The young should heed these words

If I come back to Blonde once more, it’s with a sneaking suspicion that many did not watch the clip at the end of the post two days ago and thus would have missed these words near the end:

It was such a slow burn that no one even seemed to notice. Millennials have never experienced any other phase in our country’s history and are also woefully ignorant of world history – all we were taught was the horrors of Nazism and communism was largely skipped over. Just check out this NYU professor ….

Blonde then runs the clip of this appalling woman “professor” going ballistic over neo-nazis, screaming that everyone should kick a neo-nazi, I’m a professor, how dare you, how dare you, you fucking arseholes or something, totally loses it – a professor, remember:

Blonde takes it up again:

This is an NYU professor – NYU, that is purportedly a good school and also is very, very expensive.  If professors like this are administering your education, you have just come out of a school with a worthless piece of paper that only indicates that you’ve been indoctrinated and now you have $240,000 of student loan debt that will not get paid off because no one wants to hire a whining, cry-baby Marxist with no skill set and a strong sense of entitlement.

So this is why I say the left has won the cultural war.  Until we can take back higher institutions of learning, the mainstream media and Hollywood, conservatives can hold every position of power in the federal government and … it … does … not … matter … it doesn’t matter.

It is the influence over the young that we need. 

Now, we ageing curmudgeons need to get this through our heads.  Fine that I blog here for fellow curmudgeons but we are dying off and are we reaching youth’s ideas and values?

Can you understand why I would not have lasted much longer as a professor?  I was already being approached about what my political views were and the one who interviewed me was precisely the one who was causing most of the trouble in the staffroom, the least approachable and most strident woman there.


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  1. Errol
    November 10, 2018 at 9:19 am

    It’s just comical that those desperate ‘anti fa’ think they’re the good guys and yet use violence ot get their way. They are fascists.

    Then there’s people like these, cleating and whining about how people should be denied a voice, silenced, beaten, derided, not allowed to speak because they spread ‘hate speech’, or, if they were honest, they just don’t want to hear an opposing viewpoint because they are so utterly conceited and bigoted themselves.

    But the Left believe themselves righteous. They cannot have any other view except that they are the grand champions of liberty, freedom and decency.

    A long time ago, when the Dark Knight Nolan films were coming out I had a discussion with a Lefty that went something like this:
    ‘Well, we’re of course Batman, the good guys.
    I said, ‘hang on. You fervently believe in high taxes on amazon, right? And taking the wealth of ‘the rich’, don’t you?’
    ‘Yes, of course’, he replies. ‘They’ve stolen it from the worker’.
    ‘And you’d use the courts to take that, wouldn’t you?’
    ‘yes, because that’s fair that it is done legally’
    ‘Ah, but your legal system isn’t the one we have now, is it?’
    ‘No, because that’s not a fair system’.
    ‘Do you see where this is going? You’re the thugs, the thieves, the BAD GUY. You’re not a fecking hero. You’re a bully.’
    ‘No, no, you are for letting people keep more than they need.’

    They just can’t do it. Cognitive dissonance, internal confusion, sheer fear of reality crushes their ability to accept that they are wrong. They can’t. That’s why they invent enemies. Without an enemy, they’re just thugs. With an enemy, they’re righteous crusaders. It is.. sad.

    • Pcar
      November 11, 2018 at 12:46 am

      This is good:

      The Progressive Income Tax: A Tale of Three Brothers

      Tag: More tax? Yes, from others, not from me.

      PS @James, I had watched and seen violent land-whale leftie Prof. Harridan Harpie

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