Eve of destruction?

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We are facing something right now that I think there’s a case to say we haven’t faced before in our lifetime, not to this extent, especially in the last item covered below.  To try to gather it into some sort of readable post, let me use four main subheadings:

The megalomania of Pelosi

President Donald Trump ended his standoff with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) over the State of the Union speech by tweeting that he would postpone the event as she originally requested.

There are shots of her ecstatic, as though she’s won some great victory over the man she so hates and that speaks volumes to many who think these things through.

She has no understanding, she calls Trump the megalomaniac but he has two things over her:

1. He is President and she’s not, though she claimed she was “equal to him”.

That’s what we’re dealing with here and the motif comes up again further down.

2. He’s a strategist of vastly more experience in the real world, making things like this look very bad indeed:

He has sent the left out of their minds and in particular the SJW and do-gooding, PCist, violent femmes, so desperate to be more equal than men and to be worshipped and lauded by all:

Pelosi herself tweeted:

“if there is collateral damage for some who do not share our views, so be it.” ~ @SpeakerPelosi

That is just callous and essentially insane, it shows her total lack of understanding about who she is and whom she’s meant to be looking after.

This attitude flows over into the Harris section below and also the Brit politics below that, then the major topic of today below that.

Harris and the new lawlessness

This woman Kamala Harris is from the same Tammany Hall Dem background – she has slept her way to the top and her total Clintonesque lack of principle was seen in the way she and that equally egregious “Professor” Ford treated Brett Kavanaugh in the SCOTUS trial, for a trial it was, with her acting as judge and jury – her whole manner pitiless … and lawless.

And now she announces she will be President in 2020.

This is the issue that this post is about – the breakdown of law and order and the irreligious readers might just miss who or which entity these people are really working for at the end of the corridor of power.

Here’s a hint:

… and you can include Welby and all the synods of the infiltrated churches as well. Kamala Harris is just a member of the politico section of the legions:

The eyes – compare to Ocasio’s eyes, all of those lost people – maniacs.  Plus they are not particular:

Further into the lawlessness part of this:

Black man harangued by the left for being rightwing [far right in their lexicon] but that’s not really what they were down on him for. In another tweet, he added the words: “… and Christian.”

It’s quite possible that this below is a cynical move of international lawlessness in line with US policy:

I’d just say that Venezuela is hardly in a position to say they run a stable, government for the people themselves, that the people love them, ditto with Macron.  Communism NEVER works, never.  Nor does a DSK moral compass.

Spiked gets onto something without realizing it – he writes of false flags, people who are not what they seem to be or what they claim – true – but this is pure Moriah Conquering Wind.

For those not au fait, that’s the name Them or the illumined call themselves and the tactic is, and always has been, always will be because it works a treat, to pretend to be someone else in order to get a following, then betray it at the 11th hour, or rather at 23:59.  Hollywood is indeed Babylon – just think about the profession they’re in, talk to Heidi Fleiss [if you could] about Schumer for example, broadening the idea to politics.

We see it in Christian eschatology with the abomination of desolation and references to false prophets – see the anti-Pope and Welby in the UK, we see it in “comedians”:

It’s part of the theme of lawlessness this post is touching on.

Brit politics

Guido posted a vid which was about Airbus relocating:

Airbus admit the Government put them up to it [WATCH]

Again, that theme of not being who they say they are, not being about what they say they’re about … being treacherous in other words.

That revelation was let slip by Katherine Bennett, Snr UK VP of Airbus and that brings me back to the type of “modern” woman I am down on [not the good ones] – you see it many times on Twitter.

Whereas most men and women there use their names or use avatar names, e.g. Deplorable James, these “modern” women of the legions always put in titles, e.g. Dr. or CEO or PhD, they’re desperate to be taken as Big Players.

Pelosi equal to Trump, Harris the new President in 2020.

And they’re being aided and abetted, preselected in fact, by the partiarchal Them, Moriah Conquering Wind or in irreligious terms – The Deep State.  Have it whichever way you like to slice it.

No need for me to comment on this one:

Old Rightie is essentially saying, below, that what I call the “modern woman” is as useful as a boil on my backside and dangerous as well when people start listening – see Ocasio, Milano again.  Or Beto, who is virtually a woman of the worst kind.

Here’s another of these:

And by the way, Julia below here [not our Julia] is one of the good women, in no way lumped in with those harridans:

WitchEnd brings up a good point:

… and here he gets onto the crux of the whole issue for the centre-right:

The issue is that the centre-right is fragmented since UKIP split through the rainbow warrior AMW. Her issue was free speech and immigration and as far as that goes, well done to her but what she and Farage have done is split the centre-right.

Do you remember the issue which had Carswell against Farage? It was the latter’s lorries with the migrant billboards on the back – you remember those?

So Farage was saying, at that time, that he was quite onboard with exposing these, not as bona fide migrants but as invading thugs, males of fighting age. he was on TV saying that.

So what went wrong that he had to make AMW split and start yet another new party of the right? What made him attack Gerard Batten?

I’m sorry but I’m thinking Pelosi and Harris here – naked ambition, identity politics. I’m also thinking Moriah Conquering Wind – false flag position until the 11th hour, then something askew.

In Farage’s case, it is his fixation with a second referendum – he purports to be flatly against it, yet he talks it up daily, while other pundits have long since put it to bed.  Just a small point but significant, methinks.

And what can we ourselves do?

Full term abortion

All the above topics, whilst important in themselves, are as nothing compared to this last one, the real clarion call of the satanist left, RINOs, CINOs, Remoaners:

A New York bookstore has made a gesture, if a futile one:

New York bookstore closes for a day to mourn the state’s new abortion law

‘We will not collect sales tax today for a tyrannical government that murders babies.

It really needs to be put more graphically than that:

They are indeed – sick and unprincipled.

But I still haven’t quite nailed what is really wrong with it all.  To murder this baby, they are either going to reach in and slit his/her throat or else use lethal injection, as for murderers.

Pause and let that sink in.

Does it not sicken all good people, does it not also now sicken those who are for early term abortion they like to call the “choice” of a woman?

We could argue the early-term murders for hours but it’s very difficult to argue full-term abortion. And yet these maniacs in New York were lighting beacons and wildly cheering this Cuomo’s Murder Act, as if it were some Tea Party victory:

Our Tim put it well:

With the best will in the world, I’d hardly describe Tim as a bible-belting, proselytising evangelist, but he is able to see where this thing is.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, take all those things above, together – what do we have?

Our children’s warring madness?

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  1. Pcar
    January 24, 2019 at 11:21 pm


    Good post, but way too many points

    Here goes on two


    Good and informative speeches

    Esther McVey LML speech 17 Jan 19
    Esther McVey MP delivers a speech that shocks and stirs in equal measure, recounting the events leading to her resignation while setting out her hopes for the future.

    Kate Hoey LML speech 17 Jan 19
    Kate Hoey MP says that the Brexit betrayal is well underway

  2. January 25, 2019 at 2:29 am

    The thing is – there are so many points all at once, that’s part of the strategy.

    On Kamala Harris:

    Harris got her start in 1994 by having an affair with Willie Brown, who was serving as the California Assembly Speaker and then became the mayor of San Fransico. Brown was 60 years old and Harris was 29 when their affair began.

    Harris was so brazen that she came out publicly as his date at his 60th birthday party, despite his wife of 36 years being in attendance.

    Daily Caller reported:

    “As Brown’s time as speaker drew to a close in 1994, he named Harris to the California Medical Assistance Commission, a job that came with a $72,000 annual salary. Brown had previously appointed her to the state Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board.”

    She “was described by several people at the Capitol as Brown’s girlfriend,” the Los Angeles Times reported at the time.

    Although that job paid nearly $98,000, Harris’ term was set to expire in five weeks when Brown tapped her for the Medical Assistance Commission slot. That body met only monthly, and the $72,000 position was not considered a full-time job.

    Harris went on to steal the election for California’s Attorney General in 2010:

    “Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley led Harris by 34,000 votes after more than 7 million were counted. But after provisional ballots were counted, she was declared the winner by approximately 50,000 votes,” reports Daily Caller.

    At one point, Cooley was up by 62,000 votes, and in panic mode, Harris reached out to her good buddy California Secretary of State Debra Bowen, whose role was to certify the votes. That’s when thousands of Cooley’s votes just disappeared.

    She paid Maxine Waters’ daughter Karen $63,000 dollars to appear on mailers with Auntie Maxine. Washington Free Beacon reports.

    “The payments were made from Harris’s campaign committee and transferred to Waters’s campaign committee through a lucrative ‘slate mailer’ operation run by Waters’s daughter, a program that has proved profitable for both her daughter and the campaign.”

    Additional source Rebecca Diserio, Tea Party and conservative pundit, police widow.

    The point behind all this is not that California politics is as corrupt as New York’s but that Harris was the “judge” at the trial of Brett Kavanaugh on his moral failings charged by Ford and the other women they dredged up, all later retracting or admitting key evidence they were not sure of.

    This is the woman who has announced she’ll be President in 2020. She is also an avowed feminist who hates the patriarchy and who says women earn their places by their own merit.

  3. Valentine Gray
    January 25, 2019 at 9:29 am

    First point, Harris must be a great ride. This really is the war of the Worlds, the Shut Down,- Brexit–versus “We want your money”–,The Pedo Pope dumps his bucket of Jit Trump,–Soros takes on China,–Global warming-versus the Carboneers. Humanity has reached a point of collective insanity that may bring it all to an end.

  4. Distant Relative
    January 25, 2019 at 11:46 am

    Just adding this to the mix “Yellow Vests – What’s Really Happening in France” [45mins]

    Short overview – we have a Fascist Dictator now being supported by his club of “Foulards Rouges.”

  5. January 25, 2019 at 12:16 pm

    That’s about the sum of it, both.

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