicly and quite rightly attacked? The corrupt and hijacked papacy and paedo-priesthood. No one I know disagrees with them being cleaned out, like ordure from the Augean stables.

But the real agenda lies behind that – getting rid of all who really do know what’s going down here, things clearly spelt out by Svali in the year 2000 for those with ears and eyes.

If what I say holds water, and I have as much supporting testimony as necessary to at least put it on the table, which is no more than any of you can find with the right questions to Google, then there is no way to stop this system going the 1984 way, because we’re not opposing just a bunch of snowflakes, Biden’s birds and Cressida Dick, we’re up against something much more organized and vicious.

And look at the people in place to make it happen. Soy Boy in Canada is changing the law right now to exonerate Muslim rapists, keep them out of prison, Cressida Dick runs law enforcement here, Carney is in place to crash the economy at will, the Fed is in place over there – who do you think is on the NY Fed’s board? Find out.

Ruth Davidson is a lesbian, somehow they got a child without a man, she was a self-harmer … and she leads the forces of the respectable in Scotland?  Sheesh!

Then the beloved EU, defended by Gina Miller atop a chalk cliff. Soros and the Kochs behind all. They’re not even the old family money. Puppets Macron and May [the latter promising to be a bloody difficult woman in negotiations – yeah, really, really difficult like, oh so difficult].

The war in the States is over Kavanaugh, the aim is the impeachment of Trump, never mind that Woodward said there was no collusion. What’s it matter, they’ll trot out another floozy whom he ‘raped’ forty years ago, might even go the Ivanka route again, it hardly matters, gloves are off.

Feinstein, the evil bitch, communist, ignores the 60+ women waiting to testify for Kavanaugh, that’s not the point of all this, is it?

People, we’re caught up in a theatre of horrors and they have stated many times that lampshade time is 2019/20, that’s when this is scheduled to hit the fan, not that it actually will because their plans oft go awry, like Hitler’s on that September 15th way back when.

Where will you be? Bottom line though is more than that – it is this:

Sooner or later, you personally will be forced to accept things which in your book are plain not right. This varies according to you and the events in your life which have led to your reading this now. We’re different people but we’re all being challenged to just accept things we simply don’t wish to.

Were that not true, there’d be no need for an OoL or any other political website of this nature.

Sooner or later, that line in the sand will appear and you’re either going to balk [baulk?] and say no more, no further, or else you’ll go along with it and become a cloned automaton beast like the others.

This is a war for civilisation, not between revolutionary militias and govt forces but between and anti-human power against humans themselves, one by one. Everyone will have to make his or her choice.

6 comments for “2019 or 2020

  1. James Strong
    September 17, 2018 at 7:00 am

    How many are on the inside of the plan?

    Are people like SoyBoy, yo mean the current PM of Canada, Justin Trudeau, part of the planning group, or are they just carrying out instructions?

    Power is, essentialy, the ability to make someone do what they don’t want to.

    SoyBoy is planning a change in the law to exoneragte muslims from rape, you say.

    Why does he think this is a good idea?

    Or how can he be made to carry this out if he does not think it is a good idea?

    And you can apply these questions to many of the people you mention or allude to.

    • September 17, 2018 at 8:16 am

      I think, James, that the money is the power, the source of the big money is it. Who has that, also the diseased minds over the centuries? I should think, historically, that most people could vaguely identify the henchmen. The legions are the snowflakes, SJWs, any of us following the new Narrative.

      The people who run things, the endless money source – they’re the ones. Agatha Christie attempted to identify them but it fell on deaf ears because no reader could relate. No one’s going to hit them, they’re too well protected.

    • Distant Relative
      September 17, 2018 at 9:22 am

      JS – “Or how can he be made to carry this out if he does not think it is a good idea?”

      The same way they do with a lot of leaders past and present. Groom them from an early age – think BHObama. The money behind him was Saudi Arabia, in particular Al-Waleed bin Talal, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXHk43Ug2DA [20 mins]

      Those at the top of the muck heap (with the money) control their puppets via some sort of dirt on their chosen ones or lures of wealth, power and such, whatever their desires. They look for weak-willed idiots, narcissists. Think Macron who likened himself to God at one point. If you look hard enough you’ll find dirt on most propping up the current globalist agenda. Soyboy’s might well be his parentage. Macron’s – well, he’s gone before the French parliament twice to deny he’s gay. May’s father had some interesting things in his closet, Merkel’s past etc etc. Bottom line really is they have no conscience and are in it just for themselves. What they are too stupid to realise is that the ones who put them in their temporary positions of power will chew them up and spit them out when they have either served their purpose or mess up.

    • Errol
      September 17, 2018 at 8:03 pm

      How can one group be exonnerated from a crime? Was it costing him too much to prosecute the vast numbers of Muslim rapists? This is discrimination, nothing else.

      What is your source, please?

  2. Pcar
    September 17, 2018 at 10:02 pm

    Spot on James

    Benghazi, Libya

    Wales, UK – think of the children? Nope, ideology first

    Both by evil politicians.

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