Classical liberalism and the rule of law are the ONLY logical positions for a society to take

The Pimlico plumber illustrates the conundrum of his illogical stance. He refuses to take his sign down. He stands on his ancient right that his gaff is his castle, not a right he extends to others.

Fine, say we conservatives/Deplorables – that’s free speech at work in this land, something we’re fighting for.  His sign must remain up.

The fascist Remoaner though is supporting the removal of free speech and action, i.e., by definition, he is supporting the very prescriptive and proscriptive EUSSR policies which, if his sign did not suit them, would result in a takedown order and violence – the council stormtroopers sent in.

Not to mention the state stormtroopers Antifa and the snowflake “hit me with a flower” violence.  There was a clip on Twitter of an old man of around 80 holding a sign, seemed a veteran of the war, maybe the Korean, and two twits were dancing around him, spitting invective – they were simply out of their brains, the girl then tried to tear his sign down but he was too quick.

That’s youth today and as you know, they’re into this safe spaces, no cultural appropriation, deplatforming people thing, the little twerps.  And where is it generating from, all of this?  From university staff.  From failures of parents, including single mothers.  A single mother, by definition, is failing her child.

Their constant trick

We saw it with Biden in the States. Any one of those could be up for sexual crimes, Ford turned out to be a slapper of the worst kind and a liar to boot and they don’t mind taking down anyone who opposes them by any means whatever.

The expression “dregs of society”.  Look at the leftists and their behaviour – the nose-boner, tattooed, unhygienic, shrill, ugly left and then look, for example, at Sarah Sanders, Laura Ingraham, James Woods, JRM – where are their sleazy, Weiner type sex scandals?  Bumping off opponents?  Where?

And then Biden comes out and calls Deplorables the dregs of society. What, like Chelsea Handler being urinated on and loving it, like Kathy whatever with Trump’s head, Whoopi Goldberg – those sorts of dregs?

Tell me how Lindsey Graham’s performance over the past few days is the dregs?  Tell me how John Redwood is the dregs?  Tell me how Brett Kavanaugh’s wife and kids are the dregs?

It’s as clear as day, isn’t it?  The left pauses in its nauseating, anti-democratic antics, glances across at people getting on with the rule of law and says hey, they have the moral high ground. I know, we’ll just accuse them of what we are.

When it gets to that stage, all reasoning has completely gone and there’s a huge vacuum of direct action on our part – direct action we are not taking.  We have shown restraint.

Those of a harder line have been going on conservatives to stop pussyfooting around with these leftist dregs and act.

But conservatives are bumbling, be nice to people, disorganized, it’s frustrating.  And the left gets away with murder and becomes emboldened.

Then you get pundits trying the definitions game – conservatives are no longer conservative, left means good things, all the rest of the bollox.  No, sorry, the left does NOT mean good things, it means the dregs of society, the real dregs.

Good things means those abiding by classical liberalism but one can’t even use the word liberal these days because it’s been dirtied and brought down by the left who have labelled licentiousness liberalism and libertarianism.

So along comes someone saying left liberals and right liberals are the same.  No they bleedin’ well aren’t, not in any way.  Classical liberalism means simply freedom of thought, speech, action and worship unless and until it can be demonstrated that it is harmful. it applies to economics too.

A perfect example is Islam. It is harmful in its scripture, in its maniacal coercion, in its FGM etc. etc. It is a cuckoo in foreign nests. It should be expunged from the land and the mosques either razed or turned into community centres.

This seeming logical conundrum is addressed by the case of a murderer gunning people down and screaming, “Don’t oppress me, I have freedom of action, I have human rights.”

That is so clearly absurd but it is addressed by classical liberalism.  Society sets up a framework – we have the Judaeo-Christian set of general laws – the Ten Commandments and the gospels, added to these are Magna Carta, the Constitution and so on and there is a set of precepts.

And for those stepping outside those, to the point of harming others or preventing them from following benign precepts, there must be a graded set of penalties, not subject to whim but set down on paper and followed, with no discretion by judges.  The rule of law.

It is the ONLY system which is sustainable in a society and woe to any society which ditches that. It automatically protects women, children and other vulnerable members of society, it needs no minority rights demonstrations, though obviously it does not ban marches.

It is the ONLY system which combines order with freedom.

And there is nothing “far” right about that, it is centrist by definition.

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  1. October 8, 2018 at 12:15 pm

    The problem with Islam is the spectre of “Racism” as construed by the left. Islam is not a race, because as a religion is is practiced by Turks, Persians, Arabs and Asians.
    Many times as soon as you criticise Muslims you are accused of racism. Islam is not a race and the moderates have to point that out as many times as the Left incorrectly say it is.
    I still can’t square the circle when it comes to feminists, Christian liberals and gays openly supporting Islam, an ideology that would oppress, subjugate and kill every last one of them if it could.
    I always say that what you have to understand is a moderate Muslim is not a good Muslim. He or she is not following their faith exactly as proscribed by the Khoran. What no-one and especially those on the left understand is that Muslims would prefer to adhere to the Khoran closer than they can in a Western democracy with the freedoms we have. They would gladly remove those “freedoms” as we call them in the West for a more devout Muslim state.
    The hierarchy of piousness in the Muslim faith deters poor/bad Muslims (moderates) from criticising the actions of the faithful (extremists as we call them). Thats why you don’t get the majority of Muslims denouncing terrorist acts or FGM, or why you don’t get the wider Muslim community infoming on grooming gangs. Yes, you’ll get some moderate Muslims denouncing extremism in public, but in private, in the Mosques, they themselves will be crisicised.

    • October 8, 2018 at 2:03 pm

      Skint, eh ? I would gladly throw some monetary help your way for that clear and concise exposition and despite you being a fishead, but I am skint too. Go lightly and prosper, sir.

      • October 8, 2018 at 3:26 pm

        Aye, Skint. But sailing (at least on the sea) is a pasttime that is currently as free as you want it to be. No polar white gin palace berthed in a marina, or inland waterway taxed to the hilt tub for me… I’m as grass-roots as it gets.

        Prosperity is as you make it, I am rich in all the things that truly matter, just not money.

        All the best Amfortas.

    • Errol
      October 8, 2018 at 8:33 pm

      Mark the reason why Gays and feminists (who are not remotely for equal rights) and liberals – who are mostly fascists support Islam is quite simple.

      It’s because they are bigoted, intolerant nutters.

      Bigots cannot stand an opinion different to their own, let alone be challenged on it. Suggesting that sticking your privates up a bottom as unnnatural has them frothing at the mouth. The ‘feminists’ are bigots because they don’t want equality, they want special treatment.

      They are all intolerant because to consider another person’s views and acknowledge them as equal to your own and be challenged by those views takes a strength of character. When you are weak and snide accepting others is impossible, as it undermines your own fragile sense of self.

      They are nutters because they are all suffering from self imposed cognitive dissonance. Because they are weak characters driven by malice and spite they have to look down on someone to make themselves feel better. They hate us, the normal people with absolute venom because our society challenges their attitudes. So they hook up with a fellow traveller and willfully ignore all the downsides of that traveller in their mutual hatred of us.

      • October 9, 2018 at 11:05 am

        The feminazi perspective is if all women were put in Burkas, then it’s a level playing field for all women and a step closer to having women as equals with men. They want all women to be equal and for pretty women to lose their relatively higher status regarding men. So crack on, let’s all submit to Islam…

        What they don’t understand is that accepting the ideology that puts women into binbags also comes with male dominance and the second-class status of women proscribed by the prophet. i.e. defined by God. That’s the elephant in the room they ignore.

        They also don’t understand the millions of years of natural selection that makes men prefer attractive partners. You can’t argue with biology… well not unless you are a cultural Marxist who thinks everything natural including gender just a social construct.

        But hey, science itself is probably a social construct to them because it was mainly set by White Priviledged Males. For that reason alone lets ignore it all including the renaissance and enlightenment and go back to the stone age…oh lookee, we’re back to convergence with Islam… 🙂

  2. October 8, 2018 at 2:04 pm

    “A single mother, by definition, is failing her child.”

    I think that’s one of the best lines I’ve read in a blog for a long time. So simple, too

    • Ljh
      October 8, 2018 at 2:38 pm

      How come so many of the soldiers who fought WW1 and then rebuilt the world were the sons of WW1 widows or do you despise them too? It is values and culture which have changed.

      • October 8, 2018 at 2:48 pm

        It is values and culture which have changed.

        Precisely and only the hostile would read it as anything but that. of course, widows are an entirely different matter – that’s just common sense.

      • October 8, 2018 at 3:13 pm

        Out of context much? I think you’re aware that neither of us were refering to WW1 widows, but modern chavs who pump out children like rabbits. And modern feminists who ‘don’t need men’

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