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Now, as dear Wiggia and dear Amfortas know, I’m a huge rap for female drivers and pilots, particularly the young, never said a word against them, they never lose concentration and crash, they’re never susceptible to female issues, having no gender at all of course, they’re equal to, if not better than the men:

Yes, when you put a ‘modern’ woman in charge of some sort of machinery or Florida bridge building, the USS Fitzgerald, that sort of thing, nothing can EVER go wrong, just because two women happen not to be talking to each other that day.

On this theme, Rossa’s mother sent this ZeroHedge article:

… so let’s explore it, shall we?

The warship, one of Norway’s five top modern frigates, was on her way home to Haakonsvern naval base, but it is still a mystery why the well-equipped warship couldn’t avoid colliding with the 250 meters long oil tanker just north of the oil terminal.

The weather was excellent while the waters in the area offer maritime traffic real-time shipping control. Also, there was radio-contact between the vessels when the accident happened.

The nagging question remains as to why the frigate, with all its radars and sensors, could not change course to avoid the collision.

The Armed Forces appear reluctant to speak about the crew of the KNM Helge Ingstad.

Judging by the sound record and expert statements, the crew made crude, almost incomprehensible human errors, making them look like amateurs.

An increasing number of readers have contacted Resett pointing to previous speeches about KNM Helge Ingstad, where the publication Armed Forces had been more than willing to praise the crew.

The appointment of the crew was highly controversial at the time, especially to critics who are familiar with the inner workings and operations of the Armed Forces.

The debate had centred around the number of women in the Navy, the extent to which they are quoted in requirements compared to men, and what effect it had on the professional “culture” of the Armed Forces.

Oh how thoroughly misogynist of ZeroHedge to ask such questions, to raise such issues.  Fie!

However, as Wiggia himself said in a comment which I ‘inadvertently’ deleted the other day, there are some areas he might not feel completely comfortable about them being in – frontline battle, heavy lifting etc.

And I’d say there are a few more areas too, just quietly – for what reason would anyone vote for a useless ignorant girl child like this?

Now, those male readers who equate a pretty young girl with some sort of competence will now rush in and point out scrotes like Owen Jones … and over in the States, this Hogg kid.

I will then point out Ocasio-Cortez … and Chloe Smith some years back on Paxman and so we can keep this vicious circle going.

Let’s just throw this one in here too, shall we?

Mental health: One in four young women struggling

Which gets us nowhere and anyway, age is no guarantee – look at the meathead IRA communist Corbyn and his impeccable dress sense.  Not, of course, forgetting Treasonous Tessa and Paedo-loving Harbag.

And of course, this excrescence named again by Godfrey:

Brazilian electricians’ families must be delighted with her running the police.

Maybe we’ll change the topic to that of single mothers and why they actually are single in the first place anyway.  Naturally, no child needs a father, as ‘modern’ women continually point out – a mother is good and sufficient to help any child to decide his gender at 4.

And no child from a broken family must ever be called  ‘brat’ – the words you’re probably searching for might be ‘delightfully vivacious’.

And of course I do agree that so many young males today are dead losses too.

So, let’s have a look at how every effort is made to normalize this, with the mother either at work or living on the State as the child’s daddy:

I was about to hold Andrea Jenkyns up as a role model, as an idea of who should be a young MP [she is 44 years old] but then saw her 2015 homewrecking activities and do wonder if she is the noble sort of material we’re looking for after all.

There must be someone worthy out there, no?  No?

Well fortunately, I know a few and these above ain’t them.

But of course, ignore me, I’m just a rotten old misogynist, aren’t I?  Probably a racist too. And at the risk of being arrogant, I’m in fairly constant contact with about eight ladies who are nothing whatever like this lot above, hence my role models are of far higher quality – in fact I confess to being a bit in awe of their capacity.

And this has been my contention all the way along – there are some awesome ladies about and that is written with not the slightest hint of irony – I try to associate with class to compensate for my own deficiencies … but again – this lot above ain’t them.

There are political reasons for this.

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  1. Pcar
    November 24, 2018 at 12:41 am

    Ahh yes, women – the kind, caring, gentle, honest sex

    Transgender girl gang and mother-of-four friend, 22, batter a man at a central London station, kicking and stamping on him in ‘heinous attack’

    What is it with MPs, women, lawyers and speeding then “perverting course of justice”?

    Read later reports too: Prosecution closing arguments were extolling her virtues to jury. Prosecution QC begging jury to find her Not Guilty – what, why?

    • Pcar
      November 28, 2018 at 12:05 am


      Jury unable to reach decision. Re-Trial

      Advice to CPS: hire a Barrister for Prosecution, not Defence.

  2. Pcar
    November 24, 2018 at 1:07 am

    Not forgetting Traitor May (woman)

    May’s Brexit deal: the legal verdict; The PM’s plan isn’t bad – it’s atrocious

    The most important point about the draft Brexit withdrawal agreement is that, once it is ratified, the United Kingdom will have no legal route out of it unless the EU agrees to let us out and replace it with another agreement. This makes it unique among trade treaties (including the EU’s), which always contain clauses allowing each party to withdraw on notice. Politicians who claim that this is just a bad treaty — one we can get out of later — are being ignorant or disingenuous.

    Halfway through the 585-page document, we find Art. 185, which states a Northern Ireland Protocol ‘shall apply as from the end of the transition period’. Once the Protocol is in force, the UK cannot leave it except by ‘joint’ decision of the UK and the EU. This gives the EU a right of veto over the UK’s exit. In agreeing to this clause, the government has caved in over seeking a right to leave.

    Indeed, the Protocol — which has become known as the ‘backstop’ — locks the whole UK into a customs union with the EU with no decision-making power. Annex 2 Art. 3(4) states that the UK shall be ‘informed’ of any decision by the EU to amend the Common Customs Tariff ‘in sufficient time for it to align itself with that decision’.

    Why would May humiliate Britain like this? ‘True vassalage’ Theresa May’s ‘atrocious’ deal would shackle UK to EU forever

    Over at Tim Worstall: Sabine Weyand, EU negotiator (woman) says if No Deal: EU will prevent EU countries/firms/individuals selling fish to UK.

  3. November 24, 2018 at 5:33 am

    It just stands to reason – if wimmin are such a superlarge demographic, around half the total population, then logically, the normal curve ranges from rotters up to gems and the skill level too.

    The very best women all have that element of the anxious, self-effacing, the very best men strive to improve and have confidence rather than ego. It’s not a hard thing to understand.

    Sadly, the ones in public life, heading companies, heading countries, are the Elizabeth Holmes/Cressida Dick/Carly Fiorina type and my contention is that this is no accident, not in the least.

    Hence my exhortation not to put or allow, under any circumstances, any power into the hands of the very ones either pushing for or being pushed forward for promotion.

    Rather, for recruiters, it should be like talent scouts for a major league team – seek out the hidden gems where they can be found. Circumvent HR because HR itself is the blight, the producer of these unsuitable employees.

    There really is a point to obsession with this topic because it is this rotten subset of the demographic ‘Wimmin’ who are the only ones high in positions of damage wreaking, plus this is a relatively new phenomenon which has been foisted onto us.

    There is a very good reason they should never have been and ‘Them’ know that reason full well. Unfortunately, part of the maniacal pushing upwards of the incapable misandrist involves the klutzifying and pussifying of men incharge as well – look at the state of British mismanagement – the incapable promoted by the evil.

    And all this, in turn, affects both men and women’s lives, men for the reasons many pundits are now writing of, the society because it is no longer benefitting from good men’s input, and women because it is eventually depressing and leaving them hollow as humans, plus damaging society something awful.

    Once again, I am in the vanguard on this, called misogynist but give it a decade and a half and the two navy ship incidents will have become the norm. Plus men’s attitudes and capabilities will also be beyond repair.

    Them will have achieved their goal.

    • Voice of Reason
      November 24, 2018 at 4:33 pm

      Do you really think that the men dropped into some of these positions are any better?

      I just completed by career, watching three university presidents dropped into their jobs without the requisite understanding, and each making things worse.

      • November 24, 2018 at 7:11 pm

        Do you really think that the men dropped into some of these positions are any better?

        As I said above, no they’re not.

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