We are fed up to here with it …

It was time to check OoL and I saw these:

Prostitutes is how my mother, wife and I classify them … don’t whine and debase yourself again when you later regret.


If she’s lying she should be charged with – literally – obstruction of justice. The woman should have come forward 35 years ago. As should all the Me Too brigade who are simply prostitutes.

At first that seems extreme and then I got to thinking.  Went to my site and there was a leftist saying I should change the blog name to misogynist, showing she had read nothing, had taken nothing in but had gone straight to insults.

That’s the leftist way.

Does it cross any leftist’s mind that we are, on the whole, very, very angry about what they are doing?  We are not mad, hating xenophobes and misogynists, we are angry at what has been going on.

Personally, I think we’ve been more than reserved on this so far.  James Woods puts it well:

Bill Mitchell, radio presenter, heavy with sarcasm:

“He tried to rape me 36 years ago!”
Present your evidence.
“No, I’m scared.”
“Death threats.”
Show us your social media history.
“Wiped it.”
When will you testify?
“Nov 7.”
Why then?
“Won’t be scared then.”
Why not?
“You’re scaring me!”

More reactions:

A friend, a woman, just said that that means every boy who ever tried to kiss a girl is a rapist and no, she was not saying that that was so, quite the opposite.

Women all over Twitter have had enough because for a woman, it’s personal safety involved and these bstds on the left don’t give a damn about anyone’s safety.  Just like their overlords the global elite.

I had my say:

Yes, I was talking about an issue over here but it’s the same sort of people, same sort of issue.

Steven Woolfe:

It will seem this is jumping from topic to topic but that just shows it’s the same feeling, same situation around the world now.

Jamie Glazov:

He’s in Canada. That stupid woman was a “refugees welcome” nutter.

Point is, these evil muvvers of the left are causing anarchy all over the world, from the real evil muvvers like Clinton, Feinstein, Schumer and Obama to silly little twerps like Ocasio Cortez.

We can name British ones too, Canadian, Australian – it’s everywhere, it’s global, it was warned about decades ago.

And people are fed up with it – with them, with their deep captcha media, with their constantly flung insults which are exactly the things they are doing. If some woman cries misogynist, then odds on she’s a rank misandrist.

If someone cries racist, then sure as night follows day, he’s the racist.

And we are fed up. Just one more:

Now, global elite, plus your leftist hordes, plus your invader savages – I wonder if it has struck you what is going down with us here – this is men and women combining, together you understand, cooperatively, with love for each other – to reject you and all your divisive works!

Plus we want our country back!

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  1. John Duckett
    September 20, 2018 at 2:48 am

    Here in New Zealand,our stupid, Virtue Signalling Prime Minister is intent on bringing into the country more of the refugees that Australia has been rejecting. She cannot see that this will encourage even more and the people traffickers will be gearing up to make even more money from the misery of others.

    • Mudplugger
      September 20, 2018 at 8:48 am

      Your ‘stupid’ Prime Minister has been watching and learning from others – it’s a wonderful way to breed future votes to harvest your party’s electoral success for decades to come.

      Sod the country, its people and its culture, just get re-elected, that’s the mantra.

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