A manly man, a virtuous woman [1]

Important to point out before we start, so that you do not feel it’s clickbait, that this is not specifically about May and associated tossers, it is about the whole issue, in general. May just epitomises the malaise, sunk to its lowest form.

Part one, part two, part three, part four.

This is going to be long, there’s just so much material on the subject that it’s a major job collating/including/excluding, which will probably mean it won’t be read by many.

Feminism as a subset of global socialism

No doubt you saw the new Gillette razors campaign:

Gillette Tells Men They’re Repulsive Creeps. Now Give Them Your Money, You Piece of Garbage

Finally, more women are starting to see what’s now going on and are speaking out:

In answer to the question – where are all the men defending the Rotherham 1400, Telford, women in Sweden, wherever – why must it these days come down to the aggressive and slightly butch Katie Hopkins or Laura Loomer to lead the charge?

Where are the men?

Well they’re either the new pussies with wispy beards, trained by single mothers not to be masculine or else they’re the opposite – men completely devoid of honour and with short fuses:

But even that story is not all it seems – our Julia made the point that that girl provoked the animal, which doesn’t excuse him but it does explain it. The kid had become so radicalised with hatred that she went at a perceived toxic male – in this case, he was toxic but not as she thought.

And who made her that way?  Her mother and her teachers, her peers, the sick cultural hegemony sweeping the west which has gone adrift from its moorings at the dock of reason and sense.

There are just so many things wrong with that , not least the middle one describing the kid as ‘amazing’.

Amazing?  A kid in drag beside a naked gay?

At which point, I throw in this issue but bear in mind it’s from a personal perspective, having been molested as a child by these creeps, half married and half just gay:


Also this:


And an explanation for why this is all happening, which gets away from the main theme of these two posts but is still good background on how far it’s gone and whence it springs:


That’s a very, very long read and might take you days to follow Distant Relative’s and other readers’ links which are the main part of that post.

Meanwhile, on toxic feminazism itself, also a long time before many women finally came to their senses, I ran these two posts linked below on feminism and contained within the first are links at the foot by Christy O, which are a series of youtubes which may or may not still work, on feminazism from a girl’s point of view.

It was not what feminazis were expecting and obviously she was physically and verbally intimidated by this army of toxic and violent feminazis, as she points out in one of the episodes.

Part one also contains views from some of the rarely heard women against feminism from those days:



Where then are these ‘real men’ whom the gals speak of today?  Well, some Jamaican Millennial called Jamelia yestereday identified those the left identifies as the main stumbling block:

Dumbing down

The first thing apparent with that chick Jamelia is how dumb she is and it’s not restricted to this country either:

Ocasio the Dem flagship for the new yoof?  As Mark says – God help us.

This dumbing down has been a long time coming – for its historical roots, you’d have to go back to the Rockefellers, Wundt and the Lincoln School in America at the turn of the last century:

There’s an article too and this gets more into the utter stupidity of putting females in positions the radical globalists want them in, in order to cripple the armed services – see the USS Fitzgerald and many other cases, go back to Christie O again and her youtubes:

Dropping Standards

If that’s not enough, go to the Florida bridge collapse [search engine].

This is treated in far more detail at the end of this link below and be warned, it will take some hours of reading – it was a post near the start of my blogging and shows again that there is nothing new in any of this, it’s been building for quite some time:


In part two, let’s look at promiscuity itself, a major issue today and one contributing to single mothers everywhere, though of course not the only issue contributing to that.

2 comments for “A manly man, a virtuous woman [1]

  1. Voice of Reason
    January 16, 2019 at 6:51 pm

    Your story of the young girl hit by the older man makes me think of a relatively new phenomenon that I have seen.

    I teach martial arts to a collection of mostly kids, ages 6-16. Many are there because a psychologist has assured Mum (rarely Dad) that the discipline will help their behaviour disorders. In some cases, it works, like the 14-year-old who had a keeper at school to stop him from causing damage, and who followed my orders like a well-trained dog.

    However, many of these kids are astonished when they experience actual physical contact, which one might well expect in karate and self-defense. They really have been raised in a world where they are in charge, and nothing bad can happen to them.

    I had one black belt, a young woman, who went hell-for-leather on me in sparring some years ago. Yet, when she literally ran onto my fist, she collapsed in tears. That is the result of some false expectations.

    • January 16, 2019 at 7:04 pm

      You’ve nailed the point exactly.

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