Government IT Failure…?

…you shock me! Surely not?

The UK’s courts system is “on its knees” following a major computer outage that has lasted several days, a leading lawyers’ union has said.

Legal practitioners have been unable to access court wifi or the secure email service and cases have been adjourned due to a failure of the Ministry of Justice’s (MoJ) IT infrastructure, the Criminal Bar Association (CBA) said.

No wifi? How are they supposed to …. errr, do their vital work?

Ministers have poured £1bn into digitising the courts in a bid to save money and simplify the process of administering justice.

Gosh, it’s not like this ever goes disastrously wrong, is it?

An MoJ spokesman said: “The problems were “entirely unrelated” to the billion-pound modernisation plan, he said, adding that “malicious cyberactivity” was not to blame and that no data had been lost.”

So….what were the problems caused by? Bit soon to blame Brexit!