Clash of two cultures

It was always going to come to this, this is the last roll of the dice for the forces of globalism and invasion. The actions of the military on the border will be critical for the midterms.

Meanwhile, one must question why the deep state through the Dems and money people are being so stupid.  I’ve been agreeing with various commenters on blogs for some time that this may well be Uniparty theatre. Now, to give the Donald at least some credit, it maybe that he himself is being kept out of the real loop, that this is a combined GOP/Dem thing which says you win this time, we’ll win next time after the theatre we set up.

The aim may well be to rid politics of a loose cannon – Trump.  The action of the left in doing this invasion just seems so counterproductive.

Another thought is to go back to the one of a few years back about FEMA camps and martial law. If anyone can call it, it’s the Donald, being the military’s preferred candidate.

But for the moment, it certainly is an invasion – perhaps they have no intention of storming the border, perhaps the idea is to camp by the border, costing millions of US dollars to constantly police, there being no wall at present.

And like Calais, the idea is international sympathy and pressure via the UN.  And why did Halley resign from her job at the UN?

What is really going on?

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  1. Distant Relative
    October 22, 2018 at 6:23 pm

    Are there no American embassies in Honduras, Mexico etc? If they were true asylum seekers, migrants, the American embassy in their home country should be their first stop to apply LEGALLY. Trump tweeted a couple of hours ago that there were Middle Easterners amongst these invaders so how the chuff did they get over to S America? A few rounds of bullets at the border should be a good deterrent and there are also a couple of hurricanes heading towards them.

  2. Bill
    October 22, 2018 at 7:14 pm

    The wall dear boy, the wall.
    Problem = The Mexican state cannot cope with ‘immigrants’ ‘invasion forces’ ‘paid wanderers’ ‘government sponsored tools’ etc (perm any one from ten, for those of a certain age).

    Reaction = The media call for the American state to Protect the country called United States of America from these evil muvvers, they take Americans jobs apparently. Presumably American employers have no problem with ‘them’ being evil muvvers.

    Solution = The true ‘hard border’ aka The Physical wall betwixt ‘north’ and ‘south America’.

    Why people fail to see the age old game in play I really don’t know. I mean why do these invasion forces, to use the mantra, bother with ‘official border’ crossing points when they could cross anywhere or oh I don’t know take the ‘sea route’. And the media are always ‘on hand’ for photo/video opportunities but then they would be as they have the inside line, true evil muvvers that they are.

    Never mind space based aliens are due to land sometime somewhere in the coming year so all borders will be rendered useless.

    • Errol
      October 22, 2018 at 8:53 pm

      Do you deny that there is an illegal immigration problemwith the West? Do you ignore the criminality, the violence, the thuggery perpetrated by these illegal immigrants?

      Do you deny there’s a problem or just – as most Lefties do – just attack the messenger?

      • Bill
        October 22, 2018 at 10:13 pm

        I certainly don’t believe anything the media says happens whichever tack (right or left) that media is pushing today.

        There is an agenda in play, there always is, and it has been ‘right vs left’ for as far back as I can recall. My earliest recall of note was when Ted Heath lied his head off back when I was too young to vote.
        Didn’t realise the significance of that observation back then. Took a couple of other events decades later for that to appear. Since then its been a metronome swinging back and forth.
        This South American ‘invasion caravan’ (there’s a bit of image making for free) meme is pure media as is Brexiteer, remainer, climate denier.

        Think about it. Do you have any idea how tough the Mexican Police are, how big their police service is, how closely they work with their American counterparts, the border patrol, homeland security, CIA, NSA?

        Would the Mexicans simply allow what we are told is 7,000 illegal aliens (men without paperwork) to wander around their country then form up into a marching column and move towards the US border?

        Whatever is going on there it is anything but the story being pushed.
        Why was the bloody cop picture put out there so too speak?
        Why use it?

        As for here, going back forty years or so I had a great aunt who lived in Walsall. Her neighbours on her council estate turned from purely white to a mixture of white and black
        and they got along famously. Then those with brown skins as she called them started arriving trying to create ‘little Pakistan’ as she called it and starting feuding with the black people violently feuding quite often.

        It is this process that has been ‘fueled up’ for todays ‘fast moving media’ to stoke and stoke it they do.
        As for my neck of the woods there is all manner of languages heard but not a scrap of trouble on the streets.

  3. Bill
    October 22, 2018 at 7:41 pm

    In the bullshit department on a ‘tweeters’ who is a regular in James twitter feed, there is a picture of an ijured Mexican cop followed by the war mongering ‘protect our country’ chanters.

    Well the picture is from 2012, not 2018. But hey, best not look to closely at anything.

    thank you so much for finding that. i wasnt trying to play devils advocate or contrarian i just smelled bullshit. bullshit that we dont need to be spreadingnow we know, i was right. its bullshit. caravan of migrants did not cause this, the image is an unrelated incident 2012— Ray Kooyenga ® 🇺🇸 (@RaymondKooyenga) October 22, 2018

  4. Pcar
    October 22, 2018 at 11:17 pm

    GOP Rep. Posts Video Showing People Paid to Join Honduran Caravan in Guatemala before boarding bus.

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