The chaos in the west has begun

This has just come up on the ticker moments ago [7.26 a.m.]:

Thousands of miles away across the pond, like everyone else, I’ve been closely following events surrounding the midterms but decided it was just so depressing that it was not going to intrude on a packed weekend, for other reasons too.

1. Source material is everything.

The only place to get anywhere near the truth right now is Twitter and Breitbart. They are the only ones to show footage and interviews that not even Fox will run.

And we’re talking the main players here, e.g. Gov Scott and Rep Gaetz, with the heads of the two parties down there too, plus all major pundits of the world.

So if I wanted to dip into this, which I don’t but must, how on earth to get the real data? The MSM is flat out lying.

2. Just as in Arizona and some other states, there has been this phenomenon of 90 something percent of ballots cast and the result going the way it felt on the ground, judging by one side’s elation and the other’s despondency.

Then, while all other counties in that state had declared, these core counties have held out, seemingly unable to count the final votes and what’s more – they being only small counties compared to the whole of the country.

3. The only reason Broward County has hit the headlines, unlike Arizona, is that they are truly dumbo, this black woman in charge, with a fraud sheet as long as your arm, has:

a. Banned any scrutiny of the vote by GOP reps, inc. high officials, locked them out of the building.

b. Defied a judge’s order that all be frozen and recounted, which solves nothing anyway.

c. Even the police are complicit down there. Ordered in by the incumbent governor, they are refusing to go in, on the grounds that, despite his claiming and his opponent having conceded, these new truckloads of votes they had ready for such an eventuality now invalidate his governorship.

d. A member of the house is reporting live, showing trucks of ballots still coming in before any freeze is put on, hence the lockout. This stupid woman really thinks that the more ballots which can be taken in before the law stops it, then those all count in the recount which has now been ordered.

e. The recount is being done by Democrat appointees. Think about that.

f. A team of top Dem lawyers who are experts at such fraud cases are now arguing, before emergency court sittings, that votes of illegals count. Affidavits have been obtained by GOP officials by workers in there saying they were filling in ballot papers. That’s before the machine tampering.

At every level, including the machine versus paper counting, there is rampant fraud going on.

g. Trump has obviously said there’s a case for not accepting this result. But remember that this is ONE county in ONE state. What of Arizona? 99% counted, the GOP lady winning by a few percentage points?

The Dem officials refuse to complete the count, they lock out GOP scrutiny at the same time. Suddenly, thousands and thousands of votes arrive in boxes on trucks, the lead of McSally [GOP] goes down by 80,000 votes, then it continues and now she’s some 100,000 votes behind.

On that last 1%, please note.  Not even any pretence any more at open and above board, which means another agenda must be in place.

No state officials have called any suspected fraud. Why not? You know why not.

Back in Florida, Rep Gaitz is physically removed and reports from the back of one of the open trucks full of boxes, while this one defiant black woman is physically protected from the police going in and getting her, despite a court order that she comply.

Who is Matt Gaetz, why is he so interested?  Is he just a reporter?

That’s the level at which this thing is unfolding.

4. As the head of the GOP has said, a recount does nothing after this, it simply validates the fraud. A re-run is the only way BUT that is precisely what the Democrats want – either the fraud to stand … or a re-run where they’re better organized … or dare we say it – the breakdown in law and order which Marxism demands, once the march through the institutions is complete.

5. The point made by conservative pundits – and this is NOT reaching the American people because they’re tuning in to ABC, CBS etc. and reading the NYT and WaPo, plus Fox has just stopped showing it – is that this out and out lawlessness invalidates the whole voting system and there are many pollies from both sides in many seats under dubious circumstances, therefore there is incentive not to pursue this, to just cut losses.

But the Dems, now caught out for real, there is footage, are flatly declaring that this is the new legal and they have their sleaziest lawyers down there to secure court judgments using Dem judges.

So when it does eventually reach SCOTUS, now conservative, SCOTUS can only proceed according to legal precedent.

6. Mixed into this is Fed v States, a whole complication in itself, which then spotlights the whole three cornered process in place since 1776 or whatever.

As the Dems wanted – they want that to break down and they include the Electoral College itself in that. When both sides at least pay lip service to the process, despite violations all over the place, the process has a chance of standing.

But should one side flagrantly try to undermine and wreck this, then the question is why?  And the answer lies in the stage after “the march through the institutions”.  Understand that and you understand what is really going down here.  The Democrats are currently as high as kites about this.

7. Faced with this and the latest this morning is the Democrat declaration that undocumented votes must count, which they don’t but the Democrats flatly say they do, then the two sides are playing by entirely different rules – one by the law of the land, e.g. in Florida where all ballots must be declared 30 minutes after close of play … and the other in whose interests it is for the breakdown of procedure and for officials in every state to say never mind, let the count stand as it was before we were stopped in our fraud, which we deny anyway and no judge will rule against us.

There’s an American expression for this.  It is Tammany Hall.

8. Clearly, as Trump says, that cannot stand, whoever or whichever party it was. But we’re seeing an open case of judges in Dem pockets ruling against their own precedents, flagrantly so and no one has the power to stop them, e.g. the Ninth Circuit.

So, what is Trump forced to do? Executive Order and the Dems then highly publicise, through their almost totally bought media, every “authoritarian move” he makes in this extraordinary situation.

And remember, between you and me, that he represents the military – getting a whiff yet of next year?  Martial Law?  FEMA?

Yet Trump MUST step in because according to his brief as Pres, any malfeasance he must act on.  And this is so clearly malfeasance.  Think for a moment about this stupid woman in Broward.  She can only have the confidence to defy the nation because someone, someone, is reassuring her she is fine so to do.

9. Meanwhile, the caravans approach the border. The Dems want a state of chaos to prevail, where half the land openly questions Trump’s authority to even act and they wish to get this well over the 50% mark, among the political dumbos especially, the Occasios.

Backed up, of course, by their media, which does sway people who get all their reality from talking heads on TV.

10. And as many on our side have pointed out – if this was across America, not just in Broward County and Arizona, then did the Dems actually take the house at all, once you declare illegals and invented votes, staff filled-in forms, invalid?

But how do you declare invalid a vote with no name of a voter on it, e.g. papers the staff were filling in inside the buildings?  Who declares that?

And who is supervising the supervisors? Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Alinsky might not have touched on that in detail in the context of these midterms but it follows when his rules are followed at governmental level.

And where did all that come from anyway?  May 1, 1776:

Their objectives are as follows:

1) Abolition of all ordered governments
2) Abolition of private property
3) Abolition of inheritance
4) Abolition of patriotism
5) Abolition of the family
6) Abolition of religion
7) Creation of a world government


Writing on the wall?

Now, clever people will dip into history and say that this has always gone on, that all wars are about this, that democracy is a fiction and must be overturned and all that.

Yes, yes, yes, I see all that. But for centuries now, the fiction, such as it was, has at least staved off internal wars, except in the U.S. 1860 to 1865. There’s been at least a pretence of stability within western nations and people have believed in it.

And the protection of people and them having at least partial choice is better than what I saw in Russia. But most importantly – believing they were in a secure environment.


What the Democrats have done there, plus May over here, is challenge the very infrastructure – see the 1776 quote above again.

Whether you like it or not, these people are  global Marxists or however you wish to label them – the rules are the same – and don’t forget the UN has also put its oar in here and their agenda is very clear – the overturning of all ordered governments and a world government under them.

That and the ensuing civil strife is precisely what is being played out now in microcosm, on the music hall stage, on the Punch and Judy stage of Broward County.

You have a box seat and are [not] witnessing history because the media is saying it is not happening. But if your sources are alternative, then you are getting a different picture.

And if you are well read in history – including alternative histories – then you are getting an entirely different picture, one which very few are going to accept until it’s too late for them.

Nothing in what we are seeing happening this weekend clashes with, goes against that scenario we are putting, nothing.  Promote the questioning of the entire structure in a land – the overthrow of all ordered governments – and you have a melting pot that all these communists are so ardently trying to support.

And why are they?  Because they’ve been sold a false utopia, everyone thinking at the level of Occasio Cortez.

Oh and you think that this has nothing to do with the UK? With May standing alone, a solitary woman in collusion with her country’s enemies, pushing through the one thing no one in the country wants, Remoaner or Leaver?

Have a nice Sunday.

15 comments for “The chaos in the west has begun

  1. James Strong
    November 11, 2018 at 7:48 am

    One thing the White House could do is to play videos of malfeasance at press confeerences.
    Then invite Jim Acosta, with his pass restored, to ask the first 3 questions about the presentation.

    The sequence might not be shown on major channels but it’d go out on youtube and social media.

    Another possibility, more statesmanlike and less political, is Presidential address from behind the desk in the Oval Office.

    The nuclear option: show the videos as part of the State of The Union address, with an entirely fact-based timeline of the events. Entirely fact-based.

    • November 11, 2018 at 9:32 am

      I’m sure this was part of Trump’s plan, to open this up, even at the cost of a few seats, in order to fulfil the draining of the swamp.

    • Errol
      November 11, 2018 at 1:06 pm

      The trouble ther is that when you present the truth, the Left argue with it in favour of their own narrative which is never the truth.

      • Pcar
        November 12, 2018 at 1:27 am

        Trump & Accosta

        Yep, MSM is now denying it happened, videos are fake and Accosta is a “victim”. Similar to C4/MSM when Jordan Peterson humiliated Cathy Newman.

        TDS confirmed again

        • Valentine Gray
          November 12, 2018 at 9:38 am

          I watched the Cathy Newman V Jordan Peterson joust, I am convinced she had a orgasm,,

  2. James Strong
    November 11, 2018 at 7:52 am

    Why do you mention that the woman in Florida who is behaving so badly is black? You do it twice.
    It can’t possibly strengthen your case and is far more likely to weaken it.

    If, in the UK a Momentum member were to object to an election count because the Returning Officer was Jewish such a comment would be attacked.

    • Pcar
      November 12, 2018 at 1:42 am

      James H is correct to highlight. The constant playing victim/slave/oppressed fatuous argument demeans them, more so when key players are multi-millionaires like Warren.

      Slavery ended over 200 years ago, nobody living or their parents or grandparents experienced it. Move on Mr & Mrs Not-Slave, you’re oppressing yourselves by your behaviour.

  3. November 11, 2018 at 9:30 am

    There’s a very good reason for mentioning it. It’s because that demographic, behaving that way, as opposed to Candace Owen who represents a Thomas Sowell type of black, is all for victimhood, entitlement, state handouts, anti-law and order.

    The Sowell/Owen type we’re seeing does not. This is the new black, the one who believes in getting off the backside and succeeding. This Snipes is a particular type and yes, it is one of the black types – it is they themselves going on about it which is why I must factor it into the post.

    You’ll notice I make no reference to background with Occasio Cortez. That’s because it’s her ignorance which is the factor there. With Snipes, it is her blackness which she puts front and square.

    • Errol
      November 11, 2018 at 1:11 pm

      Hang on James, you state ‘…who represents a Thomas Sowell type of black…’ and later ‘…the Sowell/Owen type we’re seeing does not. ..’

      Whenever I’ve read Sowell’s writing he’s always advocated rational, reasonable fact based discussions.

      Are you implying that the woman screeching is a hypocrite because of her presentation conflicting with her actions?

      • November 11, 2018 at 5:48 pm

        Thomas Sowell and Candace Owen are the goodies – I was holding them up as good people.

  4. Pcar
    November 12, 2018 at 1:44 am

    According to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, there is ample evidence of widespread illegal voting in Texas. The state investigated just four of Texas’s 254 counties, and 165 unlawfully-registered non-citizens who had been removed from the voter rolls. But the Left pretends voter fraud isn’t real.

    Importantly: states illegally refusing to disclose voter records to DoJ etc.

    No surprise there. Public sector mostly Dem/Left: they administer, count, declare – No surprise there. Public sector mostly Dem/Left: they administer, count, declare – anyone flabbergasted they do all they can to distort true vote using illegal votes & ballot box stuffing. they do all they can to distort true vote using illegal votes & ballot box stuffing.

    I’ve seen it (GE2017), went to vote near closing time – saw admin handing bunches of no-shows to others and apparently I’d already voted

    Not forgetting postal vote fraud and authorities refusing to investigate eg Tower Hamlets

    “the march through the institutions” Little wonder voter-fraud and ballot rigging so difficult to prove.

    Oh and you think that this has nothing to do with the UK? With May standing alone, a solitary woman in collusion with her country’s enemies, pushing through the one thing no one in the country wants, Remoaner or Leaver?

    Yep, highlighted by Jo “Remoaner” Johnston’s resignation over “vassal state” & “worse than Suez” Chequers.

    • Pcar
      November 12, 2018 at 10:43 pm

      From GQ

      May knew that any deal she came up with had to be Boris-proof.

      Jo, though, was always thought to be the quiet Johnson. The railways minister who could be relied on to keep his mouth shut and carry on doing a job he clearly hated. The one who could be trusted to put party loyalty before principles. The nice guy whose vote could always be counted on not to rock the boat. All that changed when Jo resigned from the government last Friday. A resignation that could ultimately prove far more damaging to Theresa May than that of his brother Boris several months ago.

      It wasn’t the resignation itself that was the problem. Jo was the 18th minister to resign from Theresa May’s government – and that wasn’t even counting those who have been sacked or reshuffled – and though inconvenient and embarrassing, the prime minister could have tolerated another loss. It was the recorded video message that came with the resignation that was the knife wound.

  5. Pcar
    November 12, 2018 at 1:54 am

    Whether you like it or not, these people are global Marxists or however you wish to label them – the rules are the same – and don’t forget the UN has also put its oar in here and their agenda is very clear – the overturning of all ordered governments and a world government under them.

    Looks like JRM is preparing to board a cruise down Styx to Hades

    The Incredible Shrinking Jacob Rees Mogg

    …Given this robust attitude, it is all the more surprising to now read him suggest that we should hand over £20 billion to the EU as a good will offering so “we can be friends”.

    “We should offer Brussels £20 billion to make our departure as amicable as possible. Under it, we would leave on schedule on March 29”

    Why is he suggesting we hand over £20billion to the EU when he has previously said that Zero would be the correct amount? Why has he pirouetted to this new point of financial appeasement? Has the man of conservative steel become a straw man? Are there any real Brexiteers in the Conservative party? Have we all been conned?

    Whut? Pay someone to be your friend? Insanity, they will never be a true friend, only a blackmailer

    • November 12, 2018 at 8:38 am

      To me, this is the most appalling one of all. Where is that champion of the nation we thought we had?

      A friend of mine has said he voted Conservative in the past but he will not, within the remainder of his political life, vote Tory again, no way. And this was spoken quietly.

      Ditto with me – they are far slimier than Labour who are a bunch of evil Alinskys running a bunch of dupes, under a treasonous nutter. LibDems are a bunch of treasonous, let’s luv everyone wannabees.

      As for the Marxist hijacked Greens … Plus the BNP are too toxic to vote for, plus the EDL. What I mean is – many of the ideas are sound enough but the manner of some is unfortunate, plus I don’t instinctively hate blacks, Jews etc. It’s the Ashkenazis and the Snipes blacks who are the issue along with the Jihadis.

      As for UKIP, were Gerard to be in control, then fine, I ‘d vote for him but he’s not – the NEC is in charge and they’re closet Tories.

      Anne Marie has no traction and the reason is her rainbow agenda, which does not go down well with conservatives of the family oriented centre, the old type of yesteryear.

      Who’s still there to vote for? Because I DO believe one must vote.

      There’ll be a post on it, beginning with the above – it’s a complicated answer.

      • Pcar
        November 12, 2018 at 10:47 pm

        Anne Marie has no traction and the reason is her rainbow agenda

        Yep, going full on green revealed a lot: bye, bye AMW. AMW being RoI is also a large negative.

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