Who put the kids up to this?

Update: Decnine at my place says that where he lives, it was a Bakers Holiday anyway, so maybe not truancy. Ok, but the question still remains.

Now, I happen to agree with Bruce on the occult genesis, the origin of all the strife and it’s too inseparable from human nature to waylay ourselves in arguing over this last door at the end of the corridor, on the left.

Let’s just stick to something more visible, as Kassandra points out [cut her some slack for her spelling, she’s Dutch], let’s keep it to the Council of Europe, which is tied in with the EU, which is tied in with the ECHR, which is tied in with every other such court, e.g. the Canadian version, which is tied in with the UN, which is tied in with the Gorean Climate Scam, which is tied in with Gordon Davidson and Corrine McLaughlin who wrote the Valdez principles, tied in with Maurice Strong and the IPCC, Kyoto, which is tied in with Davos, and so it goes on but pause one moment.

Go back to the last two and their shamballa life force, Gaia, go to their colleagues and the Alexandria Church and who is behind it, also come back down through the UN Lucis Trust path and then through the Planned Parenthood path and you end up each time with Lucis and if you haven’t woken up to what that refers yet, then we’re not even on the same page or else you’re trolling.

I think you can see that this thing is global and the aim is to breakdown societies based on certain models.

Now, the golden rule is see whom these lowlifes want banned – who are they most vehemently opposed to, such that the victims are being taken down worldwide? Sure, in the US, that means the Deplorables but look what most Deplorables are – they adhere to a certain religion or if not adhering, are still immersed in its lexicon and these are the most vehement in social media.

There is also so much disinformation going out, trolling.  The latest is 22 missionaries in danger of execution in Afghanistan – Snopes leapt onto it – false, false, false – interesting how it had all the information straight away, just like CNN turning up to a Roger Stone arrest before the heavies arrived.

The idea is simple – first trust Snopes and the so-called ‘fact’ checking, then this below becomes far easier to dismiss and turn away from:


The next group to be suppressed are the Deplorables, also classical liberals – you see the process everyday.

The paedo agenda is tied up with it, coming directly down from above through the Harbags, Ginsburgs, that sort of pollie – see my pizzagate.

This truancy was orchestrated and it doesn’t take a whole lot to discover where it’s coming from.

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  1. Penseivat
    February 17, 2019 at 10:09 am

    I wonder how many schools will fine the parents for their offspring missing school without permission? I wonder how many parents will demand the teachers, who also stayed away, be fined?
    Not holding my hreath

  2. mona
    February 17, 2019 at 11:27 am

    Those dear juveniles shrieking “f–ck Teresa May” that’s demanding the impossible, who would dare?. immature children, vulnerable, error prone and at risk, not in my view from climate change which is eternal but pollution,, plastic, chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Propaganda (MSM). They have great challenges and in time will rise to them. they had a great day out and had fun, one day they will be able to go to Greenland and plant grapevines just as the Vikings did wouldn’t that be nice.

  3. Errol
    February 17, 2019 at 3:39 pm

    Reading Darren Grimes’ twitter feed you see the true venom of the Left. They just cna’t help themselves. They lie to themselves so easily, pretending things are not as they think they are and when that doens’t work they just go beserk with insults, abuse and assault.

    This is why they must be squashed.

  4. Pcar
    February 17, 2019 at 10:00 pm

    In London, there were more than 1,000 in attendance by lunchtime. Among them was former Labour leader Ed Miliband with his nine-year-old son, Daniel. “I am here because it is our future, and we need to protect it,” said Daniel.

    Miliboy? Didn’t he ram a Climate Change Act through Parliament?

    What sodding inaction?

    The actual truth of the matter is that we’re already doing a lot. Too much in fact. But then who expects logic to be a part of politics, eh?

    Yes, quite so:

    The school climate change strikes are inspiring – but they should shame us

    Lying to children is something to be ashamed of, as is doing so to turn them into political pawns.

  5. Pcar
    February 17, 2019 at 10:26 pm

    Gov’t, Schools & MSM Guilty of Child Cruelty?

    Hmm, maybe

    If children want to protest against climate change, why not do it at the weekend?
    “…Never mention it? One of the placards often held up by climate change protesters says there’s no ‘Planet B’, but Greta does appear to have been living on another planet for the past 16 years. Later in the same talk, she expressed her absolute astonishment that western governments had imposed no restrictions on carbon emissions. ‘Why were there no restrictions?’ she asked the enraptured audience. ‘It just didn’t add up.’ But the reason it ‘didn’t add up’ is because it’s not true. Every nation in the world, save for three, signed the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 and 174 states, as well as the European Union, signed the Paris Agreement in 2016. As a result, numerous government initiatives have been taken to reduce emissions, including the Climate Change Levy in the UK, which is set to increase in July. Children are being fed ‘fake news’ by this teenage activist. Shouldn’t the NAHT be encouraging their members to teach children how to distinguish that from real news?…”

    Child climate change protestors aren’t truants, they’re traumatised
    “… I fear that some of them at least may be suffering from trauma. They are victims of the hyperbole they have been fed constantly ever since they were born.

    Here, for example, is 10 year old Zane: ‘The reason I climate strike is because the Earth is burning before our very eyes’. According to Hannah, from Birmingham, ‘there is no point in going to school if we have no future’. Lottie tells BBC Breakfast ‘if we don’t strike now then we are getting educated for a future that we don’t know is going to exist in the way it does now’.

    These are quite disturbed statements. There are children who really do seem to think they, along with the rest of humanity, are about to die as a result of climate change – an irrational fear with no basis in science.

    As with so many of these marches, the exact demands of the children’s march are unclear – it is just a great big noise. But here are some things for them to reflect on. Firstly, it is plainly not true that adults are somehow ignoring climate change. Huge efforts are going into decarbonising electricity, transport and all the rest – carbon emissions from electricity generation in Britain, for example, have fallen by more than half in seven years. Why can’t we go faster? Because cheap energy, available when we need it, is the root of industrialisation, which has improved our lives beyond measure over the past 200 years.

    If you think a warmer world would be frightening, imagine a world without a reliable source of food, where hunger was a normal experience for most people at times of the year, without modern medicine, where 15 in every 100 children never lived to see their first birthday, where the focus of life is on simple existence rather than any form of pleasure. That is a world without cheap energy – and it is one from which around a fifth of the world’s population are still emerging. In time, and with technology, we will decarbonise the world – that is certain. But cut off fossil fuels tomorrow and we will be condemning the world’s population to a far worse fate than a slightly warmer world.”

    Child Cruelty? One 11yr old on C4 News said:

    “No point going to school, the world is going to end in twelve years”

    Child Cruelty? Yes

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