Making children happy

First of all, this from our Julia: “How about teaching them to read, write and add up properly first?”

[Click pic and then keep clicking until it embiggens:]

Now, what adds an edge to this is I was talking to my friend Leah who is just short of 30, a modern gal in many ways, into Deadpool and so on, not really of the same circle as this ageing curmudgeon writing at you now.

She’d just been looking at me scheduling posts at my place, had seen yesterday’s with these cows:

… and then this:

… and then asked if she’d seen the abortion news in America. Her eyes narrowed and I thought she might be about to deliver a blast. She did: “They’re worse than the men.”

As we seemed to have room to move, I asked if she thought it was misogynist to have a go at all of these above. “You wot?” she asked. She caught the drift and then said, “It’s nothing to do with man or woman, it’s to do with that type of person.”

This is my type of gal, which is why we’re friends. She knows very well where this is at and then I introduced the word feminism.

“Don’t talk to me about feminism.”

I was the one who said, “I think the first wave was necessary, I don’t know a man in my circle who doesn’t accept that some things desperately needed to change -”

“But then they just went mental.”

I showed her Julia’s piece at the top. She shook her head and said, “Why TF can’t they just leave kids alone to grow up normally?”

Methought that was enough for one session and she said she had to go. I smiled and referred to a ladyfriend of mine who avoids me in the mornings because if we start, she’ll never get away. She smiled, knowing the story.

Now, dear reader, I have to say that that was a boost, a filip, to know that yer average millennial from this area could also be thinking along these lines – she and her circle find the whole shower of tossers and their millennial legions, the whole political scene too weird for words.

And yet she’s been scarred by bad education, me-too guff and “wellness” lessons. She’s iffy on gender, so I asked how many genders there were and she said two of course. Well at least that was something. I didn’t want to push too hard so I came back and wrote this.

The last thing she actually asked was how on earth such people are appointed to any of those roles.

Yep, precisely.

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  1. Errol
    February 5, 2019 at 8:10 pm

    The state has to interfere. It cannot help itself. The nuclear family works. It doesn’t need the state.

    So the state set about trying to destroy it utterly through taxation, life costs then social policy by promoting welfare as a lifestyle. The latest push is for unnatural gay households to be allowed children. It’s all part of undoing the fabric of society to ensure the state controls people.

    Look at what we could have had: low taxes, married couples sharing all of their tax allowances plus, say £10,000 more if they’ve children. Welfare tapered off after 6 months and housing benefit withdrawn for non-workers. An utter end to child benefit. Gays forbidden fostering or any form of adoption. Any attempt to have a child is paid for privately.

    At a stroke, we reinstate the family. We promote marriage, we acknowledge the cost of childcare and we stop f****dling about with tax allowances only letting a few pennies be shared. All, open, and more.

    • February 5, 2019 at 9:49 pm

      Next question is how?

  2. February 6, 2019 at 1:43 am

    ‘Happiness’? Schmappiness. Happiness is a by-product feeling from actions and events that are ‘Good’. The Americans made a huge error when they started out with a Constitution that posited the ridiculous idea that they had a ‘right’ to ‘pursue’ happiness as if it were a mobile critter that had to be brought down with a rugger tackle. Then they compounded the foolishness by having an amendment (for slow runners) that allowed themselves to shoot any passing happiness that was trying to get away.

    Teach the kiddies to be Good and they will then be happy.

    It ain’t rocket surgery.

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